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The Pat McGroin Journeyman Legacy

Started on 6 October 2012 by GleNelG
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11 yearsEdited

The Beginning

In this game I will be starting with the following leagues loaded (top two from each country); English, German, Spanish, Italian, Argentinian, Brazilian and Mexican.

I will be starting with a random team selected for me by the computer, however if the the computer suggests a powerhouse from one of their respective leagues I will simply randomise again until another team of a lower stature is suggested as I don't think an unknown manager should be starting at the top (I know, I know, I'm only loading the first two leagues from each country and it's a little unrealistic that an unknown manager would walk into their second divisions either, but listen to my managers backstory before you judge :-D).

The Manager

To avoid the use of my real name, I will be adopting the name 'Pat McGroin' (It was either that or 'Yorrick Hunt'). McGroin was actually a professional footballer, playing in the lower leagues of British football (for the likes of Northampton Town, Yeovil and Hartlepool United) but not really breaking through the ranks and had to retire early at the age of 27 due to injury.

Not wanting to leave football Pat toyed with the idea of getting his coaching badges and taking up management. After a bit of research it turned out that it would be cheaper and quicker to get a South American coaching qualification and ply his trade over there whilst completing a European qualification in the off season.

My Philosophy

I think there are two schools of management. There is the dictatorial manager and there is the friendly father figure, the counsellor. I believe myself to be the latter. I would never say 'we are going to play 4-4-2 because I say so'. Some managers are like that. They put their drawing up on the board and say this is how we are going to play, and that's it. Take Juan Román Riquelme at Barcelona, he went from Boca to Barca and Louis Van Gaal wanted a very interesting type of football, but with a very rigid scheme. Riquelme didn't fit in so he was sacrificed, he may have been the most expensive but he was sacrifced.

I've never been like that I'm more about looking at the players I have and then devising a system that will allow each and every one of them to shine. If I have three very good central defenders I'll try to fit a formation that fits all three in comfortably. If I have two very good forwards I'll play both. If I only have one, I'll play just one. If I have good wingers I'll play them. I like to mould myself to the situation.

And after that you can start to change a bit. Change is very important, flexibility is key to allow for me to adapt to different and new situations. That is how it is for a player, and a manager as well. If there is a formula that works very well at one club, and you go to another club and try to implement the same formula, it won't work.

That's enough about me... the next post will consist of the team information.

The League

The Primera B Nacional tournament had several formats during its history. Since the 2007/08 the competition format follows the usual double round-robin format. During the course of a season, which usually lasts from August to May, each club plays every other club twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 38 games. Teams receive three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, with the highest-ranked club at the end of the season crowned champion. In the current format, both the champion and the runner-up are automatically promoted to Primera División. The two other possible spots go to the 3rd and 4th best placed teams, which have to face two Primera División teams in home and away playoff matches, referred to as promotion matches. Tie goes to best placed teams (ventaja deportiva), i.e. to Primera División teams.

The two Primera División teams playing the promotion matches are the 18th and 17th placed teams of a relegation table, calculated by using a three-year-average points system. The 18th placed team faces the 3rd placed team of Primera B Nacional; the 17th placed team faces the 4th.

Club Info

Club Atlético Huracán

Club Atlético Huracán is a sports club from the Parque Patricios neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The football team currently plays in the Primera B Nacional, the second level of the Argentine football league system. The Huracán home stadium is the Estadio Tomás Adolfo Ducó. (48,314 Capacity, 8,712 Seated)

Home | Away

Club History

Argentine Premier Division
Third Placed: 1939, 1942

Argentine Premier Division Opening Stage
Winner: 1973
Runner Up: 1975, 1976, 1994, 2009
Third Placed: 1972

Argentine Second Division
Winner: 1989, 1999

First Team Squad

*Italic = On Loan
- Gastón Monzón - GK
- Lucas Galvino - GK

- Héctor Desvaux - D (RC)
- Alexis Ferrero - D (C)
- Kevin Cura - D (C)
- Ezequiel Filippetto - D (C)
- Martín Pautasso - D (R) WB (R)
- Rodrigo Lemos - D (R) WB (R)
- Cristian Tavio D (R) WB (R)

