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What's your transfer strategy

Started on 17 September 2012 by godfather
Latest Reply on 25 September 2012 by The FM Rookie
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How do you decide who to target for possible transfers to your team. I know the obvious is too improve in certain positions but I have a fair amount of youngsters and they are improving but I always like to bring people in during the transfer period. Just wonder if people have any strategies that they would like to share. My strategy has been buy or offer contracts to the best player that I can afford...the result being that I have too many under 23 year old forwards for all of them to play in my first team!
well if u read the stories on here u will notice most peoples strategy is to buy sime vrsjalko and carlos fierro whether there need or not
My transfer strategy involves usually buying 3 players in the summer transfer window and 1 loan player in january,

however I usually try to judge it based on having one middle-old aged player and one young player per position on the team.

I am a wheeler-dealer and usually opt for slow growth by maximising my youth facilities, instead of buying the best players every single few years
I am without doubt a wheeler n dealer. I am happy to sell a player for a few million and replace with a freebie. I like getting freebies just to sell on 6 months later. I am often guilty of signing too many players though and the team just doesnt gel.
I have 2 big club and small club:
Big Club: I sign most 18-25 yo 3* potential if they are under $10 million. I sign all 3.5* potential players under $30 mil, that are under 25. All of this is only if they fit into my system. Players on free transfers 2.5* ca or 3* potential. This means I often sign veterans. I always check the contract expiring 6 month list in January to try and find free bargains.

Small Club: I Rely on free transfers or loans. For free's I get the ones with the best scouting reports in positions of great need. For loans i get players with 3* ca or higher. If a 4* or 3.5* bargain comes up under my tb i will often sign him
I look to the first team and identify what is the immediate team needs.
After that I look to the scout reports and look for young player with 3,5 stars or more and sign those players to loan and develop them.
I always like to have young players ready to go for the first team, when any of the first team players retires or was sold
When I'm at a big club, I usually buy 2 or 3 quality players, who will play a lot, and 2 or 3 young ones.
That's too variable a question to answer fully, but some thoughts... early with a club you may not have many options, because you can't recruit, or afford, the players you want (if you started with a famous club this is not the case). So here you're just shoring up weaknesses first. It's always tempting to go for a super scorer, but I want the back line fixed as my first priority; with a lower reputation club I may not be able to get all the way to what I want in the first go. As you start to get better, which means the club's (and your) reputation are improving, make sure your recruitment is with an eye to the future. As noted above, young players who have a potential to be better than your current standard of senior squad are something you're always looking for, assuming you're in a position where you're not too poor and can't afford to pile up players who aren't going to contribute to the senior side for a few years. They may not reach that potential, but probably can get sold if not. Once you can start to get highly rated youth players, just keep doing it, this one never goes away. As the growth continues, look at ways to upgrade squad weaknesses, rather than positional weaknesses. If you don't have a lot of pace, is there a player who fits in who can help with that? If you don't have a killer header to cash in on set plays, look for that - a DC is ideal, but it could be a forward, a fullback, who knows. This will let you mix and match combinations, and make subs that have a chance of impact - a rocket-heeled winger for a defensively oriented player, say, to turn a game around. These players don't even have to be sure-fire starters, although that's a good thing too. As more time passes, you get to start worrying about important players getting old (and of course in some situations, getting poached by other clubs), and you have to look at hedging for the future.

Even when you've gotten to the top echelons, and you seem to have a super squad, it may help to bring in a hotshot player to shake things up. I've certainly had careers where I managed my way to the top, then had a league rival spend well over a few years and continually narrow the gap, and even though there's "nothing wrong", a big signing signaled continued ambition and spurred another step forward. I'd use these very carefully - I signed the no-longer-young C.Ronaldo in one case (at Newcastle, it was) to have this effect and it spurred on three years better than the previous; in another a hotshot Brazilian youngster provided the extra spark. Yes, great players, but things somehow get a little stale if you don't rattle the cage judiciously now and then.

Of course you want, if you can get, a system where you've got promising youth threatening to push seasoned professionals everywhere. The difficulty is as the club grows in stature, the expectations change, and the ratings relative to expectations (which is what the stars generally indicate) will drop. So you always have to keep an eye on that, and unfortunately many of your hotshot 2013 title winning U18 side will end up not looking as good, even if they reach their potential, as candidates for your 2017 senior side. So just-youth doesn't tend to serve you well enough, at least while you're growing year-over-year.

I know this was all generalities, not specifics, but hopefully it helps a bit.
I alway's look at the Centre of the team and try buy good solid player's,as i play 1 up front as a targetman the spine is so important,if i manage in England i would have a English spine,when i was managing standrd i had a Belgian spine,then i will have young and fast wing back's and Winger's.But it all depend's on your budget,i have just recently got over same player disease,it's same as Cavani Erick Torres Sakho disease.good luck
most of the time I just sell the players 30+ if they still are worth something, else I just let them play until they get injuries or something else. Then I start to get rid of all the bad staff and replace them with better ones. After that I watch all the players in team and put them in the right spots, young decent go to reserves and the promising youngsters go into first team and all the bad low potential goes on free transfers.

now I have a good display over my team and I start to get those transfers that can be used for the long time, Never getting a 30 old player because they are often expensive or at least more expensive than it's worth.

Normally I go into search for a striker I just put those attributes that I am in need of, example, I like pace, finishing and composure so i put most of them at 15 points and then I see the strikers/others that fit into this and then I just see the most suitable for my team.
I usually buy 1-2 1st team players and a few youth players per season.

1st Team Players' Attributes:
GoalKeepers - One-on-ones, Reflexes, Handling, Communication, Composure, Positioning, Agility. (Command of Area, Bravery)
Defenders - Heading, Marking, Tackling, Bravery, Composure, Determination, Positioning, Strength. (First Touch, Aggression, Influence)
Midfielders - First Touch, Passing, Tackling, Bravery, Creativity, Decisions, Determination, Team Work, Work Rate, Acceleration, Stamina. (Long Shots, Aggression)
Attackers - Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Technique, Composure, Flair, Off-the-Ball, Balance. (Heading, Acceleration, Pace)

Youth Players:
Age: 15-17
Nationality: Home-grown (preferably)
PA: 4 Star+ (3.5 Occasionaly)

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