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Tactical Hidden Atributes Effect

Started on 13 July 2012 by Young Skellas
Latest Reply on 14 July 2012 by RedArmy20
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Hello mates.
Im new to this site and this is my first post. Hope you understand what Im trying to say (sorry in advance for my english).
I've been playing FM for a while now and I think Im addicted to the game (at least is a good addiction).
For me, personally, FM its all about Tactics, Training and Mental Games !! I guess I have an hidden Mourinho in me... :)
But Im not here to talk about my 'hidden Mourinho'. Im here to talk about another hidden thing: Tactical Attributes .

Often when I start a season with a club, I look at the Human and Financial Resources I have at my disposal and then I start to build my team around it (not so Mourinho in this case). But I have one question: DOES THE HIDDEN TACTICAL ATTRIBUTES AND TACTICAL PREFERENCES AFFECT MY CURRENT TACTICS ?

For example, Barcelona is a Team that likes to play short-passing game with an attacking mentallity (8 for Directness and 18 for Attacking in tactical Attributes). If I put Barca playing Direct-Counter Attacking Football (which I would never intend to implement in a Barca Team) would it have the same effect as if it where in a Real Madrid Team (even if the Ronaldo's and Ozil's where in the barca team) ? E#ven worse: Could a Real Madrid Team, with Xavi's and Messi's, Play 'tiki-taka' with all those Counter-Minded Tactical Attributes ?

Cheers and Thanks In Advance... :)
well i will just give you a simple answer to this. These attributes are given before for the current team and its kinda a "this is kinda how they play". for the moment, this all changes and can change during the season. So if you as barca start playing more direct football then obviously in the end the hidden attributes will change and a new era of team style will happen.

these do matter, for an example you start with a team you don't know anything about. but you get the tactics and their playing style close to what they are built upon earlier, then it will easier to do well from the start.
Ok. Thanks for the help mate. so what u trying to say is that the attributes are ONLY valid for NPC (non-playable clubs)? if they are, how can they change later in the season ? are u sure the attributes change ? cause i was wondering why an Arsenal or Athletic Club dont play that fluid style of football that barcelona (20 in dynamic) use to play when i manage them...i thougt it was because the team blending (because the players have the right attributes for a tiki-taka football), but even with 4 seasons I cant make them playing like barca.
no i think it works for every club, as you might see at times a new manager comes in for a team and after a while they start to play differently.

but yes on your point, i think it has more to do with the team and manager as well.

in a way you can never play exactly like another team. It's a uniqueness everyone has like players, there will be differences. you can play similarly but not exactly the same.

it would be nice to be able to see these attributes in the game and see them change. because i think you might have built up other areas of the attributes for the team which barca don't have.

for an example my usual football philosophy is a more direct type of play. and i have taken over teams that are far from playing such type of football. and made them into one, and when ive left them they keep that type of play for a while(often keep doing well).

hence why at times when a new manager comes with a completely different style to the team they start doing bad.

but i don't think the attributes make TOO big of a difference only slight differences. because i remember editing these things a few years ago in the editor, and i made a team to have certain attributes and watched them before the editor and then after the edit. and i saw there was a difference.

but as above in the end it's mostly the manager who makes the difference(and the adaptation of the players to the team style).

lets say you want to play like barca, but you got players who arent little diving technical players. then you wont be able to play their type of football to fullest.

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