- Javier Yacuzzi - M (L) D/WB (L)
- Matias Quiroga - M (L) D/WB/AM (L)
- Cristian Leiva - DM/M (C)
- Rodrigo Battaglia - DM/M (C)
- Gastón Machin - M (R)
- Mauro Milano - AM (C) ST/M (C) AM (RL)
- Cristian Sánchez Prette - M (C) M (R) AM (RC)
- Lucas Nanía - AM (C) AM (L)
- Luciano Nieto - AM (C) AM (L)
- Pablo López - AM (C)

- Javier Cámpora - ST
- Mauro Villegas - ST
- Julián Bottaro - ST
- Nahuel Oviedo - ST

With the advice of my staff and with a brief overlooking the squad at my disposal it is clear to see the lack of quality in both Defence and Attack. There seems to be a distinct difference in quality from my midfielders who are heads and shoulders better than their more defensive and attacking teammates. I'll see if I can strengthen in the transfer window.


With a wage budget of just £11,338 per week it's obvious to say I can't really attract any of the top talent. That is not to say that I cannot unearth some.

Also with only £539,153 to spend on players but only £1M in the bank, I do not intend on spending too much as I don't want to jeapordise the clubs financial stability. I will have to see who I can bring in on free's or if there is any more space for a few loan signings.


- - Franco Bano - D (C) - Free
- - Élder Granja - D (R) WB (R) - Free
- - Leandro Bonfim - AM (C) M (C) - Free
- - Vandinho - ST - Free

All in all a decent transfer window for me. I managed to keep within my wage structure, and in my opinion I have strengthened in defence and have added depth in both midfield and up front. I also nearly had a HUGE coup of a signing in Hernán Crespo, but at the last minute Montpellier came in with a late contract offer and he opted for France over a return home.

Also, I managed to keep every player in the first team squad which I am pleased with as I did not want to lose any players from my current batch.

Pre-Season Friendlies

*I will only be showing the Huracán scorers.
Club Olimpo de Bahía Blanca vs. Club Atlético Huracán
Damián Musto (Olimpo)
FT 1 - 0

Crucero del Norte vs. Club Atlético Huracán
14' Julián Bottaro (Pen)
47' Julián Bottaro
Ezequiel Martinez (Crucero)
FT 2 - 2

Tigre vs. Club Atlético Huracán
Javier García (Tigre)
FT 0 - 0

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Club Atlético Penarol
9' Julián Bottaro
32' Javier Yacuzzi (Pen)
Fabian Estoyanoff (Penarol)
FT 2 - 1

Deportivo Huracán Buceo vs. Club Atlético Huracán
10' Javier Cámporo
22' Pablo López
38' Javier Cámporo
66' Vandinho
Javier Cámporo (Huracán)
FT 0 - 4

After a shakey start to the pre-season I am pleased with how we finished. Obviously getting use to a new formation and system of playing took time for the group of players, but after a few matches they got into the swing of things and we enter the start of the season with optimism and confidence.


*I will only be showing the Huracán scorers.
Rosario Central vs. Club Atlético Huracán
21' Alexis Ferrero
76' Leandro Bonfim
Alexis Ferrero (Huracán)
FT 1 - 2

Comments: A great way to start the season with an away win. The whole team played really well and fluidly, my only qualm was the manner of how we conceded to make it 1-1. New signing Franco Bano was off the field having treatment as they broke through the undermanned defence. Highlight of the match for me was bringing on twenty year old Luciano Nieto who took on the opposition defenders with ease setting up the winning goal.

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Instituto Atlético Central Córdoba
12' Vandinho (pen)
40' Vandinho
88' Vandinho
72' Mauro Milano
Vandinho (Huracán)
FT 3 - 2

Comments: Another win and a hard earnt one at that. Not as free flowing as the first match but a win is a win. The two goals I conceded were from set pieces so I now know that I need to work a bit more on defending them. Highlight of the match, besides the joys of watching Vandinho, was again the appearance of twenty year old Luciano Nieto, coming on for the injured Mauro Milano and providing the assist for the winning goal. Mauro Milano will be out of action for five to six weeks with a twisted ankle, leaving Nieto to fill in. I'll soon see if he can shine for a whole match rather than the last twenty minutes.

