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Arsenal Gunning To Glory

Started on 15 July 2012 by FMRegen27
Latest Reply on 28 July 2012 by kanoleite
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January’s Update
What a month! Fergie taught us a hard lesson not once not twice but three times him and his mate howard webb ;) and webb came second in January player of the month after Demba Ba ,Also our Carling Cup run ended when we got defeated in both leagues by my fierce and old enemy Fergie’s United but we’re top of the league with 6 points which is really amazing. So let’s stop spoiling the update and start we have a kind of busy month in January, We have eight fixtures two league cup semi-final legs and one FA cup game and five league games which made us face united three times in one month.

Board Meeting

Surprise Board meeting from my lovely board of directors to make me change my season expectations but still I kept It as title challenge cause you never know what will happen but somehow the transfer budget changed by 30 million as I had 30 million remaining they added another 30 million which I won’t use really cause I like to keep some money in the bank

New Arrivals
Mbaye Niang Arriving From Caen For 13 Million

Douglas Costa Arriving From Shakhtar For 15 Million
Also Koscielny left on loan to porto for 1.1 million and 7 million buy option at the end of the loan

Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal 2.1.12

Line up: Szczesny,Gibbs,Mertesacker,Vermaelen,Sagna,M’Vila,Ramsey,Song,Podolski,Walcott,Van Persie
Subs Used: Sanogo van persie Gibbs Santos Niang Podolski
Match Report:
Thoughts: Home and Away, that will make my relationship with the fans better , I played a lot of my subs and benchwarmers cause this game came just two days after the Chelsea game which was really annoying (thank you FA)

6.1.12 Injury News: Walcott is out for 3 weeks

West Ham 0-3 Arsenal 7.1.12 (FA Cup 3rd Round )

Line up:Szczesny,Vermaelen,Mertesacker,toloi,Sagna,Song,Ramsey,Arteta,Naing,Podolski,Van Persie
Subs Used: Alba Vermaelen
Match Report:
Van Persie (2)
Aaron Ramsey
Thoughts: We’re through to the next round to face Wigan

Arsenal 0-2 Manchester United 11.1.12 (CC Semi 1st Leg )

Line up: Ter Stegen,Alba,Mertesacker,Vermaelen,Sagna,Song,Ramsey,Arteta,Shaqiri,Douglas Costa,Van Persie
Subs Used: Niang Van Persie
Match Report:
Alex Song
Manchester United:
Javier Hernandez
Phil Jones
Thoughts : Fergie 1-0 Me didn’t understand why we didn’t win this game well there is always second league

Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United 14.1.12

Line up: Ter Stegen,Alba,toloi,Vermaelen,vrsaljko,M’Vilaa,Ramsey,Douglas Costa,Sanogo,Podolski,Van Persie
Subs Used: Niang Sanogo
Match Report:
Aaron Ramsey
Douglas Costa
Aaron Ramsey
Douglas Costa
Manchester United:
Ashley Young
Rooney (2) one of the is a PEN
Park Ji Sung
Thoughts : Fergie 2-0 ME to summarize this game the man of the match was Howard webb Need to say any more ;)
Injury news: Rafael Toloi Got Frimponged in training and will be out for 6 days

Swansea 1-2 Arsenal 21.1.12

Line up: Ter Stegen,Alba,Mertesacker,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,M’vila,Ramsey,Arteta,Shaqiri,Podolski,Van Persie
Subs Used: Sagna Arteta Niang Podolski
Match Report:
Podolski (2)

Danny Graham
Thoughts: Not too much really we came back with two injuries and no red cards but when my players touch another player it’s a no thinking red card offense

Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal Agg(4-2)(CC Semis 2nd leg)25.1.12

Line up: Ter Stegen,Alba,Mertesacker,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,M’vila,Ramsey,Arteta,Shaqiri,Walcott,Van Persie
Match Report:
Van Persie
Man U:
Thoughts: We dominated most of the game and we managed to get 1-0 in the first half then in the last ten minutes we managed to concede two goals which is really bad especially that we always concede in the dying moments of the game which something that we need to work on

Arsenal 3-0 Wigan 28.1.12

Line Up: Ter Stegen,Alba,Mertesacker,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,M’Vila,Ramsey,Arteta,DouglasCosta,Walcott,Van Persie
Subs Used :Chamberlin Walcott Sagna Alba Niang Van Persie
Match Report:
Robin Van Persie (2)
Thoughts: A very nice win on wigan which saw us throw to the next round of the fa cup to face middlesbrough

