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Napoli The Best In The World

Started on 26 October 2012 by 2nd Rookie
Latest Reply on 31 October 2012 by Kiwi
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Sky Sports News
We have just been informed that Napoli have sacked there manager after a bust up in the dressing room with his players he understand that Walter Mazzarri hit two of the players we don’t know what happened to spark this but what we do know is that he has been sacked on the spot by chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis in a sort statement he went on to say that No manager has the right to hit a player our anyone in that manner he is a paid professional and he should act like it if we want to achieve things we need to be like a family so that is why he had to go in terms of a new manager we are looking and will make are final decision close to pre-season thank you for your time.

We understand there are many managers looking to get the job and the bookies Favourite is Fabio Capello but we understand that he is not looking to get back into Management just yet. Next in line is Marcelo Lippi Who said he would really have to think about it if he got an offer. And then we have Didier Deschamps who said if givin the chance he would have to think long and hard about it.

Fabio Capello 5/2
Marcelo Lippi 7/1
Didier Deschamps 12/1
Jason Kavanagh 25/1

With Young Youth Team Manager Jason in the mix and not standing much of a chance you would say this is a 3 horse race we will keep use all posted on this story as it develops.

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Orange Chairman
Red Manager
Black News/Newspaper
Another rookie? good luck anyway! :)

Manager Profiles

Fabio Capello.Capello has the distinction of winning the domestic league title with every club he has coached throughout his career. In his first five seasons as a manager he won four Serie A titles with Milan, where he also won the 1993–94 UEFA Champions League, defeating Barcelona 4–0 in a memorable final. He then spent a year at Real Madrid, where he won the La Liga title at his first attempt, and in 2001 led Roma to their first league title in 18 years. Capello also won two titles at Juventus (which were later stripped after the Calciopoli scandal), and in 2006 returned to Real Madrid, where he won another La Liga title. Overall he has won a major league championship in seven (or nine, counting the two revoked titles with Juventus) of his 16 seasons as a coach. Capello was appointed as England manager in December 2008. During his time as England manager he was successful in tournament qualification, guiding the team to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where they were knocked out in the second round, and 2012 European Championship, where they were knocked out in the quarter-finals (meaning Capello has never won an international knock-out match as a manager). In February 2012, he resigned as manager due to a dispute with the Football Association, before being appointed coach of the Russian national team in July 2012.

Marcelo Lippi. As a manager he won one World Cup title, five Serie A titles, four Italian Supercup, one Champions League, one UEFA Supercup and one Intercontinental Cup.He was named the world's best football manager by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) both in 1996 and 1998, and world's best National coach in 2006.[2] He was the first coach to win the most prestigious international competitions both for clubs and for national teams (the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup in 1996 with Juventus and the FIFA World Cup in 2006 with Italy), a record now shared by Vicente del Bosque.
In 2007, The Times included him on its list of the top 50 managers of all time.

Didier Deschamps winning two French league titles in 1991 and 1992, Deschamps was part of the Marseille team which became the first; and so far only French winners of the Champions League in 1993. Also he was the youngest captain ever to lead his team to the Champions League title when they won. On 8 July 2012, Deschamps was named the manager of the French national team.

Jason Kavanagh is an Irish Youth coach who has been on the rayder of some big clubs to become manager and still only 27 this young Coach wants a chance at the big leagues to show what he has to offer.

More To Come.

Your Hired

Sky Sports

We are here outside Napoli Grounds as were know that all the possible candidates are inside the last 4 hours we are just waiting to hear what Aurelio De Laurentiis the chairman of Napoli football club has to say we heard that it is anyone’s race to become the new manager of the club. In a Statement Yesterday Aurelio De Laurentiis went on to say that all the managers offer something to the club they all have something different and that is what we are after but the question is what is the differents maker who has the little bit more about them and who can lead this club to big things.

Here is Aurelio De Laurentiis With the four men who could be in line to be the new manager of this club Thank you for your time we have come upon an agreement of who will be the new manager of this club and his name is Jason Kavanagh and the reason we have giving the job to someone so young and inexpedience is that is role to get the best out of young players Jason said in the meeting that his goal is to spend little and use youth that got me thinking youth players is what we need are own home grown players to play for the club now we are going to give a transfer budget to Jason as he said he wants to bring in young players also so I hope he can keep to his word and show us talent in are ranks that’s is all from me I will now pass you over to the new manager of Napoli Football Club Mr Jason Kavanagh.

I am delighted to be giving the chance of a lifetime to manage such a big club and to take them forward and I am grateful to the owners and chairman for giving me the chance with little back round about management I will show that I am up to the challenge that is all for now will give Full interview in next few days thank you.

First Day

Sky Sports News
We are hear today to hear from Jason Kavanagh as the new manager of Napoli and hear he is now.

Thank you all for coming today for Mr Kavanagh's First Interview we will answer what use all want to no in terms of a contract we have offered Jason a 2 year deal on 26,000 per week and we feel that is allot for a manager like Jason and we hope with that amount of money coming his way we will just want to succeed hear at Napoli.

Hi everyone as i said i am really happy to be part of the setup hear at Napoli the players and staff are great i wont be letting any of the staff go just yet as i will need help for a few months to get to know things around the club.

In terms of a transfer fund i have been giving 4 Million to spend and to be honest the team we have at the moment is a good one with the four million i have two players in mind and only two and no i cant say who they are yet.

what i hope to do in the season is play attacking football and also finish in a champions league spot with the club and make it to the semi of the cup this season that is all for know thank you for your time.

