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Manchester United. Reign of the Reds.

Started on 18 August 2012 by FMLAD
Latest Reply on 27 August 2012 by FMLAD
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LFCMARSHALL’S latest update is being used the (18.8.12) update

Josh Sleightholm announced as replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson

Just after Alex Ferguson had signed clinical striker Robin van Persie he announced his retirement, this was no shock to van Persie as he had already told him beforehand about his resignation, and took Robin’s opinion about who would follow him on.

Van Persie

July 1st 2011

“Well, Alex, when I was at Arsenal we used to have a First Team coach, named Josh Sleightholm, we all loved him, he knew how to treat us, he knew how to get us up to the next level, to make us better players, he is the reason Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a good as he is now, he used to give him that little bit of extra coaching, and look at him now, an absolute wonderkid! But he left due to differences with Arsene Wenger, was very sad really, but I would be delighted to be reunited with him again, he is the man for the job, boss.”

“Very well then, I’ll contact him as soon as possible!”

July 2nd 2011

Mr. Sleightholm walked down the corridor towards what would soon be his office, seeing all the Premier League Titles they had won all up on the wall, he stopped, took a big breath, and knocked on the door…

“Welcome Mr. Sleightholm, please take a seat. So we have had a hint that you will be the perfect manager to replace Alex, all you need to do is sign here, here and finally, here. Then we can talk about the three T’s; Targets, Tactics and Transfers.”

“I would be glad to, *scribble* * scribble* there, all done.”

“Glad to announce you my new boss, *Laughs* As you probably know I am the Captain of United, whether or not you decide to change that is entirely up to you, I respect every one of your decisions as does everybody else.”

“Thank you Nemanja, and Thank you David, for trusting me with this position. I will be sure not to let you down!”

“Well I better be off then, thank you all so much for supporting me these all these years, and I wish United luck in the future.”

“Goodbye Alex”

“See you in a while”

“Bye Alex, good luck in the future, all the boys are outside ready to say they’re goodbyes”

Tears dropped from Alex’s, David’s, and Nemanja’s eyes, as he left the room and when he opened the door a huge noise erupted, all the players stood there clapping their hands as he opened the door, and each one had donated 50% of their wages from last week to Fergie, every single player, even the staff had given some towards him, along with several bottles of champagne and things to remind him of his unforgettable career at Manchester United Football Club, The Red Devils, the club he loves.

Staff Re-Vamp

Sleightholm entered the room where David Gill stood with a plan of the players training schedules to make sure each of the categories had staff in them.

The decision they came to:


Main Tactic:

Possession Tactic:

Defensive Tactic:

Targets and Transfer Targets


Sleightholm walked down the corridor, and up the next flight of stairs to reach David's office to talk about the upcoming season, he stopped at the door, pulled up his tie, and brushed any dust of his expensive suit, and knocked on the door.

"Come In! Morning Josh, please take a seat. So, Josh, we have to discuss your aims for this season, what do you think you can achieve this season?"

"Realistically, I think qualification for the UEFA Champions League shouldn't be any problem at all, but winning the League Title could prove difficult with Manchester City, however if I can find the right players to bring into the squad to improve, it shouldn't be hard, so onto the trans-fer targets?"

Good, good, they were the exact targets me and the rest of the board had come to, but moving on to transfer targets, who do you have in mind?"

Well, give me a couple of days to gather scout reports, D'Onofrio and Bein should have theirs ready shortly, I'll inform you then.

Good, but Sleightholm before you leave, I would prefer some young players with a lot of potential, so we can secure first team names for the future.

Of course boss, see you soon!
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11 yearsEdited

Sleightholm to bring in new faces?


All 3 men who consisted of the manager, chairman and the head scout sat down to discuss three players D’Onofrio had suggested

“Well, I’ll get on with this quick, now that Lindegaard has been told he is on his way out I suggest we get Craig Gordon on a free transfer for back-up to De Gea, then as a 3rd Goalkeeper I think we should by Laurient Branescu to compete with Johnstone for 3rd spot until Ben Amos returns, then we know who our 4th choice is. My next suggestion in Yaya Sanogo, highly rated, and finally 22 year old Javi Martinez to either go along side, or replace ageing Michael Carrick.

I think we should go ahead with them. There's my input

Martinez would be available for maybe 22M? Sanogo for 2M complete bargain, and Gordon for free, David?

Josh, go for it, if it's fine by you, its fine by me.

Really boss? Well lets do it, and hope for the best!

Transfer News to follow...
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11 yearsEdited

Transfer Round-up

Sleightholm has now confirmed he has finished in the transfer market now, obviously if there are any unmissable offers he may think about it, but he is 99% he is now finished. He stated in a press conference.
"There will be no more further action in the transfer market, all signings are made that we feel we need for the upcoming season"

IN Total Spent: -£52.5M

Javi Martinez (£25M)

The 22 year old defensive midfielder joined United as either a replacement for the ageing Michael Carrick or to go alongside him depending on Carrick's performances.

Yaya Sanogo (£2.3M)
The Ex-Auxerre player was recommended by 3/4 scouts and was available cheap. He will secure a future first team place if he performs well at FC Twente who he has been loaned to.

Carlos Fierro (£1.2M Compensation Fee)
Another recommend youngster like Yaya, but unfortunately he will join at the end of the season meaning he will lose a year of the way I develop my youngsters.

