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Custom banners for your stories

If you're writing a story on and you need a custom banner made, just ask me.
Started on 24 October 2012 by Stam
Latest Reply on 17 January 2020 by FmGade
FM King's avatar Group FM King
7 yearsEdited
could i have half english and half Ukraine with Ashton on english and Mila on Ukraine please
Could I please have one for Chelsea with The Reincarnation and Makelele somewhere on there :) Thanks in advance
did those today:

more tommorow!
Fulham F.C. with Brian McBride on it please :D Make it fancy.
Could I have one with Chelsea "The Reincarnation" and Makelele on it :) Thanks
Any chance of doing a Burnley FC one with "This is our Turf" on it. :)
Could I instead have "The Mourinho era returns" and makelele on it :) thanks
Please could I have one for my Hexagon challenge story with the trophies for the champions league of each nation, with the world cup in the middle please?
Hi, would it be at all possible to have a banner saying 'Club Deportivo Tenerife' with their colours as a background?
Hi guys. I'm helping out Or with banners, so to make my life easier, I'm going to ignore all of the above request, because it is difficult to work out which ones Or hasn't or has done. So requests below this post will be done. Thanks TCO.
Thanks TheChosenOne :D

I would really like a Burnley FC banner which says "This is our Turf" and maybe have the club badge on aswell if that isn't too much trouble, thanks in advance. :)
You posted earlier...^
2013-01-08 22:58#76261 monToon : You posted earlier...^

Read the post above my last post. Anyone wanting a banner has to request again.
TheChosenOne's avatar Group TheChosenOne
7 yearsEdited
Burnley FC

Norwich FC

Atletico Madrid

Fulham FC

Kunis and Ashton

AFC Wimbledon

Swansea City
Hi guys, I was wondering if you could do a similar one to the Juventus one with the story name but with Norwich please? The title would be: Norwich: A new driving force in Europe. Thanks in advance guys!

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