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Man City: The Saga in the Blue side of Manchester

Started on 19 August 2012 by craborumtoon
Latest Reply on 21 August 2014 by craborumtoon
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#64557 or.dabool : good job on securing the league :) i liked this story!
Thanks mate :P
Well done mate, good luck for the champions league final!
#64560 jimgooner : Well done mate, good luck for the league final!
Thanks - I'll need luck!!!
Congratulations on the Premier League win. With more than a couple of matches to go as well. Now, move your sights to the Champions League where Barca awaits. Good luck with that.
#64562 akash.vidyasagar : Congratulations on the Premier win. With more than a couple of matches to go as well. Now, move your sights to the Champions League where Barca awaits. Good luck with that.
Thanks Akash :P

Good luck bro, do you like my seal?
#64572 jimgooner :

Good luck bro, do you like my seal?
Lol :))

May: The Finish Line

City 5-1 Blackburn Rovers PRM

This was another brilliant performance from the lads and the 5-1 scoreline demonstrates this. Our strike partnership of Leandro Damiao and Klaas-Jaan-Huntelaar was deadly and contributed to all our goals (through goals and assits). Leandro Damiao (9.1)

City 2-1 Fulham PRM

Well - this was definitely the right result in an un-inspiring game. A from Leandro Damiao and a John-Arne-Risse own gave us 3 points in our last Home game of the . Douglas Costa (8.3)

Newcastle United 3-2 City PRM

This was really harsh on the and the as we performed really well. Newcastle, However were more clinical and that really hurt us on the day. Unfortunately for us though - Key duo Douglas Costa and Gael Clichy suffered long term injuries that meant they would miss the Champions final in Germany.


The Premier Division Table 2011/12 - The Blue Moon is the Subject!

I will do a post tomorrow on the Premier Division Awards 2011/12 :) :P


The Champions Final: Build Up

City Fans turned out in their thousands on the night of the Champions Final 2012 in Munich. The anticipation was phenomenal and the Worlds Press descended on the Allianz Arena ahead of Club's most important in their 125 year history.

Toon on the Final

The Match

As you can see - I have set the up slightly differently to usual. This was to counter Barcelona's dominance in the Midfield.

The centurions started the stronger and came closest in the the early stages with Leandro Damiao hitting the post on 9 miutes from the edge of the area. Despite City's early dominance - 2 bits of pure class from David Villa saw the Catalans 2-0 up in 2 fist half minutes.

After a heated talk - Craborum Toon's side looked inspired after the break and gave themselves a lifeline early on through a Vincent Kompany header. Then the Citizens were Level - Samir Nasri cutting the ball back for Yaya Toure who finished with aplomb from the edge of the box. The City were Jubilant. City pressed on for the but again showed their class as Fabregas and another from David Villa saw them 4-2 up David Villa.

That was how the stayed - Agony - but we can be very proud of our performance agianst the best side in the world.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and my story on this 2011/12 with . :P
I will be continuing but updates will probably not be as frequent because of school etc.

I will also be changing my style for next season's story on Man City: The Saga in the Blue Side of Manchester :P :)

Please do comment guy's - they are really appreciated. :P :)
Please do comment on my story guy's - Update on Premier aLeague Awards coming soon

Premier Division Awards - 2011/12


FOOTBALLER OF THHE YEAR - Well done Douglas Costa!!!!

PLAYERS' PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Well done Sergio!!!



TOP GOAL SCORER - Good effort Klaas!! (in all comps he finished with 29)

GOLDEN GLOVE - Great stuff Joe


1 Gylfi Sigurosson Swansea vs Newcastle - Beautiful goal from the Icelandic Midfielder as he Curls the ball effortlessly from 25 yards.

2 Junior Hoilett - Blackbrun vs Bolton - Stunning volley from the Canadian from the edge of the area to the Top left hand corner of Adam Bogdan's goal.

3 Scott Dann - Blackburn vs Norwich City - Outstanding team goal finished with aplomb by the centre-half.

Champions League Dream Team - Fantastic work Samir!!!

Thats it from CraborumToon for this season - Thanks for reading!!!! Hopefully next season's story will be even better. Do give me tips on how to improve - every comment is appreciated.

