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Vitesse: French for Speed.

A Vitesse Arnhem Story
Started on 25 September 2012 by adonis_p
Latest Reply on 20 October 2012 by adonis_p
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Vitesse Arnhem Team Guide/Story

Speed: “Rapidity of movement or action”

Some Background and why I chose Vitesse.

This will be my attempt at a team guide/story for Vitesse Arnhem of the Eredvisie League in the Netherlands. I have never spent the time to actually cultivate and write a story or guide, mostly due to not feeling seasoned enough at the beautiful game called Football Manager.

I have played FM since FM 2010 and still feel like I am just learning. I will be writing a story in a Team Guide/Update format. I very much would like to keep one long save going in FM 2012 even after the FM 2013 arrival. I encourage all of you to participate in my save with feedback and advice, as I am sure I will use it as some point or another.

I have chose Vitesse of the Dutch Eredivisie League for a few reasons. 1) Vitesse has a “sugar daddy” owner who will pump money into the club for as long as he is with the club. 2) Vitesse is void of any substantial history. 3) Without many significant players or tactics, and with what is sure to be a healthy transfer budget (rumored to be upwards of 15 Million).

I should be able to start fresh by bringing in some new faces and building a new identity with the financial backing needed. It should be a fun challenge and I can’t wait to get started.

Vitesse Background and Club Information

Founded in 1892, Vitesse are a professional Dutch club located in Arnhem, Netherlands and are currently playing in the Eredivisie. Vitesse play their home games at Gelredome. Gelredome (opened in 1998) features a retractable roof and convertible pitch that is often used for concerts and other events. It was a featured venue for Euro 2000.

The owner and chairman is Georgian businessman Merab Jordania, the first Dutch football club to owned by a foreigner. Jordania has deep pockets and absolutely loves his club that he purchased in 2010. Jordania has let it be known that finances will not come in the way of building a team he hopes can win Eredivisie within three years.

The club had a nice run of making UEFA Cup play in the 90’s with a string of appearances ending in 2003. Vitesse have never won the Eredivisie and have never really challenged the likes of PSV, Feyenoord and Ajax.
Gelredome, Arnhem

Club Information

Year Founded: 1892
Status: Professional
Reputation: National
Chairman Status: Loves the club
Legends: Charley Bosveld, Theo Bos
Icons: Theo Janssen
Favored Personnel: Piet Velthuizen, Edward Sturing
Fierce Rivals: NEC
Other Rivals: De Graafschap
Finances: Secure
Avg Ticket Price: 24 Euros
Avg Season Ticket Price: 300 Euros
Season Ticket Holders: 10,000
Estimated Value: 27.5M Euros (Loan Debt 12.25M Euros)
Continental Competition:
Media Prediction: 5th
Squad Personality: Determined
Captain: Frank van der Strujik
Vice-Captain: Alexander Buttner


Name: Gelredome
Location: Arnhem
Rent: 750K Euros
Capacity: 25000, All-Seater
Year Built: 1998
Owned By: City Council
Stadium Condidtion: Very Good
Under Soil Heating: Yes
Roof: (Retractable)
Surface: Grass
Pitch Dimension: Length 102m Width 65m
Max Pitch Dimension Length 115m Width 73m
Pitch Condition: Perfect
Reserve Stadium: N/A
Corporate Facilities: Average
Training Facilities: Average
Youth Facilities: Average
Junior Coaching: Good
Youth Recruitment: Above Average


AGOVV (Feeder Club)
•Players move freely
•Send players on loan
•First option to buy
•Annual friendly
•Long term partnership

Chelsea (Parent Club)
•Send players on loan
•International Partnership
•Annual friendly

Atletico Paranaense (Parent Club)
•Send players on loan
•International partnership
•Annual friendly


Bank Balance: 19.4m Euros
Current Wages: 171k Euros
Sponsor: 5yr Jersey Sponsorship, 1.52m Euro per season, End 2015
Loans: State of Loan, 6.5m Euros (28.5k Euro p/m until 1.7.2046

Season Expectations

Europa League Qual: 11.25m Euros/325k Euros p/w
Champions League Qual: 13.25m Euros/350k Euros p/w
Title Challenger: 14.4m Euros/375k Euros p/w
Winner: 16m Euros/375m Euros p/w
I really like how you have started this story, giving us all the details we could need about a relatively unknown side for most casual readers. Keep going!
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11 yearsEdited

Below is a list of the current staff. In a situation such as this where money isn’t an issue, I will look to remove all the deadwood staff and do a complete overhaul with no thought of contract termination fees or compensation fees to already employed staff.

