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Bullets from the Ashes: A different Arsenal Story

Started on 9 August 2012 by jimgooner
Latest Reply on 15 September 2012 by jimgooner
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DECEMBER - A Month of Drama

There is a lot to read in this month. Keeling's men had performed badly last month. They would have to improve as they had matches against A.C. Milan, Tottenham, Man City and Chelsea.

2.12.11 - Arsenal get Swansea in the League cup Semi Final

Here is the draw

3.12.11 - - Everton 0-0 Arsenal - Stalemate

Phil Neville

Arsenal were the 2nd best team that day. They were quite fortunate to draw.

4.12.11 - Arsenal are lucky in the FA Cup Draw

5.12.11 - Drama on the training ground!

The training session was going normal at Arsenal that day, Wojciech Szscesny was practicing his skills, Oxlade Chamberlain and Wilshere were laughing at him, the usual stuff.

That was until Geoff made a joke "So we have Milan, Spurs, Chelsea and the Money boys. So thats 4 wins for us then!"

Everyone was laughing, except for one person, Thomas Vermaelen


-Look Geoff we shouldn't make jokes, at this rate Spurs, Chelsea and "The money boys" will finish above us, we won't be laughing then, will we?
-All right Thomas calm down, it was only a joke. Oh yeah and if you looked at the table, we are comfortably top. So if anyone we should be the ones laughing.
-You know what?, it might be good if we fell down the table. It would certainly teach you dicks a lesson!
-Hey! Don't speak like that! I wouldn't accept talk like that from a player that is leaving, let alone our captain!
-Well maybe I should leave then!
-Fine by me, it would be really hard to replace an average defender with period pains.
-Your a are tw*t with no management ability and I hope this whole f*cking club is ruined. I wish I left in the summer so you c*nt's wouldn't get any money off me.

After this outburst Vermaelen went at Keeling. Nicolas Otamendi and Fernando Llorente pulled Vermaelen off Geoff and threw the Belgian to the floor. Although nothing had happened yet it didn't look like Vermaelen would be an Arsenal player much longer...

5.12.11 - Man City make Vermaelen bid

Geoff Keeling was under a lot of stress after the bust up with Vermaelen. He called Pat Rice into his office to ask him for some advice.


-Hello Pat, please sit down,
-Hi Geoff, how are you today?
-Well to be honest with you, I am not having a very good day
-Really, what's up?
-What should I do?
-Well I would get rid of that shirt, it's hideous! Get a different one.
-Ha. You know what I mean,
-Yeah I'm sorry my friend, I think we should sell him. After what he said and did he should definitely go.
-Man City have made a £14m bid, what do you think?
-Great, he can be gone in a few days.
-Lets just keep it on a need-to-know basis at the moment, do you agree?

7.12.11 - Arsenal - Milan - Pre Match

A mole leaked the transfer story. Keeling hadn't informed the players. They found out threw through Facebook and Twitter.

Pat Rice came rushing into Keeling's hotel room.


-Geoff, did you hear?
-Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Yes.
-Who did it?
-It doesn't matter Pat, we have to speak to the lads, they are going to be pretty annoyed.
-Yeah let's not waste any time.

The Gunner's manager burst out of his room and frantically ran around the hotel, gathering all the players for a teem meeting. The Morale didn't appear to be very good in the room when the last few people drafted in.

Fernando Llorente
Alex Song
The Room

-Right lads, I am deeply sorry for not telling you what was happening, we wanted to be absolutely sure before telling anyone. However, I am sure you guys know why Thomas was sold, and that it was reasonable why he is leaving.
-I agree with Geoff, after what he did, he didn't deserve to play in an Arsenal shirt. I mean I know I have only been here a short time, but I already love this club with all my heart.
-Thanks Fernando, that was really great to hear that. I am sorry that this meeting has been really short, but we have to get on the team bus soon. Just before we leave I am proud to announce our new captain is Alex Song! Alex do you have anything you want to say?
-Well, Thank you Geoff, I am very proud to be Captain, oh Yeah and I promise I won't attack you!

