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Blue Square Tips?

All hope is lost :(
Started on 24 April 2012 by fenxy
Latest Reply on 14 May 2012 by mwichmann
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fenxy's avatar Group fenxy
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Hi, I've been playing FM12 for around 2 months now and I did 3 seasons with Man Utd and enjoyed it, so I thought I would challenge my self and go for a Blue square side but every tactic I try or new talent I sign nothing seems to make a difference and I lose every match.... for my tactics I use a solid 4-4-2, Control, Short passing so that I have possession but nothing seems to work.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
I find when playing in the lower leagues, the less possession, the better. Go for players with pace over players with technical ability so you can use a long ball for your quick strikers to get on to because defenders are so slow. It doesn't matter how bad your striker is, if he's fast, he'll score goals. Also send your corners to the near post and have your best header attack the near post and have everyone else away from the near post, I got an unbelievable amount of goals from that in all my last few saves.

Hope I helped, I'm currently managing Oxford and those ideas helped me win League 2 in my first season by a landslide. Good Luck :)
i managed Crawley in the past , went to Npower League 2 in first season , with unbeaten record , got job offer from Newcastle , but rejected , playing 41221 , or maybe you should sign better players , like Adam Jammil , Q. Fortune , or Rene Gillmartine ( sorry for wrong spelling ) , also like Wagger , you should playing attack from first minutes , they are from low league so they're current abilities not good enough as you playing as Manchester United ( i'm sure much of tactics will fit on Man U because they're level and they're individual statistic ! )

so , play with attacking mode , hope this helps !
Agree with the comments here, you're dealing with less quality so the ability to sustain long strings of passes AND turn them into productive finishes are asking a lot. Not necessarily asking too much, as you're going against similarly weaker defenses, too, but your side is going to have to get used to playing the way you want, and that may take quite a while. For each league you compete in you have to build an understanding of the sorts of characteristics that are in play, and find ways to do better. At the 5th/6th levels of English football you're not going to attract players who are broadly talented, at least not English players (I had a go some seasons ago with Burton Albion when they were still a Blue Square side and it left me believing it's more fruitful to look in Ireland, and for Scottish players who have ended up unwanted, for successful signings at that level). Changing tactic to something more able to take advantage in the league may work (one is tempted to go for the long ball as suggested above), but then you're undoing the familiarity you've already built with your favored tactic. Perhaps if you posted some notes on what seems to go wrong we could give some more analysis... do you give up too many breakaways? set piece goals? just not able to deliver a ball into an attacking position?

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