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Finished - [Recruitment] Polished standard logos megapack

Join forces with and be part of what can become the most popular logo pack for the game.
Started on 11 October 2012 by Stam
Latest Reply on 5 December 2012 by or.dabool
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
11 yearsEdited
The time is now right for our community to work on our own logos megapack for the game. We know there are a few megapacks already out there, but we want to make this effort and produce this pack for 3 reasons.

1. We prefer standard style logos. So a slightly polished style would be perfect.

2. Other communities force people to register or even pay to download their packs. This is against our policy.

3. We enjoy team work, it rises out community spirit. We want you to be part of this.

OK now you know why we're doing this. If you want to help and be part of what could be the most popular logos megapack for FM13, then is the topic where you get to 'register' your interest for the leagues or countries you want to be assigned on.

How you can help

There are 2 ways you can help.

(1) Gather club and competition logos in their original form.

(2) Do (1) then use your Photoshop skills to create the finished logos, ready for use in-game.

Requirements for (1)

Size: Logos must be at least 180 pixels in either width or height.

Format: It's best to find logos with transparent background, so PNG format is perfect. Try to find logos without white noise. If you can't find such logo for certain teams, go for a white background one.

How exactly is that polished standard style?

Check out the AC Milan logo below.

League Assignments

Below you see the list of all playable leagues on Football Manager by country. When we assign someone to a league, his username will be added next to it. This way you will know which leagues you can't request to be assigned on.


South Africa: National First Division, South African Premiership [done] or.dabool


Australia: Hyundai A-League [done] eray61
China: First Division, Super League [done] or.dabool
Hong Kong (China PR): First Division [done] eray61
India: National Football League [done] eray61
Indonesia: Premier Division, Super League [done] eray61
Malaysia: Premier League, Super League [done] pichupoo
Singapore: S-League [done] or.dabool
South Korea: N-League, K-League [done] or.dabool


Austria: First Division, Premier Division [done] or.dabool
Belarus: First League, Highest League [done] eray61 + or.dabool
Belgium: Third Division, Second League, Pro League [done] or.dabool
Bulgaria: “B” Group, “A” Group [done] BAHKATA
Croatia: Second Division, First Division [done] eray61
Czech Republic: Second Division, First Division [done] eray61
Denmark: Second Division, First Division, Superliga [done] ostjan
England: Blue Square Bet N/S, Blue Square Bet Premier, npower League 2, npower League 1, npower Championship, Premier Division [done] or.dabool
Finland: First Division, Premier League [done] or.dabool
France: CFA, National, Ligue 2, Ligue 1 [done] or.dabool
Germany: Third Division, Second Division, First Division [done] or.dabool + carTOON
Greece: National B Division, Superleague [done] or.dabool
Holland: Jupiler League, Eredivisie [done] or.dabool
Hungary: Division II, Division I [done] eray61 + or.dabool
Iceland: First Division, Premier Division [done] eray61
Ireland: First Division, Premier Division [done] or.dabool
Israel: National League, Premier League [done] or.dabool
Italy: Serie C2, Serie C1, Serie B, Serie A [done] or.dabool
North Ireland: Second Division, First Division, Premier Division [done] eray61
Norway: First Division, Premier Division [done] ejay
Poland: First Division, Ekstraklasa [done] eray61
Portugal: Second Division, Second League, Premier League [done] or.dabool
Romania: Second Division, Liga 1 [done] eray61
Russia: First Division, Premier Division. [done] eray61
Scotland: Third Division, Second Division, First Division, Premier League [done] eray61
Serbia: First League, SuperLeague [done] eray61
Slovakia: Second Division, First Division [done] eray61
Slovenia: Second League, First League [done] eray61
Spain: Second Division B, LIGA adelante, LIGA BBVA [done] or.dabool
Sweden: Second Division, First Division, First Division Elite, Premier Division. [pending] ostjan
Switzerland: Swiss Challenge League, Swiss Super League [done] eray61
Turkey: Turkish Second Division, Turkish First Division, Turkish Premier Division [done] eray61
Ukraine: Ukrainian First League, Ukrainian Premier League eray61
Wales: Corbett Sports Welsh Prem eray61

North America

Mexico: Promotion League, First Division [done] or.dabool
U.S.A.: MLS [done] or.dabool

South America

Argentina: Second Division, Premier Division or.dabool
Brazil: Third Division, Second Division, First Division [pending] maverickzh1
Chile: First Division B, First Division [done] or.dabool
Colombia: Second Division, First Division [done] or.dabool
Peru: Premier Division [done] or.dabool
Uruguay: Second Division, First Division [done] or.dabool
You didn't have to put up the flags. :P

I've done method 1> for the Indian I-League and the Bundesliga.
I have Romania Liga 1 done. Will upload later this evening for me (early tomorrow for most of you in Europe) when I get to where I can zip.

Stam - Will begin Scandanavia including Iceland, etc.
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited
i'll take israel..
Enjoy :) what next?
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited
im taking Peru for Andrew
Finished Peru. can mark as done.
Taking Spain now. Spain is done :)
done with MLS too.
taking Italy now. Finished with Italy :) Serie C1 and C2 wasn't easy but I finished.
gonna take Finland now for Rookie. Done with Finland :)
Since I already did Spain and Italy, I'm taking England. Top 3 nations :)
Finished England as well.
Portugal coming up next. annnnd, DONE :)
did Mexico as well. Taking Greece now for stam :)
and Greece is done :) Anyone got requests?
Taking Holland. done with Holland.
France up next. done with France.
BAHKATA's avatar Group BAHKATA
11 yearsEdited
I'm from Bulgaria and I can help for my country ;)
ready with BG :) :) tell where to send :)
I would like to help, I can take Denmark and Sweden :)
Good work or.dabool!!
@BAHKATA: Nice! Go ahead, I'm assigning you on it.

@ostjan: Thanks for your interest! You may start.

Both of you, when ready with a country make a zip/rar/7z of it and PM it to me. You can use mediafire to upload. Don't post links here in public because other sites are always on the lookout stealing everything they can.
Hereby requesting the brazilian leagues, sir. Series A, B, C, Regional Championships, Cups and s***. Awaiting task assignment.
2012-10-16 12:07#67618 rush2513 : Good work or.dabool!!
Thank you :) and nice to see more users volunteer!
@maverickzh1: Great :) You have been assigned to Brazil!
When do you think you'll have them ready?
BTW im taking Ireland and China..
i am taking malaysia league. :)
i'm in! :D ,dunno what nation to choose so,guess you have to assign one to me

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