Club Atlético Patronato vs. Club Atlético Huracán
Ignacio Boggino (Patronato)
FT 0 - 0

Comments: Well it wasn't a win, but we kept a clean sheet. Defensively I have no complaints for a change. But we lacked a bit of direction and ideas going forward, no one could have guessed that Vandinho scored a hatrick in the last match. Highlight of the match was our defending. The low point is the not being able to score. Luciano Nieto got a start but I brought him off in the sixtieth minute, he didn't make an impact I hoped for, but shown his aggressive side committing quite a few fouls thus being the reason he was subbed.

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Sportivo Desamparados
6' Cristian Leiva
52' Vandinho
87' Javier Cámpora
Vandinho (Huracán)
FT 3 - 2

Comments: I'm beginning to shudder at the thought of having more than a few corners against me in a match. The markers just can't keep track of their man and another two goals conceded due to poor defending from set pieces. However, a narrow win see's us remain unbeaten. Highlight of the match, was the introduction of Cámpora and dropping Vandinho back into the Attacking Midfield role. Vandinho slotting a through ball into Cámpora's path for the winner.


With all of the August matches out of the way, result wise we have made a very solid start to the season. Sitting third in the table on goal difference, but joint top on points.
The high points of the month is the emergence of Luciano Nieto, he has shown that as a substitute he can make quite an impact, however he has yet to do so as part of the starting lineup. Another high point would be Vandinho, and how quickly he has settled at his new club. I am very happy with the signing.

One small note to make is that I will be keeping an eye on another new signing, Leandro Bonfim. He has been producing solid displays and whilst other players are making the headlines he has been the man pulling the strings.

The obvious low point is the blatant fact that we cannot defend set pieces, this is now my main focus in training and hopefully we should see an improvement throughout September.

Hopefully Mauro Milano will make a speedy recovery as the first match he definitely made a difference and I'd like to see if he could continue that form when he returns.

Now I look forward to September in the hope that we can continue how we have started, formwise.


*I will only be showing the Huracán scorers.
Club Sportivo Independiente Rivadavia vs. Club Atlético Huracán
27' Franco Bano
34' Cristian Leiva
Cristian Fabianni (Independiente)
FT 2 - 2

Comments: With Sánchez Priette getting injured in training, Vandinho drops back to the attacking midfield role and Javier Cámpora takes the striking role. Going 2-0 up early on I thought we were destined to run away with it, Luciano Nieto showing his class again as he gets another assist and I was generally pleased at half time with the lead. But yet again our negligence when it comes to set pieces shone through as we conceded two corners in quick succession and from then on it was a back to the walls job. Independiente were second in the league just above us on goal difference, but I feel we threw this away.

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Club Atlético Tucmán
23' Vandinho
37' Javier Yacuzzi
45' Vandinho
87' Alexis Ferrero
Vandinho (Huracán)
FT 3 - 0

Comments: Another clean sheet... finally! They've been hard to come by lately. Sánchez Priette was back from his injury allowing Vandinho to go back up and lead the attack which proved vital as he scores two, one with the assist of Priette. Vandinho has been a brilliant signing and the fact that he was a free has proved a steal. I can't see too many downsides from this match, we even managed to defend all corners against us. I look forward to the next match with subtle confidence.

Club Almirante Brown vs. Club Atlético Huracán
4' Vandinho
Héctor Olmedo (Almirante)
FT 2 - 1

Comments: Pure and simple, not happy. After taking an early lead by the man of the moment Vandinho, we continued to pursue a second dominating much of the first half only to be caught on the counter and concede in stoppage time of the first half. Midway through an average second half, I reintroduced Mauro Milano who returned from his injury but he didn't really make a difference, and in stoppage time we managed to concede to lose the match in the dying moments. The lack of concentration bemuses me and the defensive players got the hairdryer treatment it is fair to say. A highlight would be the continued form of Vandinho, and not conceding from any of their eight corners, but not much to rave about besides that.

