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Napoli The Best In The World

Started on 26 October 2012 by 2nd Rookie
Latest Reply on 31 October 2012 by Kiwi
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2012-10-29 02:56#68943 2nd Rookie :
2012-10-29 02:54#68941 The FM Rookie : Well done man! The effort you have put in to this story is really showing! And congrats on 1000 views too! :P
thank you i tough when i started it was all about the resluts but after reading your story and Or's i see i can do alot more with this and i plan on doing that now
The most important thing is that you make your story unique in its own way. or.dabool puts a lot of effort in to displaying his passion in his story, while I display (or try to anyway) my determination and boldness. Use the trait which defines you the most! I'm a Whelan, or is a Maldini. What are you? What do you want to be? That's what we want to know.

Lazio Vs Napoli

Lads the time is hear for use to start your legacy forget about the past we all start fresh right here right now. In 45 minutes we are going to walk out on that pitch with are heads held high and were teams colors with pride and respect. I don’t give a fuck that the papers are saying we are not good enough our that the players are not playing the only thing I care about is you guys and how you turn all this around. Lads the last time Napoli won the league was what year yes see use all know the answer people remember that 1990 23 years lads now go out there and show everyone that we can do it again so them what use are made off.

Post Match Interview

Sky Sports News- Mr Kavanagh you go into this game with your team not playing well. And up against a strong Lazio team what do you plan to do.

Mr Kavanagh- who said my team is not playing well did I say that. I don’t think I did my team is sitting in 4rt in the league. Yes he can improve and we will I have faith in that and you can mark my words you have not seen the real Napoli. Now to be honest I don’t want to waste my time talking here and getting salted so thank you.

Sky Sports News- Ok thank you

Half time Team Talk

Lads what am I seeing out there it looks like a bunch of school kids trying to kick a ball around. What I have said have any of use taking any of that in cause it looks like you just fucked it back in my face. I try to be Reasonable with use but use don’t make it easy on me there is going to be changes to this team Cavani I am taken you of Torres you’re going on Hamsik you two of. If you don’t play for the team then that’s it your time is up hear. Now for the rest of use you are 1-0 down what are use going to do about it. Are use going sit there with your heads down our are you going to pick them up and get out there and do something. Where are uses going Boss That was the bell sit down I am not finished. Now I want use to play like this is the last league game of the year and we need to win for champion’s league now get out there and show me something else.

Full Time

Look lads that was a lot better that half we showed what we can do. We did not give Lazio a sniff in that half adnthe ref made some bad calls and the cross bar saved them twice. Now lads into the shower.

Lazio 1 Napoli 0

Full Time Interview

Sky Sports News – Mr Kavanagh another loss today and Lazio played good football was your team not able to cope with it.

Mr Kavanagh- Sorry what yes I agree we did not play well in the 1st 45 but did you see the 2nd 45 lazio did not get a sniff and with 12 men on the pitch it was a bit hard to take are chances.

Sky Sports News- Sorry a 12 Men

