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Regen Wars! "The Show-Off your regen Thread!"

Started on 7 September 2012 by FMRegen27
Latest Reply on 10 May 2014 by jedchurch71
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I Just Love the fact that you're all managing big clubs :/, it's easier to get regens when you're a big club
must say im not a fan of these regens . i personally think there are way to many regens of amzing quality. and to many from south america. it makes the game unrealistic
hey! anyone with a Ghanaian regen? :P
#65581 sevannime : hey! anyone with a Ghanaian regen? :P
I have one somewhere. Will post him when I find him (if I ever find him).
This was a great thread to do FMRegen27 - Liking seeing peoples regens
#65590 craborumtoon : This was a great thread to do FMRegen27 - Liking seeing peoples regens
:), It's in most of the forums
Jean 'the hero' Laurent
he is my new HERO

Found this guy! HE IS 17!!!

His strenght is really low for a DC/DMC but his marking/tackling are really good
Here it goes.....

I think he is pretty good- in fact so good he is in my England squad even though he is only 18! He has 4 star potential and he played 32 games for me when I was managing Arsenal!
Chwali's avatar Group Chwali
11 yearsEdited
I enjoy finding regens. It's not that easy in my case to sign them, because I play Polish Premier League and not every player is keen on coming to my club - Lech Poznań. Last year I won The Champions League but that didn't change the situation a bit. Nevertheless here is my best regen who was trained in my youth academy (which makes me almost proud :)). From the begining I knew he was someone special, that's why I let him play in Polish League when he turned 16. From that time he's competing for a leading striker with Jelle Vossen.

Because he plays for my team, he does it almost for free. :)

Below his stats

Last screen's saying that he has beaten all the records when it comes to "the youngest player to score etc.".

The only con is that he's trying so hard and he's so dedicated that he gets a lot of yellows. That's why he had to bench the final of Champions League which my team won last year (beating ManU 2-1 in overtime :) ).
I have some showing off to do tonight
elohssa's avatar Group elohssa
11 yearsEdited
Bow your head! Best defensive right-back ever! Was waiting forever for that last acceleration increase (intense agility with high quickness emphasis).

He got regenerated from my Brighton use system. When I moved to Wolves I got him for £4m (4 years ago). He initially had 13/14 acc/pace and just 6 strength. He has "knocks ball past opponent" but rarely uses it from some reason.

This is my best regen in general. Scores loads.

Best shot-stopping goalkeeper regen I've ever seen. 18 agility and 19 reflex? What more do you need? With my rotation policy it's ideal to have a high-influence goalkeeper captain as well.

Lastly a good pacy striker...

Hit his peak about 19 though. Guess he had low PA.

My best ever regen of FM 2012 in his first full season at the tender age of 16... He's gonna be a beast!!!

I have another & i got another good little regen. He's not as good (YET) as the other regens in this post but for a 15 year old you can most almost guarantee he's gonna be amazing!!!

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