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When will i get my Code for fm 13 Beta. with just over 12hrs to go

Started on 18 October 2012 by George Gay
Latest Reply on 19 October 2012 by TommRose
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With just over 12 hours to go i still havent had my code for FM13 Beta... when will i expect to get this code? and will there be a sperate bit on steam to down load the beta? or is there somewhere i have missed that i can download it now? any help would be great.
I believe anyone who pre-ordered the game through Steam will have the beta installed automatically when it's released. Provided they have their computer turned on and connected to the net. As for other pre-orders I'm not sure and thought they would be sent a beta code at midnight?
George, I have already answered to your questions on our live chat. I'll repeat here for anyone having this question.

We have started sending out Football Manager 2013 codes to our customers around 1pm GMT, most of them have already received theirs.
ollieman1998's avatar Group ollieman1998
7 yearsEdited
I pre-ordered my Football Manager 2013 from GAME, saying they will send their codes out every Thursday. it is now 15:52pm GMT and I haven't received mine, anyone know when I should roughly receive it?
Ollie, we talked about it on the live chat. Normally you should receive your code by the end of the day. Next year consider buying the game from our store instead, we give added value and reply to everyone fast :)
Kraiden's avatar Group Kraiden
7 yearsEdited
I got my code today at 14:14 CET.
I put the code in Steam and it works, can start downloading with Steam as soon as it unlocks.

EDIT: Beta released, playing it now. Have fun all!
I ordered mine from Tesco Entertainment 2 days ago,i got an e-mail today saying Tesco Entertainment has now moved to Tesco Direct and your order will be delivered as normal but no more e-mails will be sent about this order.So how do i get my activation code now.
I received my code from GMG today, downloading now. Cannot wait :)
I've pre-ordered through amazon. Anyone know how getting the code from them works? Desperate to get in on the action.
Pre-ordered mine on 28th September and as of 0948 on friday i have still not received an email with an activation code.

any idea when this will happen.
I ordered mine of FMscout today, how long should i expect to wait before my code is e-mailed? Minutes? Hours? Days? I'm not being impatient just wondering, thanks.

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