Arsenal 3-2 Stoke 31.1.12

Line up: : Ter Stegen,Alba,Toloi,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,M’Vila,Ramsey,Arteta,DouglasCosta,Walcott,Van Persie
Subs Used:Shaqiri Douglas Costa Chamberlin M’Vila Sanogo Walcott
Match Report:
Jonathan Walters
Robin Van Persie
Robin Van Persie
Jonathon Walters
Thoughts: Another Red Card thank you very much but we managed to pick up a win and that’s the most important than the fact that I have no strikers left with sanogo,niang,podolski injuried and RVP banned for three games

League Table

Player of the month

Young player of the month

So that's it for now lads will try and get another update by Tonight

February’s Update
What a month it has been we continued our chase for the title by winning almost every game of that month trying to increase the gap between us and city and injuries begin to pile up but moving on we have 5 fixtures this month 3 Premier League And One in the Champions League Knockout Stages And One In The FA Cup.

Wigan 0-3 Arsenal 4.2.12

Line Up: Ter Stegen,Alba,Toloi,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,Douglas Costa,Ramsey,Arteta,Chamberlin,Walcott,Giroud
Subs Used :Gibbs Alba
Match Report:
Douglas Costa
Gary Caldwell
Gary Caldwell

Thoughts: What a nice performance against a tough wigan side at home but we got the three points which is the most important

Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal 11.2.12

Line up: Ter Stegen,Alba,Toloi,Sagna,Vrsaljko,Douglas Costa,Ramsey,Arteta,Giroud ,Walcott,Chamberlin
Subs Used:Frimpong Chamberlin
Match Report:

Thoughts: What a frustrating game we dominated them but still couldn’t convert chances into goals due to the fact that all of our strikers are injuried or suspended

Valencia 1-1 Arsenal 15.2.12 (UCL First knock-out round)
Line Up: Ter Stegen,Gibbs,Song,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,M’Vila,Ramsey,Arteta,Shaqiri,Walcott,Van Persie
Subs Used:Alba gibbs Douglas Costa Walcott
Match Report:
Jeremy Mathieu
Van Persie
Thoughts: A good draw in my opinion away from home which will make the second leg so easy

Arsenal 2-0 Middlesbrough 18.2.12

Line up: : Ter Stegen,Gibbs,Song,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,M’Vila,Ramsey,Arteta,Shaqiri,Walcott,Sanogo
Match Report:
Yaya Sanogo (2)
Richard Smallwood
Thoughts: not much really we’re through to the next round and that’s what I care about

Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool 25.2.12
Line up: Ter Stegen,Alba,Toloi,Vermaelen,Vrsaljko,Douglas Costa, ,Ramsey,Arteta,Podolski,Walcott,Van Persie
Match Report:
Stewart Downing
Martin Kelly
Lukas Podolski
Van Persie
Theo Walcott
Lukas Podolski
Thoughts: Revenge is a dish best served Cold that’s all I have to say really

League Table

Player Of the month

young player of the month

This it lads and I’m currently thinking of stopping this story cause I feel that no one is really watching it so if anybody has something to say to me say it in the comments
I'm reading it dude, and this is only a suggestion not criticism, but maybe people aren't reading due to being another English team story, there's already loads out there. Still a good story, no denying that :)
Its a really good story this! Don't stop it, it looks like you really like doing this and you put alot of effort into it!
Its my favourite one on here! Dont't stop!
#58932 YoungOwl : I'm reading it dude, and this is only a suggestion not criticism, but maybe people aren't reading due to being another English team story, there's already loads out there. Still a good story, no denying that :)
Thank You and i wouldn't mind criticism any way as a matter of fact any criticism is welcomed here
#58933 Atreidas : Its a really good story this! Don't stop it, it looks like you really like doing this and you put alot of effort into it!
Thank You mate and yh it's really tiring the fact that i say the line ups and stuff so i will try and stop that line up thing to finish faster
#58935 W1LKO95 : Its my favourite one on here! Dont't stop!
Will Do :)


Thank You Guys For All Your Support and i decided to continue the story really and i will make the updates faster than this and the season will be finished today
FMRegen27's avatar Group FMRegen27
11 yearsEdited

March’s Update
I’m back with another update thanks to you guys for giving me a reason to keep on doing this, march was a month of ups and downs , injuries began to heel as Wilshire came back to first team but got injured for three weeks in his first game and I will stop the line up thing cause it’s not needed really and I will change the style of the story a bi, so this was a really busy month with 8 games three of them were UCL Fixtures and one FA Cup and the rest were league fixtures.