Starting Staff

My objective will be to secure the best staff to achieve 4-5 stars for each training category for both my first/reserve team as well as the youth team.I have decided to keep the following notable coach and scout (as well as a few others for the time being) until I can fill out my staff, which I will be doing today.

Raimond van der Gouw - GK Coach

Bosko Bursac - Scout

I have looked briefly at what is available (as well at others club’s staff) and I shouldn’t have much of a problem filling what the board has made available to me.


I have decided to use Maestro Ugo’s training schedules as they have worked well for me in the past and include separate first team and youth schedules. I often will tweak a schedule for an individual who I think is promising or is a wonderkid. In Holland, the season starts around August 1st. With the game beginning on June 20, I will place all players on the default conditioning schedules from the beginning until approx. July 20th. I will then place them in to their positional training schedules. Moving forward, every June when the players report, they will go on conditioning until a week or two before the start of the season.

For more info on Maestro Ugo training schedules:

Once all of the staff is in place, I will spread staff workload to achieve what I hope will be at least 3 ½ or 4 stars in each training category. Most if not all of the staff should be in place within the first week of game or June 27th, 2011.


With the ability to field 13 scouts and scout anywhere in the world, I will begin right away toward building my scouting network. I will most likely have a staff around 10 scouts at first. I will look to break up as follows:

2 Scouts for World
1 Scout for Eastern Europe
1 Scout for South America
1 Scout for Scandanavia
1 Scout for Southern Europe
1 Scout for UK
2-3 Scouts for Central Europe

When it comes to club this size, my scouts that cover the entire world or less known regions will require good determination/adaptability (13+ in each) and moderate ability/potential scouting (10+ each)

My scouts in Europe where my scouting knowledge will be good adaptability and determination become less important (10+) and I will aim for higher ability and potential scouting (14+).

My European scout with the best tactical knowledge and ability scouting will provide opposition reports. Another European scout will cover match reports for loans as well as players offered to me.

My entire Scouting staff should also be in place within the first week (June 27th, 2011)
Hey, Im gonna follow this as a Dutchie, and I know a few things about Vitesse.

Vitesse will probably have a new sponso next season: Gazprom, due contacts with Abramovitsj (and thats why Chelsea is their parent club). Their stadium is also used for a lot of event, like the yearly Symphonica in Rosso, and many concerts.

Clubicon Janssen is bought back for 1.8M from Ajax, which was a bit of a transfersoap, and Vitesse is normally not in the top 5-10 of Holland.
2012-09-26 16:08#66765 mdlp1991 : Hey, Im gonna follow this as a Dutchie, and I know a few things about Vitesse.

Hey thanks! It will be nice to have some real life dutch football insight to help me along. I will scout Janssen. Thanks.
Early Housekeeping Issues, Expectations and Transfers Begin.

With an owner as free spending as Merhab Jordania and a media with higher expectations, selecting the Europa League Qualification budget of 11.25m/325k Euros p/w is a nice safe option. This should prove more than enough to revamp the roster. I thought of doing a roster break down, highlighting all the players on Vitesse, but that would not only prove to be time consuming, many will be moved to rotation or backup and some away from the club. I plan to bring in anywhere from 7-12 new faces. I typically don’t like to have that much turnover but with the team average at best t begin and the money available, I must do it

Upon arrival, I asked the board to improve the training facilities. They agreed and work has already begun on the upgrade. As you can see, the upgrade will be complete in August of 2012.

