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Mc nuts big red story...

Started on 23 March 2012 by mc nut
Latest Reply on 7 April 2012 by mc nut
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Manchester United VS Liverpool FC-Barclays Premier League

Line-ups: (4 4 2) De Gea
Smalling, Hummels, Vidic, Evra
Valencia, Carrick, Anderson, Young
Welbeck, Rooney

I knew this game was going to be a cracker, and it didn’t disappoint. Valencia gave me the lead with a good placed finish after 15 minutes, but it was end to end for the whole second half, although we probably shaded it. Just when it looked like we had it in the bag, in the 86th minute Hernandez got injured, (yes, two minutes after I brought him on) but I had already used my subs, so I was forced to play with ten men. What’s more, super smart Hummels then got himself sent off for ungentlemanly conduct so I only had nine men and believe me when I say it was a nervy last few minutes. Final Score 1-0

Man of the Match: Skrtel. (7.6) (Liverpool)

A great game matched only by its great result. But the best thing is that Man City drew, again, so we are seven points clear of second place!

Injury Update

Javier Hernandez out for about 2 months.

Am I talking to myself here?

Hi all. I have noticed that no one is commenting or anything on my story. I just want to know, is it because of the way I do my story or just because there are already a few Man Utd stories already on the site? Either way, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.

Manchester United VS Swansea City-English League Cup

Line-ups: (4 2 3 1) Lindegaard
Jones (Smalling, 84), Evans, Ferdinand, Fabio
F Anderson (Carrick, 59), Anderson
Park, Muniain (Rooney, 75), Giggs

As neither I, nor my board are that bothered about the league cup I chose to play my second team, and it was good to them put in a good shift. We went ahead when Ryan Giggs smashed into the top corner and then Giggs set up Ji-sung Park to slot home and make it 2-0. Scott Sinclair pulled one back for Swansea with a well taken finish, but Rio Ferdinand sealed the victory in the 89th minute with a header from a corner. Final Score 3-1

Man of the Match:Ryan Giggs. (8.8)

Although not one of my priorities, I am pleased to have progressed to the next round. Hopefully we can go all the way!

Sunderland VS Manchester United-Barclays Premier League

Line-ups: (4 2 3 1) De Gea
Smalling, Hummels, Vidic, Evra
F Anderson, Carrick
Valencia, Young (Muniain, 82), Nani (Welbeck, 57)

I was hopeful that I could retain my seven point lead over City, as Sunderland had been struggling in the league, but it wasn’t to be. We were the better team, but Sunderland defended solidly enough and we struggled to create many clear cuts, and Kieran Westwood made some good saves. Final Score 0-0

Man of the Match: Westwood. (7.5)

This draw has reduced our gap at the top to five points. But I can’t argue too much with the performance and I’m confident that we can get back to winning ways quickly-we’re only human!

Litex VS Manchester United-UEFA Champions League

Line-ups: (4 4 2) De Gea
Smalling, Vidic, Hummels, Fabio
Nani (Evra, 75), Giggs, Anderson, Young (Muniain, 67)
Welbeck, Rooney (Valencia, 75)

This game was important because we had dropped points the match before. I needn’t have worried though because we played with the same confidence and finesse we had before the Sunderland game. Young opened the scoring with a brilliant lob over their keeper, but then Rooney wasted a great chance to score again by smashing a penalty against the post. Giggs made up for it though by scoring a screamer from a free-kick from some way out. Final Score 0-2

Man of the Match: Fabio. (8.2)

Good way to sow the world that the Sunderland game was only a small blip. We played confidently and efficiently, and should have scored more!

My Evil Plan

I have slightly changed my mind about my long/short term aims. What I now plan to do is to win every trophy as Manchester United. Once I have done that, I want to prove myself as a manager so I will resign and take the post of a lower reputation club, whichever one may be available at the time. I am doing this because I just want to know whether I am a good manager or whether I just have good players. Thanks to anyone who bothered to read this boring looking text.

Manchester United VS Stoke City-Barclays Premier League

Line-ups: (4 4 2) De Gea
Smalling, Hummels, Vidic, Fabio
Nani (Valencia, 74), F Anderson, Anderson, Young
Welbeck (Muniain, 89), Rooney

Stoke is never an easy game and this was no exception and for most of the game we could not break through their defence, as they were playing two holding midfielders, and Stoke are a very physical side. I will admit my frustration at our inability to create, and I had all but consigned myself to a nil nil, before an awesome Anderson free-kick flew into the top corner in the 88th minute.Final Score 1-0

Man of the Match: F Anderson. (7.6)

Our lead is back to seven points! Fulham city did us a huge favour by holding Man City at Craven Cottage. Thank you, Martin Jol!
Don't you worry about the lack of comments on the story. Maybe no one has commented because you are just in your first season with Manchester United. Everyone who starts with them usually makes the same signings that you have made, so there is no real appeal to comment, but I'm 100% sure they have monitored your results. Once you get into the second or third season and you start to break in your regens into the first team, people will be more keen, because every regen is unique.

I heard about your idea to move on to a smaller club, and all the best with that. I would suggest going for a team that just got relegated out of the Premier League (Wigan or Wolves). I make that suggestion because you'll have a lot of work to do with that team, and it is very challenging. You'll have to stop your top stars from leaving and going to a PL team, manage a lowered wage limit and actually get back to the big leagues!

As for the present story, good going. I've never bought Felipe Anderson in any of my attempts at Manutd, but he seems to be your first choice central midfielder, so that's great. If Muniain hasn't done a good job so far, don't worry. Try playing him as striker for one match and see him take off and score in almost every match after that. He scored 25 goals in my first season.