Premier League

3.3.12 Arsenal 5-0 Wolves
Robin Van Persie (4)
Lukas Podolski
Jack Wilshire

Thoughts: 3 Words Would describe this game ROBIN,VAN,Persie

Champions League 1st knock out round 2nd leg
7.3.12 Arsenal 4-1 Valencia

Lukas Podolski (4)

Jordi Alba

Thoughts: Once Again A Super hattrick is scored this time it’s podolski so we’re through to the next round and when I thought I was done with Spanish teams I get another one and yes it’s barcelona

Premier League

10.3.12 Q.P.R 0-1 Arsenal
Theo Walcott
Thoughts: No need to say anything

FA Cup 6th Round

17.3.12 Tottenham 6-5 Arsenal

Van Persie (2)
Van Der Wiel
Van Der Vaart (3)
Aaron Lennon

Thoughts: Wow what the ….. didn’t see that coming predicted an easy victory so I took the chance and played szczesny cause he wanted more first team football action and let’s just say that he got a 4.9 rating fot his performance in this game so by that lose we are in two tournaments with a big chance in winning one of them

Premier League

21.3.12 Arsenal 3-1 Norwich
Lukas Podolski
Robin Van Persie (2)
Thoughts: if we keep on going like this the title is ours

24.3.12 Arsenal 3-1 Man City

Robin Van Persie (2)
Theo Walcott
Man City:
Andrey Arshavin
Sergio Aguero

Thoughts: The Title Is ours now not officially but we have an easy fixture list which will make it easier for us

31.3.12 Blackburn 3-2 Arsenal
Yakubu (2)
Gamst Pederson

Thoughts : we basically lost the difference that we made by winning the city game

Uefa Champions League Quarter Final

28.3.12 Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona
Rafael Toloi
Thoughts: We’re Officially out now with that result at home the other fixture is next month and with messi injured who knows what could happen

Youth Intake

Only Managed to get onegood regen

Player of the month

Young Player of the month

So that's it lads hope you liked it and please tell me your opinion of the new style of the update next update will go till the end of the season

End Of the Season Update

This Is the end , the result of our hard in this season will show,we’re currently 9 points clear from man city and will try and keep it like that , So won’t talk too long to make sure I won’t spoil it so let’s move on , We have 8 fixtures in these two months 1 CL and 7 Premier League and I need 13 points to win the PL so this might get exciting,Well not really!

Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg

4.4 Barcelona 1-1 Arsenal (Agg 3-1)
Robin van persie
Alexis sanchez

Thoughts: We started the game by scoring in the 10th minute which gave us hope that we could equalize but chance after chance wasted Barcelona put us out of our misery and scored in the 80th minute

Premier League
7.4.12 Arsenal 6-3 Aston Villa
Robin Van Persie
10 Points Left To Secure The Title

9.4.12 Fulham 1-2 Arsenal
Douglas Costa
7 Points left

14.4.12 Arsenal 5-0 Bolton
Lukas Podolski (3)
Van Persie (2)
4 Points Left

21.4.12 Everton 0-4 Arsenal
Van Persie (3)
Lukas Podolski
1 Just 1 Point Left!!!!! Next Game Is Sunderland At Home

28.4.12 Arsenal 5-2 Sunderland
Van Persie
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Arsenal just won a trophy and not just any trophy The Toughest League competition in the world

5.5.12 West Brom 0-3 Arsenal
Robin Van Persie (2)
Yaya Sanogo

13.5.12 Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea
That’s It Next Is The season Review With All the results and all the top performers and stuff like that

League Table

Can't Upload The League Table For Some Odd Reason Put We Finished First With 98 Points Breaking Mourinhos Record
And Man U Came Second With 85 points

I also got offered the great Britain And accepted off course
Well done on winning the league mate. I have really been enjoying this story so far and im glad that you managed to win the league to top of an exciting season. :)
#58985 blue is the colour : Well done on winning the league mate. I have really been enjoying this story so far and im glad that you managed to win the league to top of an exciting season. :)
So Glad That you enjoyed this really :) and it's comments like this that keep me writing this story and by the way what do you think of the new style of updates is it good or should i do it the old way?

Season Review
What a season it has been, we managed to end the trophy drought and with the most prestigious award in England , But we also managed to crash from all the other competitions which kept us focused on the premier league so let’s get on with this review ,We will view all of the games of all the competitions and the award winner s also so let’s start

Carling Cup
Arsenal 4-0 Burnley
Sunderland 1-1 Arsenal ( On Pen)
Middlesbrough 0-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 0-2 Manchester United
Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal
A Decent cup run which ended in the semis by Man United but won’t mind it really cause I didn’t give it much attention
Final : Stoke 2-1 Manchester united (aet)

FA Cup
Westham 0-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Wigan
Middlesbrough 0-2 Arsenal
Tottenham 6-5 Arsenal
Once again we crach out of the cup in a bizarre game with 11 goals
Winners : Man city 0-0 Tottenham (Spurs Win On Penalties )

Champions League
Arsenal 5-0 Panathinaikos
Panathinaikos 0-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-0 Wisla
Basel 0-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Lyon
Lyon 2-4 Arsenal
Wisla 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Basel
Valencia 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 4-1 Valencia
Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona
Barcelona 1-1 Arsenal
Didn’t Expect to win really against Barcelona but I WILL BE BACK next season!!

