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Sea Of Blue!

Started on 31 March 2012 by CufcBanksie
Latest Reply on 2 April 2012 by CufcBanksie
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Sea Of Blue

Hello and welcome to my second manager story, hope your as excited as I am!

This story will start and end with a club that will always have a place in my soul, and that club is... the mighty Carlisle United. This name may not mean much to you, but to me it raises every emotion in my young northern heart. At Carlisle we cannot claim to be rich like Manchester City or have a die hard passion fan base of Newcastle (not that all fan bases are die hard but the Newcastle fans I know are the definition of passion). But we can claim that we have won the same amount of johnstone's paint trophy's as Birmingham, Blackpool and been in the final the most times out of everyone (jealous?).

Now with the announcement of Project Blue Yonder which has our lucky little city and international fan base (CUFC Aussie Branch) jumping for joy. The Cumbrians have promised a new stadium for longer than I have lived, but now its a reality (probably not going to get it for another 17 years but still!). With this it's time to bring some glory to Brunton Park, we have had our moments some for example, Jimmy Glass'es wonder goal (local footballing legend now taxi driver in Dorset) Vincent Péricard's back heal goal in unbelievable fog against Norwich a few years ago (and where are they now?).

Currently we have many contenders for our hall of fame manly being Peter Murphy with over 400 appearances under his belt and thats just the start of his footballing CV. Next being is crowd favorite Francois Zoko, but he is linked with too many grater teams than Carlisle so him staying is a dream.

With that let's begin!

My aims for this series are to get a secure top half in the championship then, aim for the premiership! The next aim is to improve the finances of the club so we could survive the league jump without massive debt, this will be achieved hopefully improving the depressing attendances and very goof FA cup runs.

Club Information

Key Players

My next update will be at the end of pre season, please feel free to comment and suggest anything!
Sorry mate, I know nothing about Carlisle!
#46642 mc nut : Sorry mate, I know nothing about Carlisle!

Don't worry about it nobody does those who live there!
Ok! So the pre season is over and done with. Both players and fans ready for a very successful season ahead, in terms of transfers there was not much activity.

The best signature I was able to collect was Eric Addo's a very talented center back with 45 caps for Ghana. I and the fans were blown away he was willing to play for us with such low wages in comparison with his ability.

Thankfully I was able to sell Craig Curran and Paul Thirlwell bringing in a decent £55k. These two would only be eating away my precious wages and just warming up the bench so it was in best interests that they left.

In other news I was able to extend Zoko's contract by a year and remove his £100k sell out clause, so if a bigger club dose make a move we will get some money to find a replacement.
.:August Update:.

August has turned out to be a very impressive month, leaving the club in a very successful second place!

This run of form as undoubtedly caused by Zoko's four goals in five games and because of this I will be giving him my very reputable player of the post award!

The Games


The first game of the season was a expected 3-1 home win over Bury, with goals coming from Peter Murphy, Lee Miller and Francois Zoko but nothing is ever perfect (this is football and strange things happen) Frank Simek decided that he wanted to play left back for a little bit of the game thus opening a gap on the right and this gifted them an easy goal.

Nots County League and League Cup

The League cup game held no shocks with a comfortable 2-0 win with goals from Zoko and Danny Livesey. The league fixture was more impressive with a 3-0 away win and yet again Zoko scoring (no complaints) two this time. During the game we were given a penalty, now James Berrett is my primary man when it comes to the spot kick but he wasn't playing no my next in line is Lee Miller. Instead when the player comes to collect the ball it was not Miller but Matty Robson takes the ball and places his shot, he scored all the same (my neighbors were not happy with my language when he took a run up).


Not much to comment on the match we met expectations by a 2-0 win with a Berrett pen and a lovely placed shot by Lee Miller.

MK Dons

The first real test for my team and we managed to recreate the resent Carlisle result but with different scorers. We managed 3 goals but won 2-1... The first goal was a Tom Taiwo own goal our redemption goal was from Zoko and the winner came from Jon Paul McGovern.

Millwall League Cup

This was a game we never expected to get anything from, but we did well winning for most of the game but they crawled a goal back after we got ahead, we eventually lost in the penalty shoot out. (Cant complain)


This was a dull 1-1 draw with a early Lubomir Michalik header and their point winner came thirty minutes latter and after that both teams fizzled out to nothing.

Round Up

The first month has been a very very good one with the attendances rising slowly but if this form continues then we might be pushing eight thousand by December. So see you in my next monthly update!
.:September Update:.

Carlisle have managed to keep their unbelievable unbeaten run now extending to 10 games! This continued form has kept the mighty Cumbrians in and impressive second place.

This month did not pass without its worry's Lee Miller and Rory Loy simply not getting the ball in the net or even having a shot on target, two of my three strikers not scoring is a bad side especially for a team in the top two. So with that the squad is relaying on one player to score the goals (bit like Arsenal, oh I went there!) and when Zoko doesn't turn up we might as well call it a draw.

The Games


A very dull game 0-0 with absolutely nothing happened.


This game was picked for a fan day and boy did the players not disappoint by winning 3-0 with goals coming from Zoko, Livesey and a Richard Duffy own goal, this great performance must boost the attendances.

Sheff Utd

This game was not going to be a easy one but the team held to the Sheffield attacks but we held on getting in a quick counter attack when we could until the seventy first minuet when Chris Chantler made an simply amazing run walking past 3 players taking a simple cross that flew over so many defenders heads did one Carlisle shirt jump, Miller hit the ball with his head blasting so much force it nearly cut through the net.


This game on paper we should have dominated and we did in a 5-3 goaltacular game. Goals coming from Noble, Zoko, Livesey and Cook the day would have been perfect if not for Reaben Reid getting himself a good solid and deserved hatrick.


This game was a devastation not because of the 0-0 score line but Lubomir Michalik and Peter Murphy both suffered long term injury's so now im hunting for a loan replacement.

And now the Player Of The Post Award goes to... Tom Taiwo!!!

I have given him this award because he has saved the club from so many goals and his determination has inspired the team to never stop the ball moving.

You are reading "Sea Of Blue!".

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