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why did this happen?

Started on 5 August 2012 by jimih1942
Latest Reply on 8 August 2012 by jimih1942
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Hi i am currently managing Valencia in my game right now i am in my first season and i was doing okay,i was second in the league 3 points behind barca and they had a game in hand,i was 2 points ahead of Malaga and 3 ahead of Real. The first half of the season came to a close with me in a good vein of form. i hadn't lost a mach 4 games and the morale was very good through out the squad. However for some very strange reason i went into a game against Osasuna (who had just knocked Barca out the cup i also won my previous game against Granada 1-0 dominating the game) with awful morale there was absolutely no reason all my players were just completely down.

I want to know has this happened to anyone else and how did you get over it if you did because i have not won a game since and that was four matches ago.

any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
it could be something you said during your team talks ?
Did you offer low bonuses? Maybe they got discouraged by that.
I dont think it was my team talks as i had good or no reactions from them i never had any bad reactions and i have not offered low bonuses plus it is mid season so why would it anger them now and not when i first offer them it.
Changed the captain in the mid of the season?
I've had individual players suddenly show low morale after a team talk when I've been cautious in a pre-match interview and they think I'm not showing enough ambition. But only a small number (1-4, say), never the whole side. Was there maybe some external event that could have frustrated them? Reports of ownership instability?
Well no there have not been any change in the board or international games it was pretty much going from one game to the next,three days inbetween 2 games the first i had won the second i went into with awful morale. There were no press conferences before that game or after the one i had played previously. No bad reactions to team talks no change in captain nothing in the media just no reason for it to happen.

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