Thank you for all coming out today and i hope the next time we talk is over a new contract for Jason.

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Transfer News

Sky Sports News
In the latest Transfer News Napoli Boss Jason Kavanagh has beening busy in the last 2 weeks and has brought in 2 players for a combiened fee of 4.3 Million jason said that these two players are going to become great in time and that he is really happy that they acpeted the contract to come and play hear.

Transfers In
Lukas Zima isan 18 year old Goal keeper he came for 1.1 million from Genoa and is one for the future.

Carlos Fierro is a player that allot of clubs have been looking at but Jason snapped him up under there Nose's and is also one for the Future.

Jason has gone on to say that is all he is getting this season as he feels the team is strong enough and he hopes the two new players gel into there system.
Nice story so far! Just as a hint, as I was also warned before, please don't use coloured text so often. It hurts the eyes.
Nice story so far! Just as a hint, as I was also warned before, please don't use coloured text so often. It hurts the eyes.

Pre Season Team News

Tactic 1

I hope to get the best out of my team with this Tactic both in Defence and Attacking football with mixed passing on this should work.

Tactic 2

This is more of a Defence Tactic with Counter Attacks on I will use this When I go up Against the clubs and will hope to counter from Corners Etc.

Tactic 3

This is all about passing and Attacking with short passing on and counter attacks this is for pass and move hope this will work over the course of the season.

Well those are the Tactics I will be using over the course of the season and I hope that they will work.

Now the pre-season I only played two matches in preseason to get the team warmed up for the cup match that is coming up I did not want them to be over tired so here are the matches.

(Away) Arsenal 0-0 ( Draw)
(Home) Wigan 3-1 (Win)

A good two matches for the club and coming in of a 3-1 win is a good results.

Best Players
I have looked ture the team and have picked two players that are going to be a vital part of the team this season and those players are

Marek Hamsik
His Passing and Goals will be vital this season just hope he can deliver this season

Edinson Cavani

His Stays say a lot and his goal scoring is unreal but with Hamsik playing well and deliver them passes Cavani needs him to be on top of his game.

The New Guys

Lukas Zima

Will get a few games this season to get him ready over the next 2/3 years for 1st choice keeper

Carlos Fierro

Will also get a few games to get him ready for the 1st team in a season our 2.

Well that is it for now will update after every five league games please leave a comment on what you think our what you think I should do thanks for reading.
some nice tactics there! Keep it up!

And It Begins

My management stats here with the start of the season and fist on the list was the draw for the Europa League and then a trip to Juventus in the SuperCup Final.

Europa League

Atletico Madrid (Last Years winners)

A tough group for me to come true if i start the players right i should get true this group.

Super Cup Final

Napoli Vs Juventus 5-2 (Lose)
at the start of the game i was feeling good and i thought that we were going to do it and when we took a 2-0 lead after 35 min i was really happy with the way the team played but then Juventus scored in the 44 min and i was not happy going into half time and the 2nd half we were played of the park and the match finished 5-2 allot of work needed to be done for the season.

Seria A

Sampdoria Vs Napoli 3-1 Win (Away)
Napoli Vs Lazio 1-0 Win (Away)
Roma Vs Napoli 3-0 Win (Away)
Napoli Vs Torino 2-1 Win (Home)
Juventus Vs Napoli 0-0 Draw (Away)

A great 1st five games to the league and i am really happy with how the team are playing its a joy for me in be involved with players that are willing to play for me and the club but most of all the fans if we keep this up we will become a hard team to beat over the course of the season. And here is alook at the league table and my best player over the last five Games.

Has really shown his money worth hope he keeps it up.

Europa League

Not the start i had in Mind
At Madrid 1-0 Lose Away
Nice start Jason, keep it going!
It might not be the start you had in mind in the Europa League but you just have to keep fighting for that inch! Come on Napoli!
I agree with Rookie, don't use coloured text so often, my eyes hurt. Also, try using some more fullstops. :P

An Ok Start

So with another five games in the league done the team are playing well but still can improve. With only seven points from the last five games we have let it slip a little but it is still early in the season and I have told the team to start playing better and that places in the team are still up for grabs. I hope after saying that the team will train hard and play even better in games to keep the 1st team spot. But over all I am happy with what we have done so far in the league. So here is a look at the games and the league Table.

Ac Milan (Home) 0-0 (Draw)
Inter Milan (Away) 2-0 (Win) that was a great win for us was so proud of the Team.
Palermo (Home) 4-1 (Win)
Catania (Away) 2-1 (Lose) the 1st league los of the season not happy.
Parma (Away) 1-0 (Lose) I have told the team that players will be dropped if they don’t turn this around.

As use can see the last two games were not are best games and I told the players they must do better. Now here is a look at the league table.


Europa League
I just can’t get true to the players when we are playing in the Europa League. it’s just as if I am talking to myself. We play great football in it but just can’t get the win we have 5 Points out the 1st Four Games and any of us can go true I just have to make sure we win are next two.

Rosenborg (Home) 3-0 (Win)
Gladbach (Home) 1-1 (Draw)
Gladbach (Away) 2-2 (Draw)

Team News
The only bit of team news is that Miguel Mritos is going to be out with a fractured wrist for the next 3 to 4 weeks as been playing really well for me and wish him a fast recovery.

Best Player
My best player over the last Five league games and who as showed great improvement is Carlos Fierro. With Pandev not playing well at all Fierro is the man to come on for him and when he does. he plays some great football with 3 goals already to his name its hard not to start the young Striker.

Thanks For reading Guys Let me Know what use think will update again in five more league games.

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