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From the unknown arises a manager

Started on 10 April 2012 by natedogster21
Latest Reply on 20 April 2012 by natedogster21
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Rogers takes charge at Ural Yekaterinburg

The Club:
Ural Yekaterinburg (Ural is situated in central Russia); what a cool name, are a 2nd division team looking for promotion to the Russian premier league. They are predicted to finish third by the media and this is the position they are in since my take over as manager of the club. They play at a stadium called Ural mash and the last time they won the 2nd division was back in 2001 and 2002. The last competition they won was back in 2004 when they came back up from the Russian 3rd tier of football.

The training facilities, youth recruitment and coaching are only average, with the youth facilities being basic.

Rogers received a budget of £0 and a wage budge that currently sits within in negative figures of -£274; it may get worse before it gets better.

Strongest player in the team:
E. Manucharyan, a winger/striker who really has a lot of quality and in my opinion is way too good for this league. He is on loan from a club called Pyunik, based in Armenia. I will try to sign if I can get the transfer funds I require.

Headline-5th July 2005 -Nathan Rogers appointed manager of Ural.
Manager Nathan Rogers joined the club today and remains somewhat unknown quantity. Nothing is known about his man’s past and with no real history playing or coaching in the sport the fans seems baffled by the appointment, as do the media. Who is the guy and what qualities has he got when it comes to running a football club? These questions must have been answered when interviewed by the board, let’s hope he proves his worth.

Main aim:
Win the division, or get promoted into the premier division and then fight to stay in the premier division for at least a season before looking at managing another club or trying to get the club to a mid-table finish. The future however will be dependent on the challenges I face as a manager and whether I fall in, or out of love with the little orange Russian club.
One loss leads too two, can Ural re-gather themselves and fight for promotion!?

The manager Rogers has not had a great start in charge of Ural. With 2 losses in 2 games, questions are being brought about his competency to do this job. The manager had allowed me a private interview after the second loss.

I knew what I wanted to ask and I went straight in for the answer, asking him what the reason for these losses were and would he be able to improve it, he replied “I have only been in charge for two days, my team, my players need to adjust to how I want them to play and when that occurs, then yes we will improve”. Surely though you can’t let this run continue I asked the manager?” Do no question me or my ways. It is my job to get them to perform and I will, now get out I have had enough of your simple ignorant ideas of changing a team in 2 games”. A short interview linked to his somewhat short temper. Would this man really be able to motivate his players and get Ulnar promoted?
Writer Brian Jeffries
Kamaz-H-4-3 Loss
Kuban-H-1-0 Loss-Cup

Ural and new pastures:
The Board of Ural Yekaterinburg was happy to welcome all media to announce that the move to the new stadium has now been completed.

The month of August:
So as you can see a mixed bunch of results during this month. I played a 3-4-3 formation which just didn’t work with the quality of players that I possessed. I switched to a 4-5-1 which gave me varied results but I wasn’t getting the performances I wanted. At this point I was 4th in the table dropping a position from when I took over the club.

The transfer window opened in August and i brought in some good players on free transfers. The midfield was strengthened and is now my strongest position. Brought in one Central defender but probably need more quality in this position and the striker position.
Brutally my best striker and player in the team gets injured and is out for 2 months!

The month of September: :
This month sore us move to a 4-4-2 which gave me more freedom moving players to the different positions. It allowed for more cover and a more balanced approach. It worked well at times and not so well at others. When a striker got injured I was forced to drop my trequarista striker into the amc position and since then we have been playing really well winning 2 games in a row. The favoured formation is now a 4-4-1-1.
My 2 best signings were:
Francisco Hernandez:

Tiago Renz:

The fans think he is a good signing and are enjoying his performances on the pitch. Nothing like a lil Brazilian to save the day. Does he do anything magical? Nope but is he solid and consistent? Yes.
Nice story, does look like you will need a better striker, your defence and MF looks good.

Go for first! Push on! :)
#47693 Atreidas : Nice story, does look like you will need a better striker, your defence and MF looks good.

Go for first! Push on! :)

Yeah i am trying to get a better striker and central defender but its proving pretty hard haha. The foreign rule of not having more than 3 non EU players on the pitch is a killer too! Really enjoying this save though.
natedogster21's avatar Group natedogster21
12 yearsEdited
Very good month, my team are playing some good football and have impressed me.

As you can see we lost the last two games of our season and I was very disappointed as up to those games we had won 2 games with big winning margins. However the teams I lost to were two of the 3 other rivals in the top 4. We ended up in a 4th place at the end of the season.

Key Players:
Denis Tumasyan:
Unfortunatley he left on a free as i couldnt get him to agree a fee on wages. I just couldnt afford what he wasking me to give him :/

Tiago Renz and Francisco Hernandez as seen above
Anton Zabalotny:
Great player but im worried about when his loan runs down.

Headlines-Rogers on the move?
Rogers has been linked to moves to Tom,Terek, Spartak Moscow, Rostov, Jaguares, Anji and Rubin in the premier league and many are wondering whether these rumours are in fact true. Will he be at Arul next season? We shall have to wait and see.
nice story so far .
i suggest you move onto Anji as they are they are backed by the Qatari Billionaires and already have a talented aquad
#47710 toonman8589 : nice story so far .
i suggest you move onto Anji as they are they are backed by the Qatari Billionaires and already have a talented aquad
It would be dependant on how much I am enjoying my save and whether or not a perceive Anji to be a challenge that would motivate me to play. I would rather play with a team that has less money and that's more fun in the way of challenges or changes that could be made to the team. I would defs not rule Anji out though.
January/February Transfers:

Transfers in:
Ronaldo Conceicao-Brazilian Central defender-130k
Only the best of the youth intake offered to me. Although I didn’t really get any player that I could rave and rant about.

Transfers out:
A lot of over paid players that I felt I could use elsewhere i.e. transfer money.

This division is pretty interesting as the top 8 of division 1 fight for promotion from March onwards. This means these games are all going to be harder as all the clubs are top teams should be fun and a good challenge.

Hernandez and Manuchyran seem to linking up very well this month, I am relieved to say the relieved as I lost Zabalotny to a 2 month injury. Just great Manuchyran gets injured in the game against Sibri and is out for 6-7 weeks. This means Hernandez will have to move into the poacher role and petrovic will move into the trequarista role. This partnership actually seemed to work pretty well too and touch wood I hope it helps me go on a little run of form.

A mixed bunch of results and a tough month , all of which could be due to my team playing the best of the division. Very unlucky with the injuries to my top performers this month but the fringe players showed they could step up.

This was a very good month for my team and a huge factor of what was to follow.

Rogers announced interest in Brazilian club
Nathan let it slip that he was interested in the vacancy at Flamengo stating that he would love to work with players who have quality like Ronaldinho. This leak of information has left the Ural board scathing! They have given the manager the chance to apologise or resign.

Now its left to be seen will he take over at Flamengo or will Rogers be ruing the risk he took leaving Ural, the team who he lead to the Russian Premier division.


Transfer and wage budget:

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