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4 Star and Higher Coaches
Started on 20 October 2012 by Khejan
Latest Reply on 8 September 2013 by Allyn96
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11 yearsEdited
Hi, this is my first time posting here. I've not seen any post's/threads as of yet with regards coaching staff since FM 2013 went into Beta, so if there is one and I've been a complete idiot and overlooked it, I apologise. If not, then I hope this post is as useful as it can be, and helps fellow football fans kick start their career's in FM 2013.

Below is a list of 4 star or higher coaches, that I have come across so far.

5 Star
Paul Winsper - Fitness
Flavio Trevisan - Fitness
Oscar Rodriguez - Goalkeeping
Antonio Pintus - Fitness
Fábio Mahseredjian - Fitness (4.5* Tactics)

4.5 Star

Mike Rigg (Ball Control)
Mark Howard (Ball Control)
Francesco Chinnici (Ball Control, Shooting, Set Pieces)
David Court (Defending, Tactics)
Danny McGrain (Defending, Tactics)
John Versleeuwen (Defending, Tactics)
Gianni Vio (Shooting)
Jeffrey Talan (Shooting)
Michele Salzarulo (Tactics)
Hermann Gerland (Tactics)

Francisco Ayestaran - Defending, Fitness (4 star - Attacking)
Rodolfo Borrell - Ball Control, Shooting (4 star - Attacking, Defending, Tactics)
Antonio Torisi - Fitness
Paulo Batista - Tactics, Defending
Marco Squarizzi - Fitness
Christophe Lollichon - Goalkeeping
David Platt - Attacking (4 star - Shooting, Ball Control, Tactics)
Warren Joyce - Defending (4 star - Tactics)
Mike Phelan - Defending (4 star - Tactics, Ball Control)
Eric Steele - Goalkeeping (Shot Stopping, 4 star - Handling)
René Meulensteen - Ball Control, Shooting (4 star - Tactics, Attacking)
Silvino Louro - Goalkeeping
Sergio Zanetti - Attacking
Wim Teunissen - Tactics
Marc Wilmots - Shooting
Jon Webb - Fitness
Joe Corrigan - Goalkeeping
Tony Coton - Goalkeeping
Aíton Serafim - Goalkeeping
Salvino Damiao - Goalkeeping
Andy Crosby - Tactics, Defending
Michael Linderman - Fitness
Jairo Lopes - Fitness
Carlos Pracidelli - Goalkeeping
Claudio Maiani - Goalkeeping
Paolo Orlandoni - Goalkeeping
Fernando Resende - Goalkeeping
Graziano Vinti - Goalkeeping
Fausto Salsano - Attacking

4 Star
Rubén Sosa - Shooting
Anselmo Sbraglia - Shooting, Defending, Attacking, Ball Control, Fitness
Bobby Mimms - Goalkeeping
Mauri Lima - Goalkeeping
José Mário Campeiz - Fitness
Ivan Juric - Attacking
Mark Morris - Goalkeeping
Dave Parnaby - Defending
Steve Holland - Tactics
Atillo Lombardo - Attacking, Shooting
Massimo Battara - Goalkeeping (Handling)
Fausto Salsano - Tactics, Ball Control, Attacking, Shooting)
Ivan Carminati - Fitness
Tony Strudwick - Fitness
Massimo Bonini - Defending
Andrea Suriano - Defending
Billy Stewart - Goalkeeping
John Achterberg - Goalkeeping
Eric Black - Shooting, Attacking, Defending, Ball Control, Tactics
Giuseppe Tortora - Attacking, Ball Control

I will do my best to keep adding to this list as much as possible.

Cheers mate, this'll be a help to everyone at some point :)
Are they free?
No they're not free unfortunately ;)
Free 4 star staff: Ian Woan (technique coach) and Joe Corrigan (goalkeeping coach)
And you cant forget Tony Coton, brilliant GK coach, Assistant manager. Always sign him for whoever im managing. Think he's free on FM13.
5 star fitness coaches: Jon Webb, Antonio Pintus
4.5 Stars Goal Keepers Coaches: Billy Stewart, John Achterberg
4.5 Stars Coaches: Marc Wilmots(Shooting)
List updated. Managed to find a few more.

Bernard Peters could be on the list, but his current role is Head of Youth Development, and as a coach has 5* in most area's, but he will not step down to a coach role in the first season it seems.
Helpful list! Thanks alot :)
Re-updated the list since the data loss. Will keep adding as often as possible.
Im surprised noone has mentioned Valdir de moraes, joins most top half premier league teams and has 5* goalkeeping an 4.5* for pretty much every other training section. He is also free, listed as a goalkeeping coach.

Johan cruiyff is another one quite high wages though but worth his 4.5* coaching.
I've not listed De Moraes as he's a pain to try and get to sign at the best of times, plus with the new update (at least on my new save anyway) he doesn't appear. Also with Cruijff, he tends to retire after the first season (Again not on my new save either so dunno where he's gone to).
Updated with new coaches. I know it's been a while, but apologies. Hopefully this will continue to help people who do not use GS13, or a starting new while waiting for GS to update.

Most of these coaches do eventually become 5* but not all.

Enjoy =)
Really helpful list! Thanks alot
Thanks Khejan! This Coaches List has been more than helpful! Also very cool that you've been keeping it updated as SI updates FM 2013. Thanks again! You rock!


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