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Zero to Hero. No experience. No hope. Nothing.

No experience...
Started on 19 February 2012 by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic
Latest Reply on 14 March 2012 by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic
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I want to be a manager at the highest of levels. I need to start at the very bottom. Is it possible going from nothing... to everything? Zero to hero?
The 2010/11 season was over. The champions had to retain. The new boys needed to stay. The relegated needed to show why they truly deserve to be in top divisions!

This story follows a young manager with no experience and wanting to make it big time. Can he do it? Or will he fail and only be working in and out the lower leages?

A couple of jobs were available at the start of the season. My mates mate had contacts, some of clubs and some being other Agents who could get me involved.

Wow, A number of clubs came in after me. South African 2nd tier, Russian 2nd tier, Argentinian 2nd tier and the most attractive offer, Brazilian 2nd tier. I rejected the South African and Russian as they don't get me exited.

I thought hard about it but I had to go with Brazilian club Parana as they had a good chance of promotion. I agree'd to go and speak with the chairman. He would pay my way there. While waiting for the flight at Glasgow's airport. I looked into the club and they had 16 players loaned in. About a million in the red and I realized I couldn't speak Portuguese.

I arrived in Brazil and was on my way to the ground to meet the chairman

Aquilino Romano- Hullo... uhhh Mr Williamson. Welcome to club.
He was clearly struggling to speak English
Me- Hello! How are you?
He shuffled paper between his hands
Romano- You here 2013 ehhh 2 and 200 pounds week?!
Me- I will be happy with the money! I will stay till the end of the season in case it all goes wrong?!
He agree'd and shook my hand although I don't think he get what I said.

The following morning it was released to the press that I was the new manager.

Earlier this morning Parana Clube announced an unknown Scottish manager was there new manager! He said he can take this club back to the top and to new depths. Fans had a mixed reaction some saying "We respect the club for respecting giving a unknown manager the job" others saying "It's pathetic when there is better managers who would have taken the job".
I hope you can continue this comfortably. I love reading such story-like pieces.
go for it, i'll be following this closely ;)
1st steps in the big world

I was now officially the brand new manager of Parana Clube, could I honestly hit the ground running and gain promotion to the National 1st Division in one season? They were sitting 2nd but 11 games in and it was seriously tight.

I met with the staff who tried to explain in English, the club's finance is: 1m+. We did have amazing young talent coming through who I could/should consider as 1st team players... I think; there English was poor. This non-Portuguese speaking could be a real problem but as for now I had to prepare my players for the game this weekend against Cricuma! I worked on attacking movement, playing through the middle with short neat passes... Training was extremely hard, very little could speak English, I couldn't speak Portuguese.

The 1st game arrived and they were down to 10 men early on. The game dragged on with attack after attack from both ends. 3 minutes added on late in the game... PENALTY GIVEN ON THE 95TH MINUTE TO CRICUMA! 1-0 defeat. -.- Not impressed.

A couple of months into the job, I felt I was doing pretty good. I was sitting in the top 4 in a seriously tight league. Goal Difference will defenitely make the final call come the end of the season, and I had the best in the leage. Until a bad run of form jerked me halfway down the table and more. Without a win in ages we were sitting 16th on '0'0 Goal Difference. Bloody brilliant.

With one game left in the league I handed in my resignation and was again unemployed and looking for a job in Management.
Getting back on my feet

I left Brazil to head back to the UK. Instead of going back to my home of Shetland, I went to London. I can't be to isolated if I want another job.

Months went by and by while looking for a job. My agent put my name around the country, the continent, the world and one or two clubs came back over the time, Melbourne Glory & Melbourne Heart both rejected.

The end of the season came and the Olympics opened up many job opportunities. New Zealand:Rejected. Ghana: Rejected. Ivory Coast... Accepted. A strong squad and my 3 over aged players were wingers, Gervinho and Soloman Kalou and striker Seydou Doumbai! I know better could have been chosen but oh well.

group A: Points:
Australia 7
Ivory Coast 4
Canada 2
Switzerland 0

I beat Switzerland 1-0, drew 1-1 with Canada and loss 3-1 to Australia.

I was drawn against Ghana who went and pulled of a good 3-1 win. Played we off the park, I then automatically left them afterwards. I enjoyed time with the Ivory Coast under 23's. Good bunch of lads who have got talent. Look out for them.

Coming up: FS Stars swoop for Williamson.
sad to be watching you leaving parana, but oh well. good luck with ivory coast ;)
Following the almighty star in the sky!

After the Olympics, I left Ivory Coast under 13's as there would be no competitive football for a long while. A job offer had been waiting for me for awhile, with Free State Stars... An African 1st tier side based in Bethlehem. Don't get to excited, it isn't where Jesus was born. Either way I followed the hidden star in the sky to Bethlehem.

I arrived at the Bethlehem airport a week before the season, I got a taxi over to Goble Park. I was taking through a long narrow corridor to Mike Mokoena's office.

Mokoena- Hello Mr Williamson. We would like to welcome you to this great club to replace, my son as manager.
Me- Yes, I would love the chance to work in the African League. It all comes down to how much you are offering.
Mokoena- How about £2.2k for 3 season!?
Me- Yes, that would be great actually. Em, do you know if there is any where nearby for me to stay? Like live?
Mokoena- There is a very very nice place a couple of roads away from here would you like me to get someone to take you and look at it?
Me- Yeah, that would be great. What way did your son.. Why did you sack your son?
Mokoena- It isn't that he was sacked it was more that I terminated his contract as club manager so, he could help me as chairman. He is currently away with his wife.

Ah, I thought it was quite weird someone sacking there son.. Anyway I went to see my -what would be- my new house.
Did you go a Sunday league footballer, a semi - pro, pro, or international footballer?
#43865 FM12HFC : Did you go a Sunday league footballer, a semi - pro, pro, or international footballer?

Sunday League footballer..
Trying to find time to place this..

This time we do it for Africa

Not a long term plan here, really not wanting to be here. So hot.

Okay, not been on in ages
3 games in and lost them all sitting lonely at the bottom of the table.

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