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My Story Swansea 5 Year Plan

Started on 7 May 2012 by Jason_Kavanagh
Latest Reply on 10 May 2012 by Kiwi
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Swansea City have announced that rookie manager Jason Kavanagh will be the replacement for out going head coach Brenden Rodgers at the liberty stadium.

It is Kavanagh's first job in coaching and it is highly likely that the Swansea fans will be upset.

In terms of your contract with the club you will be giving a deal until jun 2013 worth $19.750 per week.

So as you can see i have taken on the Swansea job and giving myself a 5 year plan to get this team into champions league i have got a transfer budget of just 5.7 mil which is ok i guess as i wont be buying that much maybe 2 players might get 3 but i want to work on the youth team than work on the transfer market.My goal this season is simple STAY UP i will keep use posted on all the events that take place now ontill the end of the season.
Ok so to stay up i bought just two plays as Swansea Have some good players so these two are defenses players as Swansea have an ok mid and forwards i am going play defense and hopefully get counters going.

Craig Dawson: Age 21
Club: WestBrom
Price:1.7 Mil
Wage: 10.000 P/W

Mahamadou Diarra: Age 30
Club: None
Wage: 19.000 P/W

Next update pre season and staff out and in
hey Jason looks like its going to be an interesting story, im looking forward to seeing how you do over the course of the season, and the next 5 years.
Hi Jason good luck in this story. In my old Swansea story I managed to get 7th in season 1 so I think you can with those signing good luck mate
PRE SEASON And Staff And look ahead

Ok so pre season is done now got of to bad start but turned it around when plays got the 1st game over with just to get the fitness back here are the matches and results let me no what use think.

Ado Den Haag vs Swansea (Away) 3.0 (Lost)
Hearts vs Swansea (Away) 2.0 (Win)
H. Herzliya vs Swansea (Away) 2.2 (Draw)
Port Talbot vs Swansea (Away) 6.2 (Win)
Club Brugge vs Swansea (Home) 0.0 (Draw)
Neath vs Swansea (Home) 5.0 (Win)
Leverkusen vs Swansea (Home) 2.0 (Win) Was a great Result
Juvents vs Swansea (Home) 1.1 (Draw) Another good result

Ok so i brought in two players did not loan anyone out as i will give a run out to most players over the season. I am playing a formation and will be using it most of the season i am looking to finish in around 14th this season even tho i just have to avoid relegation i hope to get 9 points from my first 5 games. I will put up post after every five matches and hope to here from use and what use think.

I brought in
Frank Mcparland a youth couch from liverpool
Steve Agrew a couch from middlesbrough

Ok the first 5 games are done and a Carling cup match also with what i saw in the matches is that teams are going to have a tough time when they come to the liberty stadium witch should make for a good season here are the results.

Sunderland vs Swansea (Away) 0.1 (Win)
Swansea vs Arsenal (Home) 2.1 (Win)
Everton vs Swansea (Away) 2.1 (Lose)
Swansea vs Man City (Home) 3.1 (Win)
Wigan vs Swansea (Away) 2.1 (Lose)

Carling cup

Walsall vs Swansea (Away) 1.0 (Win)

Ok so i got the 9 points that i was aiming for had a tough run in to get them i say the highlight of the first five matches is the Man City win what a great win and also the Arsenal win two they were to games that we were not even giving a sniff by the papers but as i said before the Liberty stadium is going be hard for the big teams to come and get something.
Next post after 10 games.

So let me know what use think and any feedback would be great.
How on earth did you beat Man city? They must have fielded their reserve squad :P but great results so far :) are you using the update?
Great stuff!!! Beating Man City and Arsenal is amazing!!!
The Next 5 Games

Ok so i have done five more games and to be honest they were not the best but still i am sitting in 9th in the league so here are the games.

Qpr vs Swansea (Home) 2.2 (Draw)
Norwich vs Swansea (Away) 0.2 (Lose)
Chelsea vs Swansea (Away) 1.1 (Draw)
Swansea vs Blackburn (Home) 1.1 (Draw)
Swansea vs Westbrom (Home) 1.0) (Win)

So i got 6 points out of 15 there and again giving the big clubs a problem with the Chelsea game a good point away from home but the lose against Norwich was a bad one but we pulled it back.

Carling Cup

Wolves vs Swansea (Away) 1.0 (Lose)

out of the Carling cup after that lose but now i can concentrate on the league will put new post up after 5 more games.
Fantastic against Manchester City :) and at least you are having good results in the league, only 1 loss against Norwich, and good result against Chelsea

good luck for the rest of the season! onwards and upwards

Ok so i have had the hardiest five games which i only took 6 points out of 15 which don't get me wrong is good for Swansea we are sitting in 9th which is good and we are coming up to January were i will buy a striker as Danny graham has played 13 games for me and not scored one goal yet so i am thinking about selling him should get about 6.5 mil for him ok so here are the matches and results.

Swansea vs Newcastle (Away) 0.2 (Lose)
Swansea vs Tottemham (Home) 2.1 (Win)
Liverpool vs Swansea (Away) 2.0 (Lose)
Swansea vs Man Utd (Home) 0.1 (Lose)
Boltan vs Swansea (Away) 1.0 (Win)

So i will post again after 5 Games and January Transfers.
Congratulations on beating Man City - they look like they have the EPL sewn up this season. What tactic/formation are you using? I may look to adopt it in Spain!
#50934 Kiwi : Congratulations on beating Man City - they look like they have the EPL sewn up this season. What tactic/formation are you using? I may look to adopt it in Spain!

OK i am using a using the lb and rb attacking over laping the mid my dmf as def my 2 mc as support
amf as attack st support and other one attack it is working great for me as i have my team in 7th now and its janury

Ok so its the 4rt of January now and i thinking about one play a striker i need help so please.So i want to sell Danny graham as he has not scored in 15 games now ok so here are the results of my last 5 matches.

Swansea vs Aston Villa (Home) 0.0 (Draw)
Swansea vs Stoke (Home) 1.0 (Win)
Fulham vs Swansea (Away) 2.1 (Win)
Swansea vs Wolves (Home) 3.1 (Win)
Swansea vs Sunderland (Home)2.1 (Win)

That was a great five games for me has moved me up to 6th in league.

Also some transfer news for use.

Gylfi Sigurosson has being with me on loan but has played some great games for me as an AMF with 6 goals and 8 assists so took him on full time cost me 7.5 mil over 48 months.

So anyone any ideas on a good striker i have around 5 mil to spend.

will post after another five games thanks for reading.

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