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata
37' Cristian Sánchez Prette
62' Javier Cámpora
Cristian Sánchez Prette (Huracán)
FT 2 - 1

Comments: Before the match I was absolutely gutted to find out that Vandinho is suffering from a sports hernia and will be out for six to seven weeks, but replaced by Javier Cámpora and other players stepping up we still managed to win in a game we dominated. Highlights being our resilience and passing, with the low point again being conceding from a set piece and to top it off, Mauro Milano on his full return from injury gets injured once more suffering a torn hamstring and is likely to be out for three to four months.


At the start of the month I was alerted that I had been awarded manager of the month for our League. Not expecting it, especially after sitting third in the league at the time I was surprised, but very happy to accept my first award in my management career.
Just before the end of the month the second and first division sides were entered into the draw for the Copa Argentina. We were drawn away to the first division side Arsenal de Sarandi, a tough opposition from the league above us. I look forward to seeing my side take to the field and show me what they're made of.

Now, with all of the September matches out of the way, and only one loss recorded I can't be too downhearted. Somehow, I am still third on goal difference but joint top on points so I can't be the only team who slipped up.

The high points of the month were the continued improvement of Vandinho until his injury, and of course managing to keep up with the leading pack in the table.

The obvious low point is the blatant fact that we still appear to be struggling to defend set pieces, and still the main training schedule until we show that we are capable of defending them. Losing Mauro Milano for so long after he had just recovered from his injury was unfortunate but we shown last month that we still have depth without him. I am more worried about Vandinho's injury as he is my main goalscorer and I am unsure as to whether we have the firepower to replace him, hopefully I am proved wrong.

With October to now look forward to, I turn my attention to River Plate as we face them on the first of the month, and with players such as Ariel Ortega, Fernando Cavenaghi and David Trezeguet to field against me, I will have my work cut out. However, their current record is played:1 won:2 draw:6. So who knows?
Nice detail in the matches! keep it up!
2012-10-08 06:10#67167 sevannime : Nice detail in the matches! keep it up!

Thanks man, hope you're enjoying the read. First time I have managed in Argentina.
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11 yearsEdited


*I will only be showing the Huracán scorers.
River Plate vs. Club Atlético Huracán
Carlos Arano (River)
FT 1 - 0

Comments: Going down 1-0 early on wasn't pleasant considering it was a penalty, conceded from a corner to top it off. It seems if they don't score from a corner, my players will give them a second chance. After that is was pretty much a back to the walls job and just generally damage limitation. Attackingwise, highly umimpressive. But if we hadn't have given away a silly penalty, we could have got a point.

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Club Atlético Boca Unidos
Alexis Ferrero (Huracán)
FT 0 - 0

Comments: At least it's a clean sheet I suppose. An extremely lacklustre effort on the part of both clubs culiminated in a long boring match. Even the fans seemed to be a lot happier when the final whistle blew.

Club Atlético Aldosivi vs. Club Atlético Huracán
28' Leandro Bonfim
43' Alexis Ferrero
Mariano Fermani (Aldosivi)
FT 3 - 2

Comments: Shoddy defending was the reason for going one down, a simple ball passed between the two centre backs had me livid and yelling from the touchline. The players soon bucked their ideas up and made an almost instant reply. Going into half time we looked comfortable. But on the final run in we had a goal disallowed which was blatantly onside that would have put us out of site, and our heads seemed to drop, despite leading and we let two goals in in quick succession to lose.

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Club Atlético Atlanta
22' Javier Cámpora
54' Alexis Ferrero
70' Javier Cámpora
80' Luciano Nieto
Luciano Nieto (Huracán)
FT 4 - 0

Comments: Finally something to shout about! A very enjoyable four nil victory and finally Cámpora looks like he could fill Vandinho's boots, the day the top goalscorer resumes light training. An impeccable display by my team saw us romp to victory, Nieto was back to his start of season form, and captain Alexis Ferrero continues to lead by example.

