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Best goalscorer in FM???

Started on 10 April 2012 by jonny16
Latest Reply on 20 August 2014 by khaizuro
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ive struggled with goalscorers in fm so i was wondering if anyone knew who the best one would be???
depends what your budget is but cavani is awesome if you play him right
if your working on a budget then leigh griffiths is a fantastic poacher, in my forest save he scored 29 in 38 league game one season not a bad return for a 3 million signing
Goodness, you've asked a question which really has no answer. How about this one: "it depends".

Goals are pretty rarely scored in isolation, it's usually a team effort, and the best scorer for YOUR squad depends on what your side can produce to set up that scorer. If you have some great crossers out on the wing, maybe you want a player who can finish those. Maybe you have trouble creating anything, and a free kick specialist would be the best way to add goals to your side. Perhaps you have a great corner taker, and someone who can get in to head those home would be your biggest boon (I know one year in one career a few FM seasons ago I had a case where a centreback was very close to the team's top scorer, entirely due to this effect). Perhaps your squad has trouble creating situations and you need someone who has the ability to make goals from individual efforts. What if you do best at counter attacks, and you need to look for someone who can release, outrun everyone to a long ball, and then beat the keeper 1v1? Or, you may end up with a team where the scoring ends up evenly distributed, there really isn't a "great goalscorer", as long as you have enough players to take advantage of what /is/ made available.

I say these because I've had successes with all these models, and sometimes several different ones over a run of years with the same side. I had a long run with a Newcastle side which for a while didn't have a classical goal scorer and relied on set pieces, "garbage" goals from poachers, a set of young strikers with promise who might contribute goals in bunches, but rarely on a consistent basis, etc; then after some years of success (and a growing warchest) brought in C.Ronaldo, who was a very good player, but only when moved to mostly forward did he become a huge goalscorer. When he stated to get old, a no longer young Sergio Aguero was brought in as a gradual changeover, and he became a huge scorer too.

And in terms of recommending any specific person beyond this guideline of "look what fits best with your side", the player attributes are randomized at each career startup, so who might be a monster in one game might not be in another.

FM is a little unlike real life, in my opinion it relies a bit too much on the definition of "position". It's hard to call Messi a "striker", though in today's world football he's an amazing scorer obviously. Since you would tend to play him at a position that's more midfield than forward, he just never seems to score as much in FM (for me, I'm sure others have had different answers). Ronaldo is the other great world scorer, who also isn't classically a forward. Real life football at the highest levels involves a lot more fluidity than FM can account for, e.g. if you pick a formation where you have three forward-type players but you've put two in wing positions, FM penalises you too much because they are better at forward than at AM R/L according to the ratings. Anyway...

Understand your side, and go do searches on the important attributes, which will be things like finishing, composure, dribbling, heading, off the ball, pace, etc. depending on what you think your team can accomplish.
You have to remember that each squad has an "ideal" tactic which you need to find on your own, and each striker reacts differently to each set of midfielders, and each set of tactics.

For example, we all know Cavani is a "great goalscorer". In my game, 2015 now... Cavani has been in Chelsea for one year. Chelsea is loaded with great players after Abramović went to town this year.

Consider this: Cavani has scored 20 goals in the Premier league. Anthony Ujah, a Nigerian striker for Mainz, just won the Bundesliga most goals award for scoring 25 goals in the season.

So? Does this mean that Ujah is better than Cavani? Probably not, and that's why I'm not buying him. Ujah scores a boatload of goals each season (two and a half seasons now), but I'm scared that if I splash for Ujah, he won't score at all, because his attributes aren't ideal. It only means that Ujah is better integrated into Mainz's tactic than Cavani is in Chelsea's.
Listen to the 2 above me.....But try Eygptian striker Gedo cheap and a beaset in front of goal,use him as a poacher.
will be hard to one-up, mwichmann & tbendis' answers. For example, during the first half of my second season with Arsenal (I am currently on my fifth) Chiellini & Vermaelen had banged together 15 goals, which was twice as much as Van Persie. Sometimes if you want to bang goals, your tactics and training focus counts a lot (I was focused on set pieces which explains it all).

But if you want names: Damiao, Sturridge, Aguero (in 2014-2015 had banged 45 league goals for ManCity). Or try to look into your youth squad if you think you'll stay for more then 4 years with your team. You might find some gems.

Form, luck and trust.
probably Lionel Messi , Lool , yes its true , depends what league r u on, what year r u on , and what team r u on , if you are playing in lower league , then go for Adam Jamil , if you are in highest league , no chance for Jamil , for the best striker who available to buy i think is Edinson Cavani

in 2015 is Lenny Nangis / Mbaye Niang

in 2020 regens

in 2025 Messi doesn't exist
Not gonna repeat what was said above about tactics. What I will say though is that Cavani really is one of those you should sign "Whatever the cost."

Got him in Jan 2012 and he scored 12 goals in 17 games that year. Something like 30 goals in 47 games the next and 42 in 57 games in the season just finished. Set him to target man with two attacking wingers and watch him score goals for fun.
I signed both Cavani and Leandro Damiao (spelling terrible) and, even though Cavani was prolific, scoring 32 times in 30 appearances, I found him to be pretty tempermental, often scoring hat-tricks back to back then going on 5 game goal droughts, where as Leandro was pretty much a goal a game kind of player with the odd exception. However, in this same save, both players were eclipsed in the league scoring tables by Rooney and Aguero, who both got over 30 league goals. Depends how you're playing, but Leandro can score lots of goals when his teammates aren't playing particularly well, can change a game, so I'd pick him.
LoL got Hernandez to score 70 goals in 50 games once.
#55067 Ory1997 : LoL got Hernandez to score 70 goals in 50 games once.
72 in 50 with me cavani, come at me bro :D
forget Cavani, Forget Damiao, forget Hernandez.

if lionel messi is played up front by himself as a trequarista. he is the best striker in the game by a long long way
if you don't have a big budget then try moussa sow (not sure on spelling) he plays for lille and I got him to score 21 in 16 games. Also Yaya Sanogo seems pretty good for his age and you can get him on a free at the end of the season I think.
#55072 shaneo insaneo : forget Cavani, Forget Damiao, forget Hernandez.

if lionel messi is played up front by himself as a trequarista. he is the best striker in the game by a long long way
Have fun getting Messi at a low club.

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