Winner: Man United 2-0 Man City

Euro Cup Winners : Bayern Munchen 2-1 Sporting Lisbon

Premier League
Arsenal 7-1 Tottenham
Man United 2-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Swansea
Stoke 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 4-0 Wigan
Liverpool 5-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle
Wolves 0-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Q.P.R
Norwich 1-3 Arsenal
Man City 3-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-1 Blackburn
Aston Villa 0-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 6-2 Fulham
Sunderland 0-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Everton
Arsenal 1-0 West Brom
Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal
Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-2 Man United
Swansea 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-2 Stoke
Wigan 0-3 Arsenal
Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool
Arsenal 5-0 Wolves
Q.P.R 0-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-1 Norwich
Arsenal 3-1 Man City
Blackburn 3-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 6-3 Aston Villa
Fulham 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Bolton
Everton 0-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-2 Sunderland
West Brom 0-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea
Great Season we managed to win a title finally and not just any one so let’s move to individual awards

Relegated : Norwich,Q,P,R,Swansea

Club World Cup: Final
Santos 1-0 Barcelona

Npower League,,10274~10279314,00.jpg
Winners: Westham
Promoted:Leicester City Leeds
Relegated : Barnsley,Doncaster,Coventry

La Liga Winners:FC Barcelona
Serie A Winners :Inter Milan
Bundesliga Winners :Hannover

Individual Awards

Ballon d’Or : Robin Van Persie
World Player Of the Year:Robin Van Persie
FWA footballer of the year: 1. Robin Van Persie 2.Theo Walcott 3.Mikel Arteta
PFA player of the year : Gareth Bale
PFA young player of the year: Javier Hernandes 2. Aaron Ramsey 3. Nicklas Bendtner
Premier League Golden Boot: 1. Robin Van Persie 2. Kun Aguero 3. Wayne Rooney
Premier League Manager of the Season : 1. Me :D 2. SAF 3. Roy Hodgson
Premier League Golden Glove: 1. David De Gea 2. Marc Andre Ter Stegen 3.Reina
Premier league most assist : Andrey Arshavin 22
Premier League Signing Of the Season: 1. Rafael Toloi 4.1 Million 2. Yaya Sanogo 5 Million
Premier league over achievers: Wolves
Under Achievers: Aston Villa

Player of the season

young player of the season
That’s It for Now next is team GB update

The Olympic Games

I Applied to this job for fun knowing that I could never get this job, but somehow got it and I only accepted to increase my reputation to make me favorite for any other job specially outside England after I’m done with arsenal maybe 5 or 6 seasons later

Team Great Britain Squad
GK:Jason Steele, Jake Kean

Defenders: K.Walker, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones , Leighton Baines ,Gareth Bale

Midfielders: Jack Rodwell,J. Henedrson,Aaron ramsey,Wilshire,Cleverly,Jack Cork,Aaron Lennon

Attackers: Walcott,Jennings,W.Rooney,D.Welbeck
3 +23 Players: Rooney , Baines ,Lennon
Looking good and favorites to win the Olympics
We got Drawn in group D with Egypt, Uruguay , Japan
Easy group with a big chance of us qualifying

Group D

Great Britain 2-0 South Korea
Theo Walcott,
Aaron Lennon
Good win and we kept a clean sheet

Great Britain 9-0 Egypt
Wayne Rooney (5)
Theo Walcott
Aaron Lennon
Phil Jones
Essam El Hadary
A win with another clean sheet but Why 9 Goals Sorry My Sweet home :’( i didn’t Control rooney Really

Great Britain 7-0 Uruguay
Wayne Rooney (4)
Aaron lennon
Gareth Bale
Phil Jones
Oh rooney you scoring machine we qualify first to face Brazil

Quarter Final

Great Britain 1-0 Brazil
Wayne Rooney (aet)
We’re through to the semis to face Uruguay again

Semi Final

Great Britain 4-0 Uruguay
Wayne Rooney
Jack Wilshire
Marcelo Silva
Theo Walcott
Rooney Is Suspended and won’t play the final and we will face spain in the final


Great Britain 2-0 Spain
Leighton Baines
Jack Rodwell
We Won!! WooHoo Another Achievement for me and I resigned after this game cause I don’t need to manage them any more that’s it for now and Another update will be up shortly

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