- A.C. Milan 0-1 Arsenal - The Gunners dig deep

Ignazio Abate

The Gunners came out with a win in what was a very close match. They battled with their Italian Counterparts right up to the final whistle. The goal that gave the Gunners the lead was sublime. Edinson Cavani was tripped 40 yards out. Douglas Costa was given the chance to launch a ball into the box. However he decided to go for goal. He pulled it off. As the ball flew into the top left corner everyone in the ground was left with their jaws wide open. Even some of the A.C. Milan fans applauded the Brazilian's magnificent effort.

This result meant that Arsenal had won all their games in a very tough group and qualified for the next stage top of their group. This is how the group looked at the end.

10.12.11 - - Arsenal 5-1 Sunderland

Fernando Llorente 7', (pen) 82'
Nicolas Otamendi 35'
Bacary Sagna 51
Yossi Benayoun 76

Fernando Llorente

16.12.11 - Arsenal draw Litex in the Champions League

Here is the draw

17.12.11 - - Arsenal 4-0 Tottenham Hotspur - North London is Red!

Jack Wilshere

The Gunners tore Spurs apart. They had no answer to the Gunner's attack. Once again the youngster Jack Wilshere proved he could play at the top level already.

21.12.11 - - Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal - London is Red!

Petr Cech

Arsenal deservedly won this match. They tested Petr Cech many times until they finally took the lead. The game looked destined for a draw until Jack Wilshere slotted in Fernando Llorente, who's shot was saved by Cech. Thankfully the rebound fell to Alex Oxlade Chmaberlain who calmly tapped the ball into the open net.

28.12.11 - - Man City 0-0 Arsenal - All square at the Etihad

Gael Clichy

It would fair to say that Man City were the better team. However they didn't create a lot of clear cut chances. A draw was a fair result.

31.12.11 - - Arsenal 2-2 Blackburn

Edinson Cavani 27'
Shinji Kagawa 59'


Month Review

A month full of drama. Arsenal won 4 and drew 3. They fell down the table but still had their game on hand.

The Premier Division Table

Player Stats

Team Stats

N.B. Sorry I took so long to upload this guys! This was quite a long month and something came up Yesterday so I lost some writing time. I hope you are still enjoying my story :)
IMO To get those bad results with the quality of the players you own is just really really bad
#63249 FMRegen27 : IMO To get those bad results with the quality of the players you own is just really really bad
Thanks for the positive feedback mate! Also i'm right at the top, It can't be that bad, also the squad still haven't fully gelled.
You're doing ok in the league, don't worry about the bad results. You'll turn it around, you're probably right when you say the squad isn't getting yet. But it will. So don't worry.

And did you intend to get rid of Vermaelen because he's not doing well or did you do it purely to bring about a twist in your story?
#63374 Gurdit : You're doing ok in the league, don't worry about the bad results. You'll turn it around, you're probably right when you say the isn't getting yet. But it will. So don't worry.

And did you intend to get rid of Vermaelen because he's not doing well or did you do it purely to bring about a twist in your story?
It was just for the twist really

January - Back on Track

The Gunners had a more quiet month this time, but they still had the League Cup Semi Final to deal with.

4.1.12 - - Fulham 0-5 Arsenal

Premier Division

Milan Badelj 3'
Alex Song 38'
Edinson Cavani 54' 72'
Antoine Griezmann 82'

Aly Cissohko

A solid win for the Gunners, Cavani scoring even more goals.

7.1.12 - Arsenal 2-0 Peterborough

Fa Cup

Antoine Griezmann 14
Douglas Costa 36'

Mapou Yanga Mbiwa

8.1.12 - Arsenal draw Barnsley

Arsenal drew championship outfit Barnsley in the Fa Cup 4th round.

11.1.12 - - Swansea 0-2 Arsenal - The Gunners take a lead back to the Emirates

League Cup

Edinson Cavani 30', (pen) 57'

Edinson Cavani

Yet again Edinson Cavani was the star player for the North London Reds. His two goals meant that Arsenal were firm favourites to go to Wembley.