Club Ferro Carril Oeste vs. Club Atlético Huracán
53' Leandro Bonfim
81' Vandinho
Luciano Nieto (Huracán)
FT 2 - 0

Comments: A couple of days before the start of the match the pressure is on Javier Cámpora to perform once more as I revealed in a news conference that Vandinho will be on the subs bench for the match. Early in the second half Nieto shown incredible craft and vision to find Bonfim who had an easy to finish to put us ahead. After an average game from Cámpora I decided to bring on Vandinho with fifteen minutes to go and the little maestro shown what we have been missing as he slotted home a Lucian Nieto cross who also had a very good game.


October out of the way and that was by far the toughest month I have had so far in my career, but ironically I have managed to climb up to second and remain three point off of first place. We must not be the only team suffering a blip of form.

The high points of the month was the end to the month. After a shakey start and middle of the month we ended with two wins on the bounce. Alexis Ferrero, the captain and main centre back has been putting in performances at both ends of the pitch. Luciano Nieto has been shining through picking up two man of the match performances, and Vandinho's re-emergence from injury resulting in a goal was another particular highlight.

The obvious low point was the lacklustre start to the month, but I'd rather have started it that way than end it that way. Bring on November.


*I will only be showing the Huracán scorers.
Club Atlético Huracán vs. Club Atlético Chacarita Juniors
84' Javier Cámpora
90+2' Javier Cámpora
Javier Cámpora (Huracán)
FT 2 - 2

Comments: Abysmal defending led to us conceding the oppositions only two shots in the whole match to send us 2-0 down before half time. Vandinho was missing left, right a centre and it became too much for me, so I substituted him after 70 minutes, much to the dismay of the fans. Cámpora replaced him however, and went on to be the saviour of the match. Giving me a much needed dilemma as to which striker to pick for the next match.

Club Atlético Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy vs. Club Atlético Huracán
29' Javier Cámpora
58' Luciano Nieto
Luciano Nieto (Huracán)
FT 0 - 2

Comments: Going into this match I decided to give Cámpora the start he earnt after his last performance. The change proved vital as Cámpora had a brilliant display and could have got man of the match if it weren't for the superb display yet again of Lucian Nieto, creating one and scoring one. A good display to watch, especially after last weeks disappointment.

Club Social y Deportivo Merlo vs. Club Atlético Huracán
7' Leandro Bonfim
41' Leandro Bonfim
45+1' Leandro Bonfim
47' Javier Cámpora
Leandro Bonfim (Huracán)
FT 2 - 4

Comments: Conceding through a set piece early on I was worried it would be another one of those games where the defence falls apart. But minutes later, Bonfim capitalised a maizy Javier Yacuzzi run to set us level, and just before half time Luciano Nieto yet again shows his class as he takes on two players before setting up Bonfim for his second. Bonfim got his hatrick in the first half after slotting home an Élder Granja cross to send us in 1-3 up at half time. In the second half, Bonfim turned creator setting up Javier Cámpora to continue his scoring run. Clumsy defending once again, as we allow Merlo to catch us on the break and they score an easy tap in.

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn
90+2' Cristian Sánchez Prette
Javier Yacuzzi (Huracán)
FT 1 - 0

Comments: In a match full of missed opportunities despite dominance, I thought we were going to have to settle for a goalless draw, before Sanchez Prette popped up with a dubious winner. The goal was blatantly offside, which I revealed in the press conference saying "that's football". Over the whole match I feel we deserved the win so I don't think it was a smash and grab, even if it does seem like one.


That's November through with, and I have my first undefeated month since August. With that recent run of superb results, we have managed to remain second in the league, closing the gap to just one point off of the leaders.

The high points were pretty much the whole month. We only struggled to score in one match, and took until the 92nd minute to get the job done, but a win is a win. We are scoring freely and beginning to be able to get to grips with defending set pieces. Another thing to point out is Javier Cámpora finding his scoring boots and keeping Vandinho out of the starting eleve.