Hope you liked my comment. I sensed you needed some motivation to post some more.
Yeh I noticed the same in my story that I was doing McNut...not many people seemed to comment on that either....whether that was because I was doing it on a Scottish team or not(was getting a good amount of views everyday though) I'm not sure but still know what your going through...

The only advice I can give about it, as I doubt its the same reasons people are not, is just to continue going like akash.vidyasagar said, and hopefully people will start to comment on the story once you start getting deeper into it :)

Oh and btw I like that you are still giving Johnny Evans a chance...I know you said you don't rate him in real life and I can see why...but I personally like him and always find him to do relatively well when he gets a good amount of games each season...Carrick on the other hand is quite disappointing in the game, attribute wise, but again always seemed to do a job with Fletcher....worth a shot if you didn't buy F Anderson :)
Cheers guys. I feel a bit more motivated now. Yeah, I see what you mean about the regans. And also thee are already a few man utd stories on the site........anyways, thanks.

Swansea City VS Manchester United-Barclays Premier League

Line-ups: (4 4 1 1) De Gea
Smalling, Hummels, Vidic, Fabio
Nani, Giggs (F Anderson, 59), Anderson (Valencia, 78), Young
Muniain (Rooney, 65)

I was expecting to win this one, and maybe complacency got the better of me and the boys, because we didn’t turn up today. We couldn’t keep the ball and Kieran Dyer got the better of Fabio on the right wing. Despite our poor display, Nani put us ahead on the 43rd minute. But just after half time, Dyer jiggled through our defence like it wasn’t there and placed into the bottom corner. He got another after 64 minutes and honestly we never looked like bringing it back. Final Score 2-1

Man of the Match: Kieran Dyer. (9.2) (Swansea)

We were awful today, no other way of putting it. We need to bounce back, fast, against Villarreal next game, especially as Villarreal are the only other team that has beaten this season.

Manchester United VS Villarreal-UEFA Champions League

Line-ups: (4 4 2) De Gea
Smalling, Hummels, Vidic, Evra
Valencia, Carrick, Anderson (Giggs, 81), Nani (Young, 64)
Muniain, Rooney (Welbeck, 72)

Wow. I knew we needed a response and boy did we get it. It was men against boys from the kick off but we didn’t score until injury time just before the break when Rooney ended his goal drought with a simple tap-in. the second half was the same as the first but the floodgates had opened and Valencia got another on the 54th minute. We then added goals with Muniain and Hummels both getting on the scoresheet, and Rooney bagged a brace before Danny Welbeck rounded of the victory after 91 minutes with an instinctive finish. Final Score 6-0

Man of the Match: Muniain. (9.3)

Well I can’t fault the performance but this inconsistency is starting to worry me. We will need to keep in up against Tottenham next game!

Manchester United VS Tottenham Hotspurs-Barclays Premier League

Line-ups: (4 4 1 1) De Gea
Smalling, Hummels, Vidic, Evra
Valencia, Carrick (F Anderson, 80), Anderson, Nani
Muniain (Welbeck, 61)

Well this match was a real six pointer because Tottenham were five points behind me but had a game in hand. My lads didn’t let me down and we didn’t let Tottenham find their rhythm. After 15 minutes we were unlucky not to be ahead but Rooney smashed into the top corner after an excellent ball from Muniain to give us the lead. Rooney scored again half an hour later but just before half time a mix up between Hummels and Vidic gave Tottenham a way back into the match, which Jermaine Defoe took gratefully. Rooney restored our two goal advantage straight after half-time and we comfortably held it all game.

Man of the Match: Rooney. (9.6)

Rooney is now back to his best and Muniain is showing great signs of improvement as well. I didn’t want to bring him off but as a young player he was starting to feel a bit tired, especially as he had played the whole game in midweek. Anyways, roll on Blackpool in the League cup next game!

Blackpool VS Manchester United-English League Cup

Line-ups: (4 4 1 1) De Gea
Jones, Ferdinand, Evans, Fabio
Young, F Anderson, Carrick, Giggs
This was the quarter final so we were getting ever closer to lifting the trophy. We played well, with Muniain giving us the lead on 9 minutes from outside the area. Giggs gave us our second with a screamer and soon after Felipe Anderson got his first goal for the club with a low shot that flew past the keeper. With 20 minutes left, Welbeck made it 4 with a cool finish from a one-on-one. Unfortunately, Blackpool pulled one back in the last 10 minutes through Gary Taylor Fletcher, but we deserved our victory.Final Score 1-4

Man of the Match: Giggs. (9.3)

We are now in the semi’s so we are one step closer to winning it. We have drawn Norwich in the next round so we have a good chance of going through, but we won’t be getting complacent though! Muniain was awesome today.

Chelsea FC VS Manchester United-Barclays Premier League

Line-ups: (4 4 2) De Gea
Smalling, Hummels, Vidic, Evra
Valencia, Carrick (F Anderson, 83), Anderson, Giggs (Nani, 65)
Welbeck (Muniain, 65), Rooney

This game was always going to be tough as Stamford Bridge is never an easy place to come, but we played well and won convincingly. Rooney netted after half an hour and Valencia scored half an hour after that. Chelsea never got back into it and we were the better team by some distance. Final Score 0-2

Man of the Match: Welbeck. (7.9)

I was impressed by the performance and also this result means that we have a six point gap at the top. Some young players like Welbeck and Smalling have also shown me that they can cope in high pressure ties like this, so I am pleased with the result.

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