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Will beta saves be playable after release

Will they benefit from the last game patch ?!
Started on 14 October 2012 by salmuth
Latest Reply on 19 October 2012 by Sharps
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salmuth's avatar Group salmuth
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Sorry if this has been discussed but I couldn't find answers with the search tool.

As many of you (I believe), I preordered the game.

Now I'm wondering if the 1st saved game I'll play will be running after the release as good as any game I start after the release.
To make it clearer, we're all used to realize the winter patch that our current save that if we want to enjoy the new improvements (mostly bug fix) to the game (except for last transfers and other data updates), we need to start a new campaign. Will it be the same for the beta version ?

Will it be, in the end, a big demo to try things out on a longer run, than on the demo, before release date ? (If yes, it's still pretty nice to have this opportunity, I'm sure everyone will enjoy it)
Or do I see things from the wrong angle ?!

I've been in many betas for online gaming, I know that wipes happen. But here it is more about compatibility with the latest patched version that bugs me.

- tried my best english, hopefully you guys got my point -
Yes, any save-games you start on the beta version will continue on the final game release. In fact your game should be automatically updated from beta to final on 2 November (given that your Steam client is in online mode).
hi....i know beta is released friday but when will it be available to download at midnight,wich is like thursday night...i cant believe i cant wait for a game...
I was going to say I would suspect so as in previous versions any save started on the demo could be carried into the full version.

Thanks Stam though for full confirmation.

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