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giving up leads

Started on 4 July 2008 by Liamano
Latest Reply on 5 July 2008 by Bole_
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i was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as me as far as giving up 2 or 3 goal leads is concerned. it happens on quite a regular basis...usually towards the end of games...the worst was i was 3-0 up against West Ham after 85 mins and they came back and won 4-3. needless to say i was ready to smash the whole house up after that!! it seems like they get a goal, gain momentum and there is nothing you can do to stop say its happened maybe 7 or 8 times throughout a season. i am Everton with a fairly strong team in 2010. Does anyone here have the same problem and if so what do you do to counter it? thanks
it has happened to me on a couple of ocasions but i usally just employ defensive tactics and works fine for me
change your tactics during the game.

usually if im leading 3-0 i will waste more time.
i also do that we play more short balls so we keep the ball more often at the end.

thing is though, dont go defensive, well you could. but i dont go defensive. i usually dont do really defensive. my players have personal isntructions, some are to just keep doing the defensive work, so i change others players a bit.

i usually keep 3 players who still are a bit attacking for counter attacks. if i have a fast striker i will have him as target striker and 'run onto ball'. that can usually get you a goal at the end when the other team is pushing up as well. but i dont go entirely defensive.

i think you can end up loosing your lead if you also change your tactic TOO much during a game.

only a bit time wasting, taking the teams mentality 1-3 bars down. etc
it happened to me in my first two years in Bayern,but now that is not happening.

but as i wrote this i played German Cup Final against Koln,and at half time i lead 1:3,and i saw they are weak,so i made some substitutions.precisely all 3 subs.
and at the beggining of the second half,in 54min my AM got injured so i played with ten 80.min there was 2:3,and in 86.min there was in the extra time i changed formation to 3-4-2 and scored(luckily).
so i said to myself to never make all 3 subs(like thousand times before).

yeah about the topic,just wait,by time team gets more reliable.
and of course defenders must have good concentration.

also that happens because weak midfielders,because they can not play good all get some good defenders and some playmaker.

like red army said ,defensive play is not offensive,the more you hold the ball,there is less chance to concede.and do not change formation too often in the game.

i played the same style for almost 3 seasons and have this results in league:
2019-2020______34____19 9 6___90 56__66_____1
2020-2021______34____23 6 5___91 42__75_____1
2021-2022______29____20 9 0___81 26__69_____1 *five more matches

in that last 3 seasons i bought good RB,two CD's and AM
in 2020-2021 i won UEFA Cup
and in 2021-2022 i am in semi final of Champions League.
in CL i scored 37 goals in 10 games.i conceded 18 goals,which is not great result,but
i am trying to say,that i always managed to score one more(or many more).
here are some results:
Last 16: Bayern - Inter 2:2
and in second i went to attack and there was:
Inter - Bayern 0:6

last 8: Milan - Bayern 1:5
Bayern - Milan 2:4

as you see it is good even in CL.

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