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The Rise of Blackpool

Started on 28 February 2012 by Geneharper
Latest Reply on 5 March 2012 by Atreidas
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In previous files I've led Manchester United to a 53-match unbeaten run in the Premier League and taken two Champions League trophies in a row, as well as extremely successful files with Arsenal and Manchester City. Now I want to play Football Manager, which means taking a lesser-stature club and building a five-year plan to establish them in the Champion's League. I've chosen Blackpool, because I like Blackpool. Who doesn't?

I've not played much Football Manager at all, and nothing in this situation (although I do also have plans to set up a Swansea file and finish top-ten). So, this year will be experimental for me, and a push for promotion from Blackpool. With that in mind, I'm strengthening my squad with good young players who will improve, as well as some strong loan signings.

(Just a note: I don't know how to do screenshots. If anyone would prefer them, to break up big posts of texts, please let me know how it's done. Much appreciated.)


First things first: get there before anyone else does to the best young players. With that in mind, I went for full-season loan moves for Manchester United's Ben Amos and Arsenal's Ryo Miyaichi, both for free, with the option of a club recall (however, both clubs are well-stocked in those positions, so they are unlikely to be called away). Amos has a £2million purchase anytime clause in his loan agreement, which will be useful if he performs well (he'll be my first-choice keeper). I also have Manchester United's Ravel Morrison on a six-month loan, as I'm generally lacking in the attacking midfield section.

I've made a move for Ahmed Soukouna based on the recommendations of this board, and his agent has accepted my contract offer, so he should be coming to Blackpool. He'll be here for the long haul. I've also made cheeky bids for Yaya Sanogo and Mbaye Niang, as I know the big clubs come sniffing around for them. I figured if I could get one this season, I could sell him for double the amount or more after promotion. Niang rejected a £3.4 million offer, which is as high as I'll go, as I still need a good central defender and I've a transfer budget of just £4.5 million.

I also need to buy (not loan) a good central attacking midfielder. Ezequiel Lavezzi is slightly out of my price range, and Morrison seems to enjoy being played out on the right wing. And recommendations would be appreciated. Darko Tasevski?

I've made a contract offer for Geremi Ndjitap for a single year, as he's good in several positions and should help the promotion push. But I'm still in the market, and will be releasing a few players I don't think are good enough and replacing them. I have the funds, I just need to find the right players.

With regards to results:

Blackpool 4 - 0 Blackpool Reserves
Yaya Sanogo has agreed to join on a £6,000p/w deal until June 2015. I paid £800k now, and £1.2 million over 18 months.

Geremi Ndjitap has joined on a one-year deal; Ahmed Soukouna has agreed to join and will be at the club until 2015. I have released Miguel Llera on a free (I don't want him, and nor does anyone else) and a few other players will follow.

Still need the attacking midfielder and central defender. I've not got much to work with, as I've lowered my transfer budget and raised my total wage bill. A few good players have only a year left on their contracts, and I want them to sign new ones, but a lot of them are asking for 40% increases after promotion, and I don't want what has happened to several clubs to happen to me: drowning under an unsustainable wage bill.


Blackpool 2 - 2 St Johnstone (quite how we didn't win...)
Blackpool 1 - 1 Rangers (awful first half, but we equalised and should have won in the second)

Huddersfield Town 1 - 4 Blackpool (absolute hammering)

Yaya Sanogo is a beast. He scored two; my only issue is, even as a poacher, he has a habit of running from deep, shoulder-barging his way through challenges, which means his condition deteriorates quite quickly. Swapped him for Soukouna at half-time which was a like-for-like substitution, who scored our fourth. In between them, Billy Clarke scored a lovely flowing goal after an incisive break away.

For any other managers out there in the lower leagues, Ravel Morrison seems to really really like it on the right wing.

Still looking for the right AMC and DC, though. Oh well. It's only July 19.
looking good, keep it up. get james forrest on loan, he is way better then ravel ;)
Call me shallow, but building a this team is hard for one reason: I can't for the life of me remember who is good and who isn't. I'm having to rely on assistant reports all the time. It's different when I'm playing as Manchester United: I know that Rooney is my best striker, Fellaini is my best midfielder (the perfect midfield buy, by the way, aspiring United managers, especially if you then buy Modric in your second season), etc. But without my assistant, working out who's the best is time-consuming.


I've offered Mauricio Molina a contract, but it's £14,000 p/w, and I'm having second thoughts. He's far better than any attacking midfielder on my team, but I've got to be able to find someone as good for lower wages somewhere, even on loan. I'm not bumping them up to £20,000 p/w if we get promoted, no way, not at 32. I think I'll cancel the contract if I can. I'm also looking to sell a few players (Bojan Djordjic, Keith Southern), as they aren't quite cutting the mustard.

