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Ingo Ball

Your own Barca game for lower league clubs.
Started on 3 April 2012 by FC Knudde
Latest Reply on 5 April 2012 by hooky747
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Hi all, as you can see my name is FC Knudde (this once was a comic soccer team that could not play a bit), meaning I am a total soccer noob.

So do not ask me what off-side is..because I do not know :))

I have been playing FM since 05 or 06 and all I mainly did was scouting (never got beyond the 6th week in the game lol).

But now I feel its time for me to share my high possession tactic that will provide you with an average of 70-80% pass success (max number passes I have seen from 1 player was 90+ in 90min) and with approx 20 shots at goal and an average of 70% possesion.

I know you peops love screenies, but I can't deliver those as I am about to start my competition.

I however did test my tactic with Barcelona in which the amount of passes hit 100+ and even Messi did a headroll after scoring against Inter.

I myself play with a Dutch team, de Graafschap, and I kicked PSV' ass with 3-0.

Here is the link for my tactic:

But wait...this is not all!!!

In addition I will provide you with my training schedule which enabled my team being trained fluid to the tactic in about 2 weeks time (on very heavy).

Here is the link for the training schedule pack:

As for the side line shouts, I can not tell you what to say or what to do, as I myself hardly shout a thing and still my team is playing the stars from heaven.

I however do instruct the team to close down at all times and man mark at all times on all but the goalkeeper.

Now go and try Ingo Ball B) and enjoy being the underdog!

Ow...and please DO use this tactic with lower league teams and show what you achieved with your own star team.

Everybody can win titles with the big clubs and claim that they are top managers, but can you say the same when managing teams from low / mid leagues?
FC Knudde's avatar Group FC Knudde
11 yearsEdited
3 screenies from my very first practice game with a newly put together team, the new additions to the team have been at the club less then a week.

This should be submitted on our tactics repository as well. I could do it for you if you want.
Stam, that was the place I was looking for to post this lol

Result of being a newby here I guess.

I will try to post it there myself, your link to the correct part helped a lot thnx
No problem, I've corrected the submission (various bits & pieces) and it's now published on our downloads area. I've uploaded both the tactic and training schedules files on your personal file space (here on in order to work as direct download and avoid any waiting time on FileFactory. I just think it's ridiculous to host files of 1-2 Kb on such sites.
Hopefully you don't mind me doing that :)

We'll ping your tactic to our followers via Facebook & Twitter in a bit.
For any questions, feel free to ask here.
Thanks for your time and effort Stam, couldn't have done it better myself (says the forum newb :) ).

I need to get used to forums again I guess, ah well, all is fine now....lets hope people enjoy my tactic :D
It's not your fault, I should dedicate some time to write tutorials for newcomers about how they can use this site more efficiently. It's not based on ready-made software like every other fansite, so it's different by birth. I've hoped my current user interface would have been easy to understand and use by the average visitor, but perhaps I was wrong.

In case you have certain suggestions for improvements in regards to this matter, please post here.
every time i download it, it wont let me open it?
That happened to me as well with other tactics and I think its in the updates / version of the game.

This tactic is made in FM12 version 12.0.4
FC Knudde's avatar Group FC Knudde
11 yearsEdited
In case the downloaded tactic is not working make the tactic yourself according to the following settings.

Note: to accomplish the "lurk outside area" settings you need to do the following.
- move it to the CENTER defensive midfield position.
- change DUTY by use of your mouse scroll, it should show "lurk outside area" now.
- select the "lurk outside area" and move back to the original position.
You now should be able to instruct multiple positions with this position instruction.

I hope that once you created your tactic according to my settings you as well have the same results as I have.

Please with all means post some screenies of your game results including the amount of passes and shot at goal.

I am sorry that for some reason the uploaded tactic appears not to be working, I suspect this is because of the updates which enables conflicts.
In case someone knows where the problem lies please let me know so that I can re-upload this tactic for everyone to enjoy.
whats the formation?
Sorry forgot that screenie, but here it is.
do you have a screenshot of your results? :)

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