Although I wasn’t too concerned about racking up all the termination/compensation fees for new staff, I did want to get some of it back in the form of friendly revenue while scheduling more friendlies (about 1 match every 3-4 days during offseason). I typically cancel all friendlies on a new save and I wanted to start fresh with an easier more congested schedule so that I can get a look at many of the players. Here is a look at the Friendly Schedule after changes. You will notice we only kept the matches with our Affillited partners, AGOVV and Chelsea.

As I await all the new staff to agree to deals, I have begun compiling a list of players I either plan on signing OR scouting right way. South Africa is a great place to start. Here is a list of players that I have already made offers on or plan to very soon:

Siyanda Xulu DC
Andile Jali DM, MC
Teko Modise AMC
Domingues RW
Steffen Hagen DR
Morel Rodriguez DL
Dean Van Gijseghem DC
Adigun Salami DM, MC
Felipe Gutierrez LW. AMC
Karim Ait Fana LW
Bressan MC, AMC
I have a save at Napoli in 2017 and Xulu is at the club. He goes quite well for me.

Anyway, I like the way you've started the story, good detail and seems very interesting. I'll be following. :)
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11 yearsEdited
Staff Hired

First Team Training

U19 Training

Staff Contracts

Staff Coaching

Staff Mental

Already at club and will see heavy playing time…

Anthony Annan

Annan will see heavy playing time as both a DM and and CM. His best role is as a Ball Winner/Def. Annan can play as a support DM or BWM as well. Annan’s only real shortcomings are his Decisions (8) and his passing (12) (passing if using a support role).
Annan is on loan from Schalke and has a very affordable buy clause that I may take advantage of before the year is up.

Bony Wilfried

Wilfried is an incredibly gifted poacher with great Agility (18) and Balance (20). I have seen the guy turned into a Didier Drogba type player before. His only real shortcomings are Anticipation (12) and Composure (10). His Crossing (5) will need to be improved as well to become more well rounded.

Piet Velthuizen

Velthuizen is a solid keeper who should suit me for some time. I due like to use my goalies as sweepers, so his creativity will need to be adjusted down (Creativity 3), but otherwise is all around solid and at 24 has room for good balanced growth still.

Giorgi Chanturia

Chanturia is both footed winger who was was purchased from Barcelona in 2011. He has so much upside and with a PPM of cutting inside, the possibilities are endless. While probably not ready for full time first team, he will definitely be used a lot. With no glaring weakness, he should develop nicely into great winger if trained correctly.

Guram Kashia

Kashia is not spectacular but is very solid and young. He can play most any role in DC if needed as well as a defend role at DR. He could be groomed to become a solid DC for some time to come.

Ulises Davila

Davila is on loan from Chelsea and will see plenty of time in various roles at striker and AMC. Works best as an aspiring Trequarista in either position, but can also play in a poacher role. His obvious shortcoming is Anticipation (10). Nonetheless, he wont really hurt you and can has tons of upside. I have no idea yet how much he will cost from Chelsea, but will look into if he progresses well early.

New Signings

Here is a breakdown of the new signings. These were completed by early July, so we have time to get them in and acclimated to the team and tactic(s).

Andile Jali


Claudio Morel Rodriguez

Daan Van Gijseghem


Felipe Gutierrez

Karim A"t Fana

Siyanda Xulu

Steffen Hagen

Teko Modise

There is a lot to love here. I was able to bring almost an entire squad for under 7m Euros (not including agent fees) and still have a small transfer budget to spare. The obvious drawback will be incorporating 10 new players into a team as well as the fact that all will need considerable time on the pitch to ensure they develop. I think I can do it and if I can withstand a growing/adapting phase early, they will gel nicely by the end of the season.

