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Does the football at the Olympics in London mean anything?
Started on 19 July 2012 by paul1576
Latest Reply on 21 July 2012 by shaneo insaneo
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Its nearly Olympics time in london but does the football mean anything in the world of football and right after Euro2012. The United kingdom side looks set to be a English/Welsh side and without the ledgend that is David Bechham. Was it right not to include the lad? - I think so. I think that the football is a very good chance for the young players to shine but perhaps allowing some oldies is a bad idea? I do not think the Olympics football is important in the world of football but should be used to give the young ones a chance of tournament experience.
As far as I am concerned Beckham has been stitched right up. He has been massively involved with theand hugely influential in the bid and build up too the Olympics and then for Pearce to turn round and say he wasn't going to pick him is disgraceful.

Personally I wouldn't be to fussed about how far we get in the Olympic Football Tournament, I mean does it REALLY need to be taken that seriously, it'd be great to see how the youngsters get on in the tournament but truth be told the only reason i'd of wanted to watch most matches was to see Beckham play.
But perhaps there was more to it with Beckham? Pierce said it was a footballing decision and surely must have watched him play? Pleased that Ryan giggs is playing but Bellemy i wouldnt have chosen. Beckham has done loads for England like the olympics and also for our bids for the world cup and that. I still hope we do well an have a good Olympics all-round though.
For me I would have picked Beckham, Bellamy and Giggs definitely. Puzzled to why Pearce didn't pick Beckham, but I applaud him for going with his own decision and not the fans'.
Yes Pierce has to do what he thinks and not what the fans think, the same as any football manager.
eve nif beckham did play . team GB still have no chance of gold . brazil played them off hte park in every department.
That was a friendly wasnt it anyway? the first time the team plays together is always hard but we aint even got the team we shouuld have out there cos of Euro2012 and clubs not wanting there players playing in the Euros and Olympics.
doesnt matter if it was a friendly or not. they played terribly . brithish players have not got the technical ability to compete with the top teams and top players

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