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A.C. Milan – True Legends Never Die

Started on 21 October 2012 by or.dabool
Latest Reply on 31 August 2013 by Joel
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sounds like a storm is building at the san siro, lets hope everything remains intact.
"No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Just Paolo Maldini posing for H&M in a slightly gay fashion...

Great update, bringing even more reality and vividness to this story!
2012-10-29 20:58#69092 The FM Rookie : "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Just Paolo Maldini posing for H&M in a slightly gay fashion...

Great update, bringing even more reality and vividness to this story!

lol, that was supposed to be a serious pose! :)
Created a facepack for my squad, just for fun :D

Nice pic man! Might have to ask you for some for Liverpool! lol
Wonders if the next headline will be "My strikers are revolting" :P

I say that half in jest though because I have always have trouble with Italian strikers, particularly the ones which are backups.

Hope the move works for you though.
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

Second league match

Pre-Match team talk:

"Alright guys. Today we have Fiorentina away. Fiorentina are never easy, and I expect it to be a hard game for us. But I also expect you to perform! I chose to go with 3 strikers today. El Shaarawy, Pazzini and Robinho, are you up to the task?"

"Yes. We trained real hard and we want to show what we got today."

"Good. Now go out there and make history!"

Jim Proudfoot: "Hello, my name is Jim Proudfoot and alongside me today is Stewart Robson to describe you Serie A action."

Stewart Robson: "It's a wonderful feeling to be here today. Fiorentina host last year's runners-up A.C. Milan for a really interesting game."

Jim Proudfoot: "Milan have secured a win in their first game against Siena, but the goal came in the 92' minute."

Stewart Robson: "Clearly, Milan needs to do some work with their strikers. Paolo Maldini need to show that he can not only defend, but also attack. Here are the line-ups for today:"

Jim Proudfoot: "Maldini is choosing to put 3 men in front this time. He's hoping this will increase the amount of goals."

Stewart Robson: "On the other side Fiorentina are putting 5 men in the middle. They are looking to control this game."

0' Kick-off: JP "ACF Fiorentina kicks off."

3' Pazzini - goal: JP "Boateng with a good ball to Abate. Abate with the cross and Pazzini dive! HE SCORES!!" SR "Well, Maldini did it. Instead of waiting to the 92' minute they score in the third. What a start!"

9' El Hamdaoui - saved: JP "El Hamdaoui with a long shot! And Abbiati manage to save." SR "They are under pressure now after conceding so early."

12' Pazzini - miss: JP "Robinho takes the corner. Pazzini's header! Just outside." SR "So close to his second. Pazzini is really threatening today."

16' Pazzini - goal: JP "Nocerino heading the ball down to Robinho. Robinho finds Pazzini. Pazzini with the volley! WHAT A GOAL!" SR "He is simply unstoppable when he plays like this! 2-0 Milan!"

22' Pizzaro - yellow card: JP "Pizzaro pushed El Shaarawy and it's going to be a yellow card." SR "They are frustrated out there, but they have to be less aggressive."

30' Pazzini - saved: JP "Nocerino with a cross into the box. Pazzini headed it towards goal! Oh, and what a save by Viviano!" SR "They can't keep allowing him this kind of space! It's a matter of time until he gets his third."

32' El Hamdaoui - goal: JP "Seferovic with a cross. El Hamdaoui finds the net!! WHAT A HEADER!" SR "They managed to go back to 2-1. Can they equalize now?"

33' Robinho - goal: JP "Abate bring a low cross. Robinho from a tough angel. HE SCORES!! Milan are back to a 2 goal lead straight away." SR "What a way to answer his critics!"

38' El Shaarawy - goal: JP "de Jong finds El Shaarawy in the box. El Shaarawy!!! HE SCORES!" SR "Milan are just dominating today. Fiorentina have no chance."

45' HT: JP "What a first half we had here! Milan are leading 4-1 at the moment" SR "Everyone said their attack is weak. They are proving everyone wrong here."

46' Kick-off: JP "A.C. Milan gets us underway again."

54' de Jong - yellow card: SR "de Jong just grabbed Della Rocca there and he deserves the yellow"

56' Substitution: JP "Pasqual is coming on for Llama" SR "They have to try to get back to this game with everything they got"

59' El Hamdaoui - goal: JP "Valero pass to El Hamdaoui. El Hamdaoui gets clear. El Hamdaoui SCORES!! WHAT A GREAT GOAL!!" SR "That's his second today and maybe it's too soon to write off Fiorentina."

70' Robinho - goal: JP "Robinho with the ball. PASS ONE, PASS TWO, AND IT'S IN!! what a brilliant piece of play from Robinho!" SR "What a great goal. This what the true Robinho can do. We just have to hope that he can keep up like this"

70' Substitution: JP "Cuadrado comes on for Aquilani and Pizarro comes on for Savic." SR "Now they are just looking to pass this game as soon as possible"

91' El Shaarawy - goal: JP "Boateng with a good goal for Robinho. Robinho with the shot! Viviano parries it. Oh wait, it's got to El Shaarawy! EL SHAARAWY SCORES!" SR "Good movement from him to be free to get the ball."

93' FT: A.C. Milan won 6-2!

Game highlights:

Post-Match team talk:

You have been superb out there today. You showed everyone that ever doubted you what you got. I'm very proud in you guys.

Thank you, Sir.

Please, call me Paolo.

Last update: No more mr. nice guy
Next update: A.C. Milan announce planned youth facilities work
The slapping of your strikers obviously worked - now you slap your keeper and defensive line for letting 2 goals in! :D
2012-10-30 16:59#69222 Kiwi : The slapping of your strikers obviously worked - now you slap your keeper and defensive line for letting 2 goals in! :D

I'm not a fan of the slapping type. But if it will keep like that, yea. Why not give them a spank every now and then? :)
Nicely done or, that's a huge result against Fiorentina, hope you can keep it up :)
2012-10-30 17:12#69225 tango602 : Nicely done or, that's a huge result against Fiorentina, hope you can keep it up :)
Thanks, tango. I hope so too. My strikers showed great quality this game and that means that they CAN be great.
Man great 6-2 win am loving the story Keep going
stunning win! Keep it up man!
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

A.C. Milan announce planned youth facilities work

After the popular manager Paolo Maldini announced his intentions of having a young squad, the board agreed to improve the youth facilities in order to produce young and talentd home grown players.
Players like Stephan El Shaarawy and Mattia de Sciglio already came from Milan's youths. Who will be their next star?

Last update: Second league match
Next update: Champions League groups decided

Champions League groups decided

Group C:
A.C. Milan
Benfica Lisbon
Fenerbahçe S.K.
FC Nordsjælland

Alright guys, we got a normal group. Not too strong and not too easy. We have to pass and I know that we can!

We will do our best Paolo.

Benfica is the strongest opponent, but Fenerbahçe and Nordsjælland are close behind, so don't underestimate them!

Last update: A.C. Milan announce planned youth facilities work

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