Here is a glimpse of a possible first team/substitute and tactic…minus plenty of fine-tuning.
Good story, I like how you put the history of the club. A recommendation though-Try to put the images in the [spoi ler] tags (Start with [spoi ler] and end with [/spoi ler]. I'm sure you know that you don't need the space between spoi and ler :P)
2012-09-27 11:53#66806 TheGenericBanana : Good story, I like how you put the history of the club. A recommendation though-Try to put the images in the [spoi ler] tags (Start with [spoi ler] and end with [/spoi ler]. I'm sure you know that you don't need the space between spoi and ler :P)

Thank you! Great advice. Trying to get a feel of what looks good and easy to read. Will def try, especially in image heavy post. Thanks again!
Awesome story dude, check out mine, and look at the tactics!:)
Thanks for all the positive responses so far! Appreciate it. Sorry about the image heavy post(s)...I will work on my presentation moving forward. Stay tuned for the summer friendly update, my own expectations for the season ahead and a the league opener against heated rival NEC of the Eredivisie.
My personal expectations for Vitesse

Obviously I chose European competition as a minimum requirement from the board (8th place in Eredivisie) but it is my aim to place in the top 5. I would like to see steady growth in my Vitesse save so my 3 year plan is:

Year 1 - Top 5 in Eredivisie.
Year 2 - Challenge for 1st.
Year 3 - Win Eredivisie.

I would like to be fairly fiscally responsible as well even with an owner willing to throw $ my way. I must fight the temptation to sign everyone I think I need or want.

Friendlies & the beginning of a new season.

Here is a look at the preseason friendlies. There are some mixed results against smaller clubs but I was looking for exposure for certain players and conditioning while keeping up moral and focusing on teamwork. I am very pleased to state that my entire club is practically match fit going into the season and teamwork/match prep is really coming along.

Here is a look:

I also went in search for a few more coaches to bolster my training. I hired 2 coaches (Fitness and First Team Coach) from Italy to help round out the staff and am pleased to present my training star attributes heading into the season.

First Team/Reserve


I went back to the board and asked that they consider upgrading the youth facilities and they agreed. I am going to like having a wealthy owner/helpful board.

The only thing left is a few minor housekeeping/training issues before the start of the season. Here is a list of items I like to have in place before I start:

1. I run through all available tutors and find them a suitable match or tutee. I try and do my best to follow these simple guidelines that you can find here.

2. I set all my players to a individual training focus and adjust to either light or heavy (or leave at average) depending on what I would like them to improve on and their fitness attribute.

3. I am also placed all my players into their training schedules as mentioned in my earlier post using UGO’s training.

4. And lastly…I am a BIG fan of reminders! If I don’t use, I forget important things and with this save, I want attention to details. I usually set up a weekly reminder to check all squads for fitness and upcoming matches. Monthly schedules to check finances, scouting and training progress and of course regen reminders and yearly staff and positional reviews. I may go into further detail later, but this gives you and idea.

With that said…July 29th has arrived! Not an easy opener by any means. We travel to Nijmegen to face our intense rivals, NEC.

This is a must win game for the supporters. Take a look at how we were greeted:

But at the end of the day we prevailed in a match we had good control of despite struggling with chances. Here is what the media had to say:

And the season is under way…
1st Quarter Report.

With a quarter of the season complete, I thought this would be a good place to check in on the squad.
As of 10/1, Vitesse sits in 6th place in Eredivisie:

After the 1st game of the season, I decided to switch to a 4-3-3 tactic very similar to “Goals Galore” but with some tweaks. I wanted to have my inverted triangle sitting deeper and decided I wanted a much quicker and technical tempo. I took some risks changing after I spent most of the transfer money building for a 4-2-3-1. Luckily the players mostly work just fine, so not much has been lost and the team is performing mostly well despite some key injuries.

Here is a snapshot of the matches thus far. The only real blemish was a 0-2 on the road to Heracles.

Here is how the squad has performed, sorted by individual rating:

Bony Wilfried has started strong including this gem where he scored 4 goals on the road against RKC. I am playing him in an AF role up top. He suffered a gashed leg on 8/21 in match followed by a sports hernia issue on 9/1 that has kept him out almost a month.

Take a look at his 4 goal performance!

Bony Wilfried 4 Goal performance vs. RKC

Bony Wilfried

Bressan has shown so much promise in CM playing a DLP or AP role.

The defense has been led by Kashia and Hagen and youngster Xulu.




As I said, this brings us to early October 2011 and we should learn even more about my Vitesse side over the next few matches with home matches against Ajax and Feyenoord as well as a tricky away game at FC Utrecht.

Stay tuned…

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