Thanks FM friends :) :)) :P
Sorry guys - I haven't had time to update any further but I will try to do so asap. :) :P

Please comment :P :P :P :)) :))

Craborum Meets with Al Mubarak

'Khaldoon, I hear you want a word' Toon said with a great deal of purpose.
' Yes - indeed Craborum. I would like to discuss the Clubs targets for next season' Al Mubarak stated dominantly.
'Ah yes - I was going to ask to talk about this tomorrow before you called me in actually' Toon murmured looking straight into the dark and dominating as of Khaldoon Al Mubarak.
' Oh, Ok well lets get started shall we' Al Mubarak sounded very serious.
' Yes ' Toon wasn't sure what to expect from the Club Chairman at all for he was known as a very volatile man and Toon knew this from past experience.
' Without a doubt' Al Mubarak said meaningfully ' I think we should aim to continue last last seasons success and win the Premier Division with relative ease'
' Most certainly Khaldoon - I totally agree' Toon announced with a strong degree of confidence.
' Good, I am pleased that we have come to an agreement on this matter so swiftly my friend' Al Mubarak said with his very strong Indian accent cutting right through.

' Anyway ' Al Mubarak said with confidence ' This brings us onto the trivial matter of Transfer and Wage budgets'
'Indeed' Toon said with a certain amount of uncertainty.
'Well I was thinking that to improve your squad even more - that is if you want to improve your squad further, I would be willing to give you a 106 million transfer budget and a 3.1 million wage budget.
'That sounds brilliant Khaldoon!' Toon said with enthusiasm.
' Now I hope you will agree that this is a very generous budget and I hope that you will spend it wisely - this is a lot of mone you know. Not to be used carelessly. Do you understand. Al Mubarak said with vigour.
' Of course Khaldoon - You can trust me'
' I am pleased to hear that my friend - I think this meeting has run its course but I am sure we will meet again when time permits.
' OK, thanks a lot Khaldoon." Craborum said hurriedly.
craborumtoon's avatar Group craborumtoon
10 yearsEdited

Toon discusses Transfer targets with Kevin Hunt

' Ah, Kevin - can you come here please - I want to discuss something with you' Toon exclaimed - totally in control.
' Sure - what do you want Crabo' Hunt said in a very laid back manor.
' Look, Kevin - this is a serious matter' Toon said rather wound up'
'Oops - soz' Hunt murmered.
' So, Kevin who do seriously recommend we have a look at then' Toon stated purposely.
' With out a doubt - Mats Hummels should be your number 1 defensive target' Hunt said - this time more serious.
' Oh you mean Borussia Dortmund chap - longish - curly hair' Toon interrogated.
' Yep' Hint admitted ' Real quality he is - only seen him twice but - ahh amazing.'
'Hmm, interesting' Toon pondered. ' Would it be possible to have a look at him.'
'Hell yeah bro' said Hunt 'This coming Sunday - Dortmund are playing Bayern in the first league match of the season.'
'Thats in the calendar then!' Toon stated with enthusiasm. ' Actually - I forgot to ask this - How much?'
Toon asked Hunt uncertainly.
' 30 odd million' Hunt claimed.
' Not too bad then' Toon siad with a sigh of relief.

'Anymore recommendations Kevin?' Toon asked with anticipation.
' There are 2 more players that I think you just have have to buy'
' And' Craborum asked unsure.
' Falcao from Athletic Madrid who is unbelievably good - goal machine - should cost about 38 million. Also Fabio Coentrao on loan to cover Clichy as he is always injured now - he should cost about 5 million a seasons loan.
' Ok - I like your thinking - Iv'e heard about Falcao - wasn't he top scorer in The BBVA last season?' Toon replied.
' Yep ' Hunt answered briefly '31 goals in the league, 43 in all comps' Hunt explained using all his scouting knowledge.
' Impressive' Toon stated ' I think we should have a further look at him then' ' Concerning Coentrao - I think we should definitely sign him on loan - A class player.' Toon said with a degree of satisfaction.
' Well then, I think this meeting has run its course - see you soon and thanks again Kevin' Toon said gratefully.

Toon meets with Hunt after watching Hummels

'Good match there wasn't it Kevin - I thought Hummels was outstanding' Toon stated positively.
' Yeah, your right Hummels was outstanding - he gave Mario Gomez no chance at all' Hunt said observantly.
' Yeah - so what do you think then Kevin? Should we splash the cash on this lad?'
' I think so bud' Hunt said confidently ' He's only 23 as well so he would have a long career here.
' So, were gonna bid for him them - 30m first?'
'Yeah, their not gonna accept anything lower than that' Hunt admitted
' Good - lets wait and see then' Toon said with anticipation.

Citizens sign Hummels from Dortmund

Manchester City Football Club are delighted to confirm the sighing of 23 year old German Central Defender Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund for 30.5 million. Hummels was delighted that this deal could be confirmed and the fans are waiting with eager anticipation to watch their new lad in action.

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