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Fantasia, Black Bones story

the new league in Action
Started on 8 August 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 11 August 2012 by Kiwi
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{H2] Le Start[/h2]

I started with my newly created League, and I started with my own team: Black Bones F.C.

I've got very solid finances, and very solid facilities, + 5 regens :)

I want to make it 5 seasons, to see if the money isn't getting too much :)


I have a small squad, and a few with a big potential, but I want to compete for the first 5 places :)

So nothing out, and these in:

Eric Addo (Free)
Kevin Kerr (Free)
Macchambes Younga-Mouhani (Free)
Morgan Freeman (Free)
Sergio (Free)
Sibide Mahamadou (Free)
Stephen Appiah (Free)

Adnan Secerovic (Loan, no fee, 1.1M future fee, 2 seasons)
Giacomo Bernardino (Loan, no fee, 2 seasons) HOME
Santiago Morero (Loan, 100K fee, 375K future fee, 1 seasons)

Giovanny Espinoza (375K, Unión Española)
Ismo Vostermans (400K, FC Utrecht)
Lee Reeves (800K, Destruction Machines F.C.) HOME
Hosain Kaebi (925K, Steel Azin)
Ciro Cangiano (1.6M, Destruction Machines F.C.) HOME
Mohamed Salmeen (1.7M, Muharraq)

I made sure that i have some quality from Fantasia, due my own leaguerule of 8 selectionplayers who are homegrown :)

next post my pre season, league and cupmatches :D

Black Bones Reserves: 1-0
Feyenoord: 0-0
Frankfurt: 1-1
Stade brestois 29: 0-2
Nurnberg: 0-1
San Marino: 1-0

Fantasian Cup:

Round 1, leg 1: Wineshire Dragons (A): 3-0 win
Round 1, leg 2: Wineshire Dragons (H): 0-0 draw

Went to quarterfinals, against FC Regens

Fantasian Super League:
Destruction Machines FC (H): 1-0 win
Scorn FC (A): 4-0 win
Virgin FC (H): 2-1 win
Workers United FC (A): 4-0 win
FC Regens (H): 2-0 win
Big Sausages (A): 2-0 win
Big Juicy Sausages (H): 1-1 draw
Space Invaders FC (A): 2-0 win
Phoenix Blazers FC (H): 1-0 win
Wienerstar FC (A): 1-1 draw

10 played 8 wins, and 2 draws. It brings me to the topspot of the league, with Phoenix right on my tail: they have 8 wins, 2 losses, and 2 points behind me.
You struggled against destruction machines (my team) xD
mind telling me on your updates what league position are destruction machines at?
Out in the first round of the cup!? Injustice! :))
You beat Space Invaders in the Death Star stadium? Justice will be served!
How did you have a friendly against San Marino?
#62198 Zwats1 : How did you have a friendly against San Marino?

I'm guessing that San Marino, the Italian Serie C2 side.

matches 11-15

This will be an update for you all crazy ass idiots willing enough to fill-in my form :)

Gummy Bear FC (A): 2-2 draw
Wineshire Dragons (H): 2-0 win
Beer Guzzlers FC (A): 3-0 win
Hobo United FC (H): 3-0 win
Rapid United FC (A): 6-0 win

The League Stats

1/4th Final, 1st Leg (H): Fc Regens 1-0 win
1/4th Final, 2nd Leg (A): Fc Regens 2-1 win

I've been draw against Workers United FC, I will play them trice in 25 days, as I play them in league in that period too :)

2 extra screens for you:

Team Stats
Player Stats
Workers United will prevail - at some point.

I got some great backroom staff, spent a lot on players pre-season and then got stuffed up by the home grown rule; I thought my five regens would be classed HG.

Guess I wasn't thinking.

And got the guy from Shawshank Redemption on a free.......
Oh dear! I can't be too proud of this, can't hold much to my name! At least I have highest avg. attendance :)) Just give my lads some time!
Heh I knew Phoenix would do well :D I'm a bloody genius, I tell you!

Michael, could you show me a screenshot of my team's transfers' history?
Matchpack 4/6:

Scorn FC (H): 3-0 win
Destruction machines FC (A): 2-0 win
Virgin FC (A): 1-1 draw
Workers United FC (H): 2-0 win
FC Regens (A): 2-1 win

13 points from 5 games, and 6 points ahead of Phoenix Blaze :D

Cupgames are coming up, so not for now :)

Transferscreen for Gurdit: Screen 1 Screen 2

You guys can ask for screens when you like :)
The last matches:

Big Sausages (H): 0-0 draw
Big Juicy Sausages (A): 2-0 win
Space Invaders (H): 0-1 loss
Wienerstar FC (H): 2-0 win
Gummy Bear FC (H): 5-1 win
Phoenix Blaze FC (A): 1-3 loss
Wineshire Dragons FC (A): 0-4 loss
Beer Guzzlers AFC (H): 1-0 win
Hobo United FC (A): 0-0 draw
Rapid United FC (H): 1-5 loss

Talking about a bad ending, so are you 6 points in front (when starting this serie), and so do you end 7 points behind.I should do better next season, that's for sure.

Semifinal, Leg 1: Workers United FC (H): 1-1 draw
Semifinal, Leg 2: Workers United FC (A): 2-0 win
Final, Leg 1: Gummy Bear FC (H): 0-0 draw
Final, Leg 2: Gummy Bear FC (A): 1-1 draw

Won the final on aggregate, while I beat them 5-1 in the league, to let you see the difference between in form, and not in form. At least it's a prize.


Andres Fernandes (4.4M, FC Regens)
Jean-Claude van Damme (23M over 48 months, Hobo United FC)

Daley Edward (Loan to end net season, fee: 20K, Scorn FC)
Libor Kozak (Loan to end next season, fee: 240K, Lazio Roma, Future fee 5M)
Roberto Firmino (12 month loan, fee: 1.2M, Hoffenheim)(already sended back, due extremely poor performerance, money thrown away)

Ronals Jansen (Free)
Jabulani Motaung (650K, free from Supersport United)(a Striker of 207CM and 105KG)

Cosimi Cantatore, Gavino Mura (free transfers)
Simon Davies, (250K, Wienerstar FC)
Giovanny Espinoza (250K, Vitoria)
Mahamadou Sibide (275K, Al-Ain)
Stephen Appiah (300K, Wienerstar FC)
Ashley Gray (2.7M, Hobo United FC)
Ashley Gallagher (3M, Hobo United FC)
Hosein Kaebi (3.3M, Vitesse)
Agostino Sorrotino (6.75M, Hobo United FC)

Eric Addo (Loan, Loan fee: 14K)

a few out, a lot in.
Now I'm only buying when it's a very big improvement for my team.

Due to my profit's each month I was able to get around 1.5m extra budget each month, which was (most of the time) wisely spend :)
Screenshot of the league table please?
Smashed by Wineshire Dragons! 4-0 for the boys haha! Can I have a screen of the transfer history for my club please?:)

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