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Fm shortlist different in Genie

Why are my choices ignored in genie?
Started on 10 October 2012 by britpol
Latest Reply on 11 October 2012 by britpol
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Hi everyone,

One quick question please. I.m saving my shortlist in FM 2012. For instance 15 year olds only. I save it and then open it in Genie. It opens OK but the players are all ages. Not the ones I saved. Yes I carefully checked the name of the list before opening so it is the correct one.

Is this normal and if so, why do we need Genie, if indeed you do, to check them?

Thank you in advance,

1) U need to save the shortlist in FM (like u did)
2) Go to the shortlist (in fm) --> export shortlist
3) Then go to genie and import the exported shortlist.

Hope it helps
Hi Furr,
Thank you for your help my friend. I assume you mean open the shortlist in fm- then export. Where do I click to export it? I can see nothing that gives a choice to 'Export'.

Thank you.
1) Choose ur seach options (age,value, onrealistic transfer)
2) save as new shortlist (midright)
3) go to shortlist(still in fm) (search-staf search-shortlist- recent viewed players)
4) when u are in the shortlist u just saved select shorlist on midright (pulldown) and select export shortlist
5) start genie and load the exported shortlist not the one u saved earlierer.
Thank you Furr. I'll try to make it work.


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