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Poll: Brazilian Max

Started on 4 August 2012 by Gurdit
Latest Reply on 4 August 2012 by Kiwi
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Massimiliano "Max" Cavalera, 39, woke up this morning and decided to manage a football club. He has applied for a job at 4 Brazilian Serie C clubs. Oh, and also, just for the kicks, he's applied to the Croatia National Team as well.

The 4 clubs are:
  • Guarany SC -- Media Prediction: 4, Value: 170k, Finances: Okay
  • Salgueiro -- 3, 675k, Okay
  • Santo Andre -- 2, 400k (Debt: 130k), Okay
  • Vila Nova -- 1, 800k (Debt: 1.9M), Okay

Oh, and also, in case I forgot to mention...the Croatia National Team.

First Job Accepted

Within hours of applying, Max was approached with offers from all 4 clubs (the Croatia FA are yet to respond with an offer). After assessing all options, Max has decided to sign a contract with Santo Andre, for the following reasons:

  • Good wage budget: 29.5k (vs 19k currently being spent)
  • Above average youth recruitment (Aiming to take the club to the top league in Brazil
  • Decent stadium size: 18,500 all-seater
  • Manageable loan debt

Short term target: PROMOTION
Long term target: PROMOTION (up to Serie A)
Longer term target: Retire as club legend with sh*tloads of money.

Santo Andre

Established in 1967, the club possesses average training facilities and adequate youth facilities. However, we do have above average youth recruitment and junior coaching. The squad is weak in defense, and in desperate need for RB and a defence-focused LB.

About the Brazilian Structure

I will be competing in 2 competitions (that I can make out, as of now):
  • Sao Paulo State Championship -- 20 teams (from all 3 divisions) play each other once. Top 8 qualify for the playoffs.
  • Compneato Brasiliero Serie C (League) -- Which has 4 groups of 5 teams each. We play each other twice and the top 2 teams from each group go to the next round.
    So basically, Max has discovered that Brazil's cup is played more like a league, and its league is played more like a cup. With this confusion causing a massive headache, Max has decided to take a nap.

    See you in the next update.

    PS: Still no word from the Croatia national team.
Wow, the Brazilian system seems pretty weird. I must try it!
Good luck on your career.
Good luck!
Yes like what akash says it seems really weird... But I'll be looking forward to this.
Good luck in Brazil - I have never tried a career there either!
Looking forward to see how you go!
So I figured it out ... The Cup runs from Jan - May/June.

And then the league (with the groups) runs from July - Oct/Nov
And does that mean that transfer windows are perfectly aligned with your competitions?

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