Still need that central defender. There's got to be someone hanging around France or Poland or somewhere who'd just leap at the chance to play in the Premier League.
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Elgin City 0 - 3 Blackpool (Sanogo remains a beast, scoring two and not giving the defence a moment's rest)

I'm thinking of trying Sanogo as a target man and Soukouna as a poacher, or vice versa, as playing with two poachers isn't easy. I've decided to accept Molina into my team - it's a gamble, but he's a very good player, so I thought I might as well go for it. After being rejected by a few wonderkid central defenders, I've set my sights on either Loic Nestor or Siyanda Xulu, but they don't want to join. Kids of today, don't know they're born. So, I've decided to go for the cheap option: Celtic's Glenn Loovens, transfer-listed and therefore available for £350,000. Also, I've sold Billy Clarke to Peterborough and Bojan Djordjic to Watford. That's all the transfer dealings for this summer, I suppose: now I've got to hold onto the good players I do have and wait for the season to begin.
Result, first match of Championship season:

Blackpool 3 - 1 Cardiff (Ferguson, Miyaichi, McPhail (o.g.); Earnshaw)

What a game. After being torn apart for the first 15 minutes, Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Ryo Miyaichi both had goals disallowed for offsides and both hit the post. The second half we rarely let up on the pressure, Ferguson first scoring from a Cardiff defensive mistake and Miyaichi showing some searing pace. I brought Soukouna on for the final ten minutes and he did well, almost setting up a fourth.

I'm most pleased because Cardiff are one of the strongest teams in the league, and will be a serious rival for promotion, along with Birmingham, West Ham, Southampton and Middlesbrough.
Result, League Cup First Round

Notts County 2 - 5 Blackpool (Demontagnac, Hawley; M Phillips (3), Angel, Soukouna)

A very exciting game, with some real end-to-end stuff. Matt Phillips scored a hat-trick, Soukouna a hat-trick of assists, with a goal at the end as the cherry on top.

In other news, I made the mistake of rejecting Cardiff's £500k bid for Billy Clarke, when I have plenty of better players in the AMR/L positions. Hopefully they'll come back again with another offer.
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10 yearsEdited
Results, Championship:

Burnley 1 - 1 Blackpool (Rodriguez; Miyaichi)
Last minute equaliser by Burnley, ugh...

Blackpool 2 - 0 West Ham (Molina, Soukouna) A strong showing. It's early days, but I think I've put together quite a strong squad: if it hadn't been for a lapse in concentration at the end of the Burnley game, we'd be 2 points clear already.

Millwall 2 - 3 Blackpool (Simpson, Bouazza (pen); Soukouna (2), Cathcart) A very exciting game; we went down 1-0 and 2-1, but fought back and deserved our win. Molina smashed a free kick against the crossbar as well. He'll score one sometime.
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10 yearsEdited
Results, League Cup Second Round

Brighton and Hove Albion 1 - 2 Blackpool (Greer; Ndjitap, Kevin Phillips)
A tense, evenly-matched, wasteful game. We won thanks to a scrappy poke-in in the 87th minute. Ndjitap, it must be said, scored a peach of a goal, on the half-volley after the ball had been knocked down from a corner.

Results, Championship

Blackpool 2 - 0 Leicester (Evett, Cathcart)
Two central defenders scoring from two beautifully-delivered set pieces. Just as well, considering my strikers were sending all their shots at the keeper.

In other news, I've won Manager of the Month. Go me, I suppose.
Results, Championship

Southampton 2 - 2 Blackpool (De Ridder, Cork; Ferguson, Taylor-Fletcher
Good god, I was lucky to get through this one in one piece. Went two down to come two back, and that's only because Southampton missed a 2nd minute penalty. Better next time, I hope.

Blackpool 1 - 0 Hull (Sanogo) Should have won by more, shouldn't have been such a close match. Sonogo scored in the 3rd minute, and both teams hit the crossbar about four times, but we came out on top.

All this drama, and it's not even October yet.
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10 yearsEdited
Results, League Cup Third Round

Blackpool 2 – 0 Portsmouth (Soukouna (2)) The kid knows what he's doing. An efficient win against championship opposition, I'm pleased to say.

Results, Championship, 24/9/11

Doncaster Rovers 1 – 3 Blackpool (Coppinger; Soukouna (2), Matt Phillips) Conceding a goal within the first thirty seconds is not my favourite thing to do, but we equalised after three minutes, and were the better team overall.

Results, Championship, 27/9/11

Derby 0 – 2 Blackpool (Morrison, Rigott (o.g.)) Good for Morrison's development to get a goal (my ambition is to buy him from United in January), and I'm very happy with another away win, given we play better at home.
Great with Blackpool

(Just a note: I don't know how to do screenshots. If anyone would prefer them, to break up big posts of texts, please let me know how it's done. Much appreciated.)

You still need to know?
#43905 Shameless :(Just a note: I don't know how to do screenshots. If anyone would prefer them, to break up big posts of texts, please let me know how it's done. Much appreciated.)
You still need to know?
I’m not any expert on this stuff and not sure what you can and cannot. I’ll try simplify it for you mate. This is how I do it.

A simple way is to use print screen and paint. From there copy it to the report.

I use the imagechak. Its free to download and reg.

Reg and sign in

Choose Media Upload

Browse and choose your picture you saved with paint

Upload now

You will receive several alternatives with links

I use the FORUM CODE (there are different ways)

Copy it to the report (be sure to get the whole link)

With the link you’ll also get this text under. Just erase it.

"Uploaded with"

You wont see the picture until you post it or check it preview

With the same method you’ll get pictures from the Internet. Just save the pic and get the link with Imageschack.

Hopefully this will help you. Or perhaps some of you other readers can explain even better than I? Let me know how you did mate.

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