There weren't too many low points other than the defending in the first match. But onwards and upwards. We are right where we want to be. Let's keep this form through December and go into our winter break high in confidence.


*I will only be showing the Huracán scorers.
Club Atlético Huracán vs. Club Social y Deportivo Defensa y Justicia
1' Luciano Nieto
45+3' Rodrigo Battaglia
Alexis Ferrero (Huracán)
FT 2 - 0

Comments: After just 27 seconds, Luciano Nieto nets a move without the opposition touching the ball. The best start I've had to a match in my career. After dominating much of the first half we finally get a second from a set piece in stoppage time, Battaglia with his first of the season. The second half we were the most dominant throughout but, we were not able to capitalise on any of our chances.

Copa Argentina 5th Round
Arsenal de Sarandí vs. Club Atlético Huracán
35' Javier Cámpora
55' Cristian Sánchez Prette
75' Lucas Nanía
Carlos Carbonero (Arsenal de Sarandí)
FT 2 - 3

Comments: During training the day before Leandro Bonfim suffers a gashed leg and will not be fit for the match first the Primera Division club thus making the chances of an upset all the more difficult. We fell behind in the 5th minute, and then conceded once more in the 11th and I feared for the worse as my players seemed a bit in awe of the players they were facing. But after yelling instructions from the touchline and telling the team they were their equals they stepped up their performance, culminating in a 2-3 win. And Bonfim's replacement scoring the winner. Proud is an understatement.

Quilmes vs. Club Atlético Huracán
Martín Cauteruccio (Quilmes)
FT 1 - 0

Comments: Coming into this game still on a high from our cup win three days earlier we hoped to go into the winter break with a win, but we were soon brought down to earth with a bump as we conceded in the 23rd minute. And it seemed like the cup hangover continued as it was a backs to the walls jobs for the remainder of the match. Luckily, we kept it to the one goal.


At the start of the month, it was announced once more that I was again named Manager of the Month, my second award in my management career. Again, I am more than happy to accept it.
With just a few games played in December I have finally reached the winter break. It was unfortunater that we couldn't win our last match as we could have gone into the break as leaders. But I am just as happy in second place.

The high point needless to say was the defeat of Arsenal de Sarandí. Coming from 2-0 down to beat a team in the league above us was very satisfying.

I can't say the loss was a low point really. Maybe the injury to Bonfim was the lowest point, but he should be back by the time the league starts up again.

Winter Break Transfers

- - Rodrigo Lemos - D/WB (R) - £100k Loan (£100k extra to make permanent) - Club Nacional de Football
Just the one player lost and a good deal in my personal opinion. Rodrigo was in the first team squad but had not managed to break through this season, and after expressing his determination for first team football. Nacional swooped in to bring their compatriot home and I managed to negotiate a good deal considering he is valued at £54k.

Winter Break Friendlies

*I will only be showing the Huracán scorers.
Cerro Largo Fútbol Club vs. Club Atlético Huracán
25' Mauro Milano
Danilo Porley (Cerro)
FT 1 - 1

Club Atlético Unión de Santa Fé vs. Club Atlético Huracán
51' Vandinho
56' Cristian Tavio
Martín Pautasso (Huracán)
FT 0 - 2

Club Atlético Huracán vs. Arsenal de Sarandí
Ezequiel Filippetto (Huracán)
FT 0 - 0

Victoriano Arenas vs. Club Atlético Huracán
41' Cristian Leiva
46' Javier Cámpora
90' Luciano Nieto
Héctor Desvaux (Huracán)
FT 1 - 3

A good run in the few friendlies that we took part in. Extremely pleased to see us face two Primera Division clubs, defeating and drawing with them. That seems to hold us in good stead if we get promoted this season. Confidence is high.

One minor thing to mention is that despite my strict wage structure and not having spent a penny, the club is contsantly losing money thanks to loans taken out. We are currently paying back £400k a month, resulting us losin around £320k every month. The cash injection below will help a great deal, but I don't think it will be long before it's all gone and I could be forced to sell my top players.
game crashed mid save, now i cant load it.. not impressed, lol. sorry to end it here.

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