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Help for newly promoted team

Mid-table expectations
Started on 22 June 2012 by FMMad2012
Latest Reply on 27 June 2012 by FMMad2012
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Hi guys, first post here and I'm going to come across as an idiot but here it is. I'm managing my beloved Falkirk FC, who start life in FM12 as a Scottish First Division (second tier)team. I waltzed to promoton at the first time of asking and I'm now in the top flight league. Money is not an issue, I have a strong squad and mid-table expectations, but I can't seem to win at all in the top flight league. I've tried lots of different tactics, but I can't win!!!! At all, no matter what I try!!! Can anyone help?
you gotta try my tactics then :P
how do i put my uploaded files here? i wanted to put the tactics but i dont seem to find how :S
#55697 Sporting_23 : how do i put my uploaded files here? i wanted to put the tactics but i dont seem to find how :S
Do you know how to post screenshots? Just go down to my files bottom right and find one of your tactics. Cheers in advance for any help.
i dont understand . sorry for the lame response, but i'm not an english native, please try to be more clear :)
#55700 Sporting_23 : i dont understand . sorry for the lame response, but i'm not an english native, please try to be more clear :)
Sorry mate, I'm not an English native either, I'm Scottish. I am also unsure on how to put uploaded files, there was a my files button but it appears to have disappeared. Could you please just write what your philosophy and playing style are, this would help me a lot, thanks.
of course. the more stable tactic that i use is a 4x5x1
i use a goalkeeper defend, two full backs automatic, two central defenders defend, one anchor man/defensive midfielder(depends on how the player performs, but i use the most the anchor man), on central midfielder support, one avanced playmaker atack(if you need more consistency on the midfield set him up to support) two wingers( see how they perform as atack or support, i play one support and the other atck and sometimes two atacking, it depends) and a poacher or advanced forward.(mostly a poacher if the player is fast and good enough). play atack and rigid phylosofy. i won a the league with this tactic, first season with boavista. got promoted today! i gotta go, tomorrow i check on you to see if you get any results.
OK mate, thanks a lot. :)

here's the stats of my first season. boavista is a semi-professional club who once was a professional and league winning club. issues with corruption led to the degradation of the club. i'm trying to do the reverse here

cheers mate, hope i can help you
Hi mate, one last favour to ask before I go off and try out your tactics, could you please put up a picture of your team instructions screen?
no problem mate, here you go

i'm going to start to tweak it though as the last games of the season were all hard ones. i dont know if this hapened do anyone of you, but if i'm going first and the end of the season is aproaching, it seems like EVERY FREAKING GAME is hard to win!! please if anyone knows how do i solve this i'd be highly apprecciated!
Mate, you are indeed a legend. Thanks for your help. I also noticed that games later in the season got harder. I know after Christmas I always chop and change my tactics a bit, this confuses teams and makes you hard to prepare for. Anyway, I'll get back to you on how these tactics work, thanks alot.
:-X oh stop it :-*

i'm just glad to help! let me know how it worked for you ;)
Three wins out of 3 in pre-season so far, playing some pretty nice football. Here are my results.
2-0 V Dover
4-1 V Bradford
1-0 V Northampton

Looking good. :-)
falkirk is going to be champion! xD lets see how they do in the official when the tactic is also better trained

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