Darijo Srna (£19M)
Another competitor for the either RB/LB spot depending on how well Rafael and Evra perform. Snra was a second option as I intended to by Davide Santon, but I did not agree on the price the Toon wanted.

Craig Gordon (Free)
Back-up keeper as Anders Lindegaard is on his way out. Experienced and knows what he is doing, will probably tutor De Gea.

Kurt Zouma (£6M)

Not heard of that often around the footballing world, but he really is something to behold, he has been labelled the next Phillipe Mexes, and has the potential to be as good as captain fantastic Nemanja Vidic.

OUT +£36M

Anderson to Udinese (£8M)
Fletcher to PSG (£5M)
Evans to QPR (£8.5M)
Van Velzen to Nottm Forrest (£275k)
Berbatov to A.C Milan (£3.5M)
Lingard to Norwich (£600k)
10 Youths released
King, Tunnicliffe, Sanogo, M. Keane and Thorpe loaned out to various clubs.

£16.5M Loss in money

Other Barclay's Premier League Transfers:
You are really approaching this career with a 'scruff of the neck' approach. Sacking your entire staff, releasing youth and a lot of signings made.
I hope you do well. Good luck!
#63667 akash.vidyasagar : You are really approaching this career with a 'scruff of the neck' approach. Sacking your entire staff, releasing youth and a lot of signings made.
I hope you do well. Good luck!
I like staff with high stats and high reputation, and the youth was shit anyway only 1 star potential, and thanks! :D
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11 yearsEdited

Pre-Season Friendlies

After tireless negotiations between Sleightholm, Gill and Di Salvo they all finally came to the conclusion of who they would play in their pre-season friendlies.

Friendlies Report:
Not bad at the start, van Persie grabbing an astounding 6 goals in 3 games, and Rooney picking up a few. Played the youth team in the final two matches and I have to say the results don’t match what happened, they didn’t play that well some of them. But I now have my first eleven sorted after reviewing the friendlies.

August Update Next: How will the first game of the season go?

Norwich (A)
West Ham (H)
Stoke City (A)
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11 yearsEdited
N.B- My team selections are firstly baed on who is available and if they match rating in below 6.3 they don't make the starting XI and are subs, and below 6.0 don't make the subs or starting XI

August Update 2011

Monthly Review- A shaky start

Yes, a very shaky start indeed, I will only give clues about the results in this review, *shaky start* etc. is one. No players really stood out of the crowd they played all at the same-ish level for all 3 games, if there's anybody I'd have to choose Patrice Evra, only just. I won't go on with this to long cause no-one will read it any way ;)

Holt key as United lose out

Norwich 2-1 Manchester United

Quality of possession provides victory

Manchester United 3-0 West Ham
van Persie

United lucky to win

Stoke City 0-1 Manchester United

Player of the Month

Louis Saha (Sunderland)

Manager of the Month

Alan Pardew (Newcastle)

Competition News

Manchester United have drawn Zenit, Juventus and Molde in the UEFA Champions League.

They have also drawn Arsenal in the 3rd Round of the Capital One Cup.

September Update To Follow...

September Update 2011

Monthly Review- Inconsistency gets you nowhere...

Title explains all, we haven't had the best start to the season, but they are just getting used to the tactics and everything will be flowing nicely soon enough. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, glued to the T.V with bits and bobs about the first United match of the season, which didn't go well ;) Robin van Persie is the man who I think stood out this month.

Reading lucky to claim a point at Old Trafford

Manchester United 1-1 Reading (BPL)
Harte (Pen 90)

United ease past Zenit

Manchester United 1-0 Zenit (UEFA CL Group D)

Seventh-heaven for United

Aston Villa 0-7 Manchester United (BPL)
van Persie

Arsenal leave it late

Manchester United 2-3e Arsenal (COC 3rd Rnd)
Laurent Koscielny

10 man Chelsea hold United to a draw

Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (BPL)
van Persie

Juventus hold dominant United to a draw

Juventus 2-2 Manchester United (UEFA CL Group D)

League Table Update

(No picture available)

Player Of The Month

Patrice Evra

Manager of the Month

Roberto Di Matteo

October Update To Follow...

Breaking News

Shinji Kagawa has left Manchester United due to difficulties settling in, he will return in the next few weeks
What happened to Kagawa? Homesick?
Yeah, bit disappointed, let him go for a while instead of spending money to buy someone else to help him settle.

October Update 2011

Monthly Review-On The Up!

Getting better results over the months now, well except this months opening game shocker! :O Good month overall, my player of the month is probably this guy...
Javi Martinez

Arsenal shock United with a 5 star perfromance

Arsenal 5-1 Manchester United (BPL)

United smash QPR

Manchester United 3-0 QPR (BPL)
van Persie
Nani (2 weeks)

United hammer Molde

Manchester United 3-0 Molde
Rooney (Pen)

United ease past Everton

Manchester United 2-0 Everton
van Persie
Rooney (3-4 weeks)

Sunderland hold United to a draw

Sunderland 0-0 Manchester United

Competition Updates

Barclay's Premier League:

UEFA Champions League Group D: 1st
FA Cup: N/A
Capital One Cup: Knocked out 3rd Round vs Arsenal

Player of the Month

Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea)

Manager of the Month

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) Love this photo ;)

November Update To Follow...
"And Then Van persie left!"
Yh seems like arsenal are in all sorts of trouble *cough* 5-1
and also story looking nice hope you keep it going

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