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Poll: Football Manager 13 Suggestions

What should we see in FM13 ... ?
Started on 15 June 2012 by jonnydevaney
Latest Reply on 3 October 2012 by Srdjan
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Do you think these are good ideas or not ? (66 votes)
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ADD PERSONAL LIFE - relationships, house, cars, children, mobile, personal sponsors, spend your wages etc

REALISTIC TRANSFER PRICES! - No £50m negotiations for mediocre players for example

STADIUM DESIGNING - (copied from Fifa manager :P ) Build your own stadium from scratch in 3D.

MORE MEDIA - More media conflicts and rumours and stories. These will effect your players morale, team morale and your own or your families.

WATCH MY SEASON - create a social network timeline of your season, so as you play games, the scores are uploaded on your choice of social network.

SIGNIFICANT ATTRIBUTE CHANGES EACH QUARTER/SEASON - Each season, players attributes change significantly depending on the season they have just completed. In real life for example, Torres finishing will drop some digits but work rate and determination will increase.

PLAYER AND MANAGER INTERACTION MORE COMPLEX - Each player or manager have their own personality. When interacting with them, depending on the answers and questions you supply, their reactions will depend entirely on how you ask them and their personality type.

ADVANCED 2D GAMEPLAY - more animations, more people around the pitch, players move the ball more realistically and not so linear, maybe see the crowd in 2D format like the players (see them bounce when their team score for fun :) )

RUN YOUR CLUBS ACADEMY - Bigger teams have an academy in which you help run, play charity matches for to increase the youngsters attributes, make sure they are keeping up to date with school grades and discipline, training regimes etc.
i would like to know why would torres finishing attribute go down ? hes as good as hes ever been. just out of form. will ronaldo's stats go down cause hes had a shocking Euro 2012
The news conferences and private chats definitely need a shake up. More realistic wages as well, I know wage demands are gone up in real life but some players demanding over a hundred grand after coming from a club that was playing in a lower standard league is rediculous. Wouldn't mind more in depth scouting reports either.
I really like this idea :)
I think the manager should also have a social life as well (Copied from fifa manager):D
I mean seriously even Sir Alex Ferguson goes hiking at the age of 70, would also make the manager more interesting to the media.
Also it would be good to have updates for the game, in the form of expansions. So that people won't have to wait till next years for new stuff to come out. Other games have these things e.g. (skyrim, minecraft mw3 etc) might make FM more popular too.
Expansion ideas could be a choice of difficulty so newbies, casual and veterans can enjoy the game,
kids version; kinder world perhaps?
Player affairs e.g. Wayne Rooney incident (makes the players life more interesting and bigger challenge to keep players disciplined)
Possible use of the money the manager earned e.g. donation to clubs, buying cars and houses etc (copied from fifa manage)
Building football schools around the world for better scouting, and so youths products are better
dont like the idea of a kids version. i am 14 and i am ok wth the difficulty
These are really good ideas. I hope they put these changes in to FM 2103.
#54997 craborumtoon : These are really good ideas. I hope they put these changes in to FM 2103.

OOoo!! Can't wait to see what FM 2103 is like o:
Some good ideas.

I dont agree with the changing of transfer valuations. Players are worth what their clubs value them at.

My advice would be, dont spend shed loads of cash on mediocre players!!
More option for friendly, i see a nation vs club, but you cant do it of course, but the game do, that what i looking for
I would like a revamped training schedule maker. I feel that the areas trained are too vague. I don't want put a player on high work rate on one part just for one attribute. Some of them are ok, such as shooting but the rest are a bit too vague.

I also feel that the club legends, icons and favoured personal lists need to be fixed. It is too difficult to break in to these lists and I often see players getting in to the favoured personal lists for what appears to be one good game.
Press Conferences, Journalist interviews and player talks definitely need to be changed up and more varied. You dont even have to read the questions in FM12 and you know the answers. I'd like to see some sort of paper talk included where the press can stir up stories and unsettle relationships, to make it realistic. I'd also like a more in depth set piece creator. Definitely agree with the wage demands being more realistic. In my latest save as Spurs I tried to sign Lisandro Lopez who was on about 60k a week and he demanded 120k a week which I refused, he then signed for Benfica who gave him 65k a week?
#65731 GanBei : Definitely agree with the wage demands being more realistic. In my latest save as Spurs I tried to sign Lisandro Lopez who was on about 60k a week and he demanded 120k a week which I refused, he then signed for Benfica who gave him 65k a week?

THIS! this has to be changed, definitely. and not just wages, the price clubs ask. first season, zagreb they often ask for badelj a price between 10-15m or 15-20m. then he goes to benfica for 8m, like dafuq?--'

this has to be changed, the asking price is just ridiculous
I want to see an option to adjust ticket prices.

If you're filling your stadium every week you should be able to put ticket prices up to garner some extra income. Playing with Newcastle the stadium is filled to about 99% every season even after expanding the ground to 60,000. Yet the ticket prices are significantly lower than some of the other teams. Or even if the game will do it automatically dependant on your clubs success. Surely if you win the league 3 times in a row and a champions league trophy you should charge more to spectators?
I'm setting that one can see more of your favorite teams and place of birth ;)

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