14.1.12 Arsenal sign Vermaelen Replacement

Arsenal completed the signing of Salvatore Bocchetti for a reported fee of just under £14m, from Rubin Kazan

- Arsenal 5-1 Wolves - Cavani is just getting Boring!

Premier Division

Edinson Cavani 7', 39', 83'
Jack Wilshere (pen) 33'
Aaron Ramsey 41'

Edison Cavani

Edinson Cavani again led the team and scored a magnificent Hat trick

15.1.12 - The Gunners sign Southampton Youngster

Arsenal signed youngster Luke Shaw for £1.3m

21.1.12 - - Arsenal 4-0 Newcastle - The Goerdie's go running home

Premier Division

Edinson Cavani 22'
Dede 33'
Antoine Griezmann 45'
David Alaba 55'


25.1.12 - - Arsenal 2-0 Swansea - The Gunners are going to Wembley!

League Cup

Edinson Cavani 14'
Douglas Costa 42'

Douglas Costa

Another good performance meant that the Gunner's had booked themselves a place at Wembley

28.1.12 - Arsenal 2-0 Barnsley

Fa Cup

Salvatore Bocchetti 14'
Antoine Griezmann 33'

Jack Wilshere

This win meant that Arsenal were through to the Fa Cup 5th Round

Month Review

Arsenal were back to being strong, with all the drama of past month's behind them they retook their spot at the top of the Table

The Premier Division Table

N.B Im sorry again that it took me ages to produce an update. I am away from my home at the moment and I have less time for Fm, Hopefully this week (after monday) i will have some more time to do this. Once again thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy the post! :)
So basically, you won every single match in January :)
#63539 Gurdit : So basically, you every single match in January :)

FEBRUARY - Could it finally be?

With the League cup final during this month Arsenal were presented with the oppurtunity to finally end their trophy drought. However could they be in for a repeat of last year?...

1.2.12 - - Aston Villa 0-2 Arsenal

Premier Division

Antoine Griezmamn 74'
Aaron Ramsey 90+4'

Aaron Ramsey

This was an interesting game especially as the two clubs were to meet later this month in the League Cup Final. It took the Gunners a while to get going but once they did the game was easily won. Aaron Ramsey gave a solid performance, he looked incredibly experienced despite being so young.

4.1.12 - - Liverpool 0-1 Arsenal - Thier's only one red army!

Premier Division

Yossi Benayoun 45+1

Wojciech Szczesny

8.2.12 - - Arsenal 3-1 Fulham

Premier Division

Milan Badelj 18'
Fernando Llorente 49'
Nicolas Otamendi 85'

Nicolas Otamendi

The Gunners looked currently unbeatable. They played like a team that knew each other for 7 years, let alone 7 months.

11.2.12 - - Arsenal 2-0 QPR - Better Late than Never!

Premier Division

Milan Badelj 84'
Edinson Cavani 88'

Milan Badelj

Two late goals saved the Gunners from an embarrassing draw. They deserved the win, however, as per usual they had all of the ball.

15.2.12 - - Litex 0-2 Arsenal - The Walcott Show

Premier Division

Theo Walcott 25',29'

Theo Walcott

A 4 Minute double salvo from Theo Walcott gave the Gunners a solid result to take back to the Emirates.

18.2.12 - - Arsenal 4-0 Reading

Fa Cup

Theo Walcott 33',58'
Fernando Llorente 37',44'

Fernando Llorente

With this result, Arsenal progressed into the next round of the FA Cup. They drew their Arch Rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. Here is the 6th round draw:

22.2.12 - - Arsenal 5-0 Bolton

Premier Division

Douglas Costa 1',6'
Fernando Llorente 40',67'
Theo Walcott 42'

Douglas Costa

When you're 2-0 down after 6 minutes you know it's not going to be your day. Bolton gave their best effort but they were just too weak to handle the might of the North London Giants. Another Routine Win.

