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FM12 crashing when joining multiplayer network games in lobby

Help please.
Started on 3 March 2012 by Atreidas
Latest Reply on 3 September 2012 by johnakos28
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Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited

May i ask if anyone has a fix for this please?
A friend made an edited data file, made two new teams etc, obviously replacing them with other ones in the league (removed a club then added one of ours) and once he has done that, he started up the server, when i am done with the processing and etc. five seconds later i crash.

We tried it from me hosting the server, he didn't crash, but was stuck at the manager creation screen, unable to change nationality and such, and if he advanced, he could not pick a team.

It is apsalutely fine when we play it without an edited database, and a minorly edited one.

I really need help, as this is a game-stopping bug.
It works fine if we use a club thats already there and put players from other clubs in it, we are working on other stuff IE, if its making a new club thats the problem, or something else.
Does anyone else have this problem or know a fix?
Help would be appreciated.

EDIT: it doesn't seem to be at the game status screen, it also seems to be on some of my staff profiles aswell.
johnakos28's avatar Group johnakos28
11 yearsEdited
It depends on his editor data file.
And you must have the same version of FM12.

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