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Athletic Bilbao challenge

Started on 14 April 2012 by greekish7485
Latest Reply on 29 October 2012 by bonsaijr
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I've tried this with a FM 2007 and qualified for the champions league but lost the qualifier (d'oh)
Basically the task is to win La Liga and the champions league with Athletic Bilbao. The reason that this is so difficult is Bilbao can only buy Basque players (this means you can't even buy most Spanish players.)
I'm working on another task at the moment (the steam achievements challenge.) But after that I would love to give this one another try.
Has anyone tried this before and what success have you had and how in God's name did you achieve it???
i did it. In FM 2007 it would have been really hard but in FM 2012 you have a few good players to start you of then you need to improve your youth system
Mikel Arteta can speak Basque, anyone know if he's eligible ? He'd be a good target if so
I think the main problem would be holding on to stars like Llorente and Muniain but European qualifying should be a realistic target primarily.
Tried it once, its a very tough challenge. the only 'good' Basque players who are not in Bilbao are Arteta and Alonso and none of them are interested at the start. so u loan Javier Garrido from Lazio for left back. thats were u have a problem.
how about not buying players, instead try worl on the yoth team and bring young players through . its a lot more satidfying than just buying
Ive just finished my 5th season with athletic and have now won every possible trophy available. I will admit that i 'cheated' by adding myself as a player, and a good one at that but other than that it was the standard database. The main thing to do is to focus on youth, pour as much money into your whole youth/training facilities as possible and use the rest on what little basque players there are. If anyone is interested i can divulge into the best basque players available to buy for athletic?
People is simple I have managed Athletic since 2010 when back then the team hadn't so many good players to start with! In 2011 and 2012 the first team players are good besides there is atrick in signing players who are not basque! Try fm scout every spring and check the regens in spain or in latin america countries where are some basque players and of course portugal and france! These ones with no spanish nationality will must have basque nationality as well as far as the spanish players you can approach to sign from 14 to 16 yrs only and when they come to your team they get automatically the basque nationality! Players from 17 and over must have second nationality Basque as far as Arteta goes he always gets a transfer in Athletic from season 2 and on in fm 2012 and very cheaply! Remember Athletic has got one of the best tr and yth facilities in game! This means that your young players with the right coaching staff will bloom to be top players and remember with 8K reputation you can get many world class coaches! Besides spending budget only in basque players who are very limited especially the top ones who are 5-10 max then you save money! All you need is patience! In the last 3 fm versions I always get from 4 to 2 place in the league from the first season and there's a bonus that the AI has foreseen...your team plays very well vs rival teams such as Sociedad, Sevilla, Barcelona, Real Madrid, osasuna etc.
Sounds like an awesome challenge :D

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