25.2.12 - Arsenal - Aston Villa - Pre Match

Geoff Keeling decided to have a chat with the players after the normal Team Talk before each match.

"Ok lads, I will only hold you lot here for a few more minutes. Some of you may not know or realise what 7 years of no trophies is like. You may not know how much our fans are ridiculed. As a Gooner myself it hurts a lot. I'm an adult and it hurts a lot. Imagine what it is like for the young Gooners, constant mocking at school, by stupid glory hunters. Win it today for three things; Yourselves, the fans, and for all the people who support all the clubs we despise. Right go out there and DO THIS!"

The players went out fired up and determined to prove a point, and for the fans.

- Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa - AT LAST!

League Cup

They did it! They finally did it! The Gunners had ended their long trophy drought. They had a scare when Darren Bent scored a Penalty. However they regrouped and scored two late goals to lift the cup.

Month Review

This was Arsenal's best month under Geoff Keeling. They finally lifted their first trophy since the FA Cup Final in 2005. More Wins in the League meant that the Gunners made their position at the top of the League Table stronger.

The Premier Division Table

Finally A Trophy!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice Job picking win after win BTW
#63857 FMRegen27 : Finally A Trophy!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice Job picking after win BTW
Thanks mate!
Sorry about my previous comments BTW :)
#63859 FMRegen27 : Sorry about my previous comments BTW :)
it's fine :D

MARCH - The end is nigh...

March was the penultimate month in the English Season. This was the place were the Gunners could slip up. Surely not though?...

3.3.12 - - Arsenal 2-0 Norwich - The Canaries' weren't singing!

Premier Division

Milan Badelj 15
Edinson Cavani

Aly Cissohko

7.3.12 - - Arsenal 2-0 Litex

Champions League

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 7'
Yossi Benayoun 37'

Yossi Benayoun

The win sent the Gunners into the quarter finals of the competition. The draw was much later on in the month

10.3.12 - - Stoke 0-0 Arsenal

Premier Division

Aly Cissohko

The Gunners just cannot win at the Britannia Stadium. The typical booing of Aaron Ramsey was not appreciated by the Gooners.

14.3.12 - - Arsenal 3-1 Swansea

Premier Division

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 14'
Edinson Cavani 21'
Nicolas Otemendi 66'

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Arsenal announce a Signing!

Arsenal signed Jonathan Dos Santos, on a free transfer. The general opinion was that Dos Santos would be used as a short term backup in midfield

17.3.12 - - Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham - The Chicken fell off the Ball

FA Cup

Edinson Cavani

Yet again The Gunners Triumphed in a North London Derby. Despite it not being the league the rivalry was still bitter and fierce between the fans and the players.

With this win Arsenal went through to the Semi Final

21.3.12 - - Manchester United 1-3 Arsenal - Welcome to Heaven

Premier Divison

Depsite having much less of the ball Arsenal ran out deserved winners in this key clash in the title race. Arsenal took their chances, United didn't, it's as simple as that. With this result the Gunners made their place at the top of the table even more secure.

24.3.12 - Champions league draws!

The Quarter and Semi Finals came out on the same day, and with Arsenal getting Man City in the quarters, things would be by no means easy for them

Quarter Final Draw

Semi Final Draw

- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

Premier Division

Yossi Benayoun 56'

Mapou Yanga Mbiwa

28.3.12 - - Man City 2-1 Arsenal - The Blue Moon

Champions League

Carlos Tevez

It was a hard result to take but Arsenal got a crucial away goal, meaning the tie was still all to play for.

31.3.12 - - Arsenal 3-0 West Brom - Revenge

Premier Division

Jonathan Dos Santos 9'
Edinson Cavani 71'
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 84'

Jonathan Dos Santos

Month Review

Arsenal more-or less kept their nerves in the month and looked favourites to lift the League Trophy. However a Month is a very long time in football and the Gunners could still slip up...

The Premier Division Table

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