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Managers Dream

An start in south america
Started on 6 August 2012 by andrew98
Latest Reply on 11 August 2012 by andrew98
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11 yearsEdited

Welcome to my first Football Manager story. So I started as an Argentinean manager with San Lorenzo de Almagro from Argentina (that team is sh*t lol :P), now I am managing Corinthians from brazil. I only see stories managing in Europe, why not in south america?

Well in San Lorenzo I loan some strikers because the strikers of San Lorenzo...DONT SCORE ._.!
In my first year we were so near from the Copa Libertadores final, but we lose agains Flamengo, but we won Apertura of Argentina, and the Copa Argentina.

My objectives:

- Be the most famous manager in the game.
- Manage a team in europe and win the Champions League.
- Win Copa Libertadores de America (Completed)

My career

San Lorenzo de Almagro (2011/2012):
- Won Apertuta de Argentina
- Won Copa de Argentina
- Semifinal of Copa Libertadores
- Runner-up of Clausura Argentina

Corinthians (2012-2014):
- Brazilian Championship (3)
- Campeonato Paulista Brasileño (2)
- Copa Libertadores (2)
- Recopa Sudamericana (1)

Atletico de Madrid (2014...):


Belgium Selection (2012...)


I will put the formations, transfers and squad later.


Tactics, transfers, results..
Update 1
Update 2
Update 3
Update 4
Update 5
Update 6
Update 7
Update 8
Update 9 - A new challenge in Europe

PD: Sorry for my bad english x.x
Your English is more than acceptable.
So, you are going to be already done with one year when you start this story, right? I'm just confirming because it is a little confusing.
Best of luck on your South American adventure.
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11 yearsEdited


This are my tactics, I use 4-3-3 when we play difficult matches, against big teams, and the other is 4-2-2-2 when we are playing with smaller teams.



My Squad


Well our results are good, but we can do it better against big teams.
But we have some problems to score, because against team from third division we won, but with 2 or 1 goal/s.

Copa Libertadores:

Campeonato Paulista Brasileño


Well..... I dont know how , but I buy Leandro Damiao O.o!!
I use all the money of transfers for him lol. (30mil and other 30mill in 48 months )

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11 yearsEdited
#61823 akash.vidyasagar : Your English is more than acceptable.
So, you are going to be already done with one year when you start this story, right? I'm just confirming because it is a little confusing.
Best of luck on your South American adventure.
This is my second season.
My first season was with San lorenzo and the other half with Corinthians, so I think that is the second :p.
Thanks :D
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11 yearsEdited


We haven´t lose, we continue beeing unbeatables :D!
We finish first in the Copa Libertadores group and we won the Campeonato Paulista Brasileño.
We starts the brasilian league with a draw ._., well we continue having problems with big teams, we continue drawing with them.

Our best goal scorer is Leandro Damiao with 19 goals in 30 matches, let see how good is in the brasilian league.

Competitions Status

Campeonato Paulista Brasileño - Very Good, we won the title with not so much difficult.
Copa Libertadores - Very Good, we are in quarter finals
Brasilian League - We drew in the first match.... we need to buy some portuguese players (Mourinho)..
Interesting story, I'll be following :) Especially since it is original :D
#61849 YoungOwl : Interesting story, I'll be following :) Especially since it is original :D
Thanks :P, I will try to make it better
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11 yearsEdited

Update 2

So here is an other update, we are doing very good in Copa Libertadores, we are in the final :D!!!
But in the other hand we have a bad performance in the brasilian league, our strikers dont score so much, the only one that score is Leandro Damiao... oh god..

Copa Libertadores:

We are going to play againts Velez in the final.

Brasilian League

I want to dismiss mi strikers -.-!
andrew98's avatar Group andrew98
11 yearsEdited

Update 3

I make it!!
I won the Copa Libertadores, and we are champions of America, in the first match we lost 2-3, but in brasil, our home we won 2-0 and we proclaim the Copa Libertadores our.
I need to improve our strikers or I need to buy some.... .___.!!
Now I´m going for the brasilian league, that we are 2 in the table, and of 4 points of them, but we have 1 less match.
I think I will be in south america 2 or 1 year more..

Update 4

So we are doing it very well in the brasilean league, but I dont know how the fuck happen when I play with Internacional and Vasco da Gama, we won 3-0 and 4-1 so I was:

Because, now we dont draw with them, now we destroy them LOL!
Here are the results of the brasilian league:


So in the last two matches Damiao was injured and was difficult to score without him.
We have an other striker than is doing it very well is Pablo Mouche, in 8 matches he have 5 goals and 1 assist:
I was thinking about the future of this team so my scouts give me some reports aboout some young players that look promising.

The most promising player is Diego Romano her stats are very high, a posible good striker..
Now we want to spend all the money for young players so the club can have a good future.

Update 5

We do it!!
We won the brasilian league, in the last matches we had a bad performance because of the injuries, but we finally won in a very difficult competition like is the brasilian league, we won all this season, Copa Libertadores, Brasilian League and the Campeonato Paulista, now we are going for the World Club Cup and for the recopa sudamericana.

League table:

Final Results:

Goalscorer of the team:

Leandro Damiao: He score 34 goals in 54 matches.

Assitant of the team:

Fernando Belluschi: 18 assits in 28 matches

Best player of the season:

Wallace: With 25 years old he became the best player of the season with a rating of 7.43, he score 17 goals in a season being a center back.
andrew98's avatar Group andrew98
11 yearsEdited

Update 6 - World Club Cup

So, the World Club Cup begins, we won very easily to America of Mexico, we won 4-0 without problems. comes the problems we were playing against FC Barcelona in the final, the best team of the world, with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, and other stars..
So I put this face:

Result of the match

So we have MORE POSSESION than them and MORE SHOTS than them, and we lose because they know how to define.
I know that one of these days I will get this trophie, and be champions of the world... one day..


Uploaded with

PD: Now I am going to put the pictures in english because the others are in spanish and I forgot to put them in english :P
andrew98's avatar Group andrew98
11 yearsEdited

Update 7 - Third Season

Its a new season, a new challenge, we will try to win all this season, Copa Libertadores, Brazilian League and the Sao Paulo state championship (that I have all ready won it). I make some transfers, most of them are young talents, but I buy 2 players for strengthn my squad, they are Julio Baptista (from malaga), and Dede (from Vasco) two good players that will make the squad more interesting and solid.



We algo won the Sao Paulo state championship, wining to all, with only 1 draw, we are making it better :)

Stats from Sao Paulo Championship

The three goalscorers are from my team, Leandro Damiao, Pablo Mouche and Diego Romano, very good strikers.
Very good results and signings! Unlucky about losing to Barca, but it is Barca at the end of the day :))

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