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FM Mount and Blade Database

This database replaces San Marino as Calradia, puts in a league with teams like Swadia City, with players being the nobles of the game
Started on 9 September 2012 by TheGenericBanana
Latest Reply on 10 September 2012 by TheGenericBanana
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I'm guessing most of you haven't played M&B, so I'll resume it for you. In Mount & Blade: Warband, there's 6 factions, Swadia, Rhodoks, Vaegirs, Nords, Sarranid Sultanate and Khergit Khanate. You start as an indifferent guy, and you can, after doing a lot of quests and hiring a good army (It's not a strategy game where you control the army-There's a world map where you run around places and go to towns and stuff, but in battle, you're just one person, making it a medieval FPS), become a noble for a king of one of the factions, or start a war with one of them, claim one of their castles/towns and making your own faction. The game is medieval, with kings, nobles and ladies. Also, I really, really recommend you look into it and see if it's your kinda game, because if it is, I assure you you'll love it.

In this database, San Marino is replaced as Calradia, where the game Mount & Blade takes place. I've added a division to it (named The Tournament, because I'm terrible with names and there's lots of tournaments in M&B, and this is another type of tournament.), with teams like Swadia City, Swadia United, Rhodok Tribesmen, Nords of the North, you get the drift.

All the players would be nobles from the game, and most are, but although I put in as many nobles from the game as possible, I needed more players than there are in M&B. To have a decent amount of nobles in each team, I added imaginary sons, which have the same last names as some of the others. I also have the kings and claimants (There's a claimant for each realm, saying they deserve to be king. A team of the rhodok king will be rivals with the team of the rhodok claimant) be the chairmen of the teams.

There's 13 teams, with each team facing each other team 3 times during the season, making a total of 36 games.

There might be some problems, but I'm going to be playing with this database the next few days and make sure everything's alright, and if not, I'll fix it and update the link. Also, if you do sign any players, I recommend setting their nickname to "Count (last name)", that way it's more, well, I don't know. And if anyone could tell me if there's a way to change the nation's flag (The San Marino one looks unfit for a king :P) I'd appreciate it.

Remember that to play with any of these teams, you have to have the league "Calradia" activated, and to put this in the game, you have to put this in:
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data
(Maybe not for some other computers? Well generally it's there). If the folder "editor data" doesn't exist, create it and put this in there. Also, when you create your save, you have to click on, where it says "1 editor data file (1 activated)" or something. Well if it says 0 is activated, you have to click the check thing for "Change" and then check calradia compressed.dbc where it takes you.

Hope the post doesn't look like rubbish, and thanks for reading. :)
Hey Man, just wanna congratulate you on persevering and making a nation and league like that. I'd love to hear your story, but good on ya bro for doing it and combining two of your things :)
Thanks. It's probably going to be done tomorrow, I've been working on it for hours and already have the league, teams and chairmen ready. All I have to do is make the players, which is the most tedious part-I have to make each one with the name of the game and put unique stats. There's 20 nobles per kingdom in the game, 6 kingdoms, making 120, plus I have one extra team to make it 13, meaning 130 nobles. That's excluding the extra ones I have to create to make the teams have more than 10 players each. So maybe I won't finish tomorrow :P
Finished it, although in the end I didn't have staff being ladies (Although I do have the presidents as the kings of the game). There's one team (Khansley) that's full of fake players I made too, because as I wanted 13 teams while there's only nobles for 12, I had to have an extra president and players for the 13th (There's 2 teams for each faction, excluding the khergits, who have 3 teams). Also, for Vaegers, one of the two Vaegir teams have only 6 nobles from the game, because there's less nobles in the game for the vaegirs than the other factions.
I'll be testing it, and upload it tomorrow if I don't run into any problems.
Good luck with the trial! I really do hope that this will work.
It all seems well, maybe I need to balance the goalkeeping skills in Swadia United (They have the worst goalkeeper in the league by far) and some other positions in other teams, but generally all is good. Calradia (San Marino) is deadly now though, I made another manager for the Calradian team, and we won 5-1 against Kuwait. Also you can't seem to get to messi's profile easily, although it's probably because I assigned him as manager of Argentina while he's not a non-player to see what happened :P

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