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Fantasy Premier League 2012-2013

Updated every week
_Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar Group _Man_u_barmy_army_ 2012-10-23 13:49
gb 2162 posts 24 likes joined Mar 09, 2008
I will start updating you, the FmScout community on the leaders and fallers of this week’s fantasy football. Sorry I couldn’t start from the start of the season, but I had educational commitments :P

So I will round up game week 8 for premier league fantasy football for FmScout:

Matches that took place:

Tottenham 2-4 Chelsea
Fulham 1-0 Aston Villa
Liverpool 1-0 Reading
Man United 4-2 Stoke
Swansea 2-1 Wigan
West Brom 1-2 Man City
West Ham 4-1 Southampton
Norwich 1-0 Arsenal
Sunderland 1-1 Newcastle
QPR 1-1 Everton

Top 20 screenshot

Winners this week out the top 30

(2nd) Sleivdal IL – Bjorn Lomeland – 69 points
(17th) Young4EvraFC – RB – 68 points

Nolan as a captain won these two a ridiculous amount of points, and Sterling also with 11 points stand along deemed to be a good pick.

Losers this week in the top 30

(4th) The White Walkers – David Leen – 29 points
(28th) GRED AAA – ir taking – 31 points

The White Walkers dropped vital points in their race to 1st place, with Steven Pienaar gaining a -1 point due to being sent off, as well as 5 of his players in his entire squad not participated in a game this week.

Key 2 matches of next week

Chelsea vs Man United

With Manchester United playing away, and Chelsea being ahead in the league, this title clash will be an edgy one. And your picks in this game could change you from a loser to winner or vise-versa.

Everton vs Liverpool

The Merseyside Derby also gives another key game this week, in which this could be a fiery affair. So watch out for your Liverpool or Everton player getting a yellow card or possibly even a red one for this game.
man_u_barmy_army: 50k stadium will be like a new experience for u thn :P
A.I.K. ± Black Army: not really:P
A.I.K. ± Black Army: in FM im used to playing at big stadiums
_Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar Group _Man_u_barmy_army_ 2012-10-29 11:55
gb 2162 posts 24 likes joined Mar 09, 2008
Week 9 Round up.

Results of last gameweek:

Aston Villa 1-1 Norwich
Arsenal 1-0 QPR
Reading 3-3 Fulham
Stoke City 0-0 Sunderland
Wigan 2-1 West Ham
Man City 1-0 Swansea
Everton 2-2 Liverpool
Newcastle 2-1 West Brom
Southampton 1-2 Tottenham
Chelsea 2-3 Manchester United

Top 20 screenshot

Winners this week out of the top 30

(7th) Kayu_buruk – amirul affendy – 59 points
(24th) FC Timpor 3.0 – budak kleban – 55 points

3 big picks and bold choices gave Kayu_buruk the advantage this week including Berbatov as captain (12 points) Baird and Bale (7 points ea) and Van Persie with a high 9 points

Losers this week in the top 30

(13th) Blue Mountain State – Joe Podger – 30 points
(2nd) WhySoLeeds – Gan Kaiyi – 31 points

Unlucky for Blue Mountain State this week picking both Ivanovic and Torres (sent off against united) among an average team, with a Tevez captain gaining 12 points as a reprieve.

Key 2 matches of next week

Man United vs Arsenal

One which based on reason results could prove to be an easy win for United, but you never know with Man United’s defensive issues of late it will be up to them to try and keep a clean sheet for once.

QPR vs Reading

A difficult match for under-performing QPR, with a Reading side that scored 3 against Fulham in gameweek 9, I think QPR may snatch this one, as it is a go
man_u_barmy_army: 50k stadium will be like a new experience for u thn :P
A.I.K. ± Black Army: not really:P
A.I.K. ± Black Army: in FM im used to playing at big stadiums
_Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar Group _Man_u_barmy_army_ 2013-02-02 05:19
gb 2162 posts 24 likes joined Mar 09, 2008
Week 24 round up (decided to do the last leg of this being deleted after the site being down and me travelling didn't allow me to update)

Results of week 24

Aston Villa 1-2 Newcastle
QPR 0-0 Manchester City
Stoke City 2-2 Wigan
Sunderland 0-0 Swansea
Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool
Everton 2-1 West Brom
Norwich 1-1 Tottenham
Fulham 3-1 West Ham
Man Utd 2-1 Southampton
Reading 2-2 Chelsea

Top 20 Screenshot

Winners of top 20 this week

2nd Young4EvraFC - Miguel R.B Michu (56 points)
8th Kayu_buruk - amirul affendy (53 points)

Mata, Bale, Walcott, and a few solid good picks, none of which were his captain gave Miguel the 56 points

Worst Performers from the top 20

9th FC Tumpor 3.0 - budak klebang (32 points)
20th Haapsalu Flora - Raiko T hhe (32 points)

Rafael getting 0 points, a gibbs injury forcing him to 1 point there, Wilinson being a weak Defender, and a few other underperformers (BA, and Foster for Haapsalu Flora

Key Games next GW

QPR vs Norwich: could be a game where the tide turns even more so in Harry R's favour, I thing QPR will win this one, and Remy on song?

West Ham vs Swansea: A trip to London for the welsh team, I think this one could be a tight game, but I'd but my fantasy team focusing on West Ham's Strikers I think they hae this one
This post was edited by _Man_u_barmy_army_ (2013-02-02 17:43, 6 years ago)
man_u_barmy_army: 50k stadium will be like a new experience for u thn :P
A.I.K. ± Black Army: not really:P
A.I.K. ± Black Army: in FM im used to playing at big stadiums
Kane's avatar Group Kane 2013-06-30 19:13
gb 1562 posts 163 likes joined Jan 10, 2013

Despite the lack of updates, the final standings for the 2012/13 Fantasy Premier League are here! Just 285 points separate 1st place from 50th place, a very close competition for the year!

The final standings are as follow:

So Nigel Quelch finished top with Carefree FC, finishing with 2,326 points. Just 31 points behind Nigel is Ian B, getting 2,295 points with Fullworks X1. Then in third place is Budak Klebang, who was with FC Tumpor 3.0 and managed 2,263 points. A big congratulations to the top three.

However, the standings were also measured at every quarter, so who came in the top 10 for each quarter?

Quarter One

Bjorn Lomeland took the lead at the end of the first quarter, scoring 568 points with Sleivdal IL.

Quarter Two

Niguel Quelch scored the highest throughout the second quarter, getting a massive 600 points with Carefree FC.

Quarter Three

Ian B scored the highest throughout the third quarter, with Fullworks X1 scoring a brilliant 719 points!

Quarter Four

Nasreey Razali scored the highest throughout the fourth and final quarter, scoring 567 points with Sir Wayne Nasri.

So that's the final standings. Congratulations to everyone, and a massive congratulations to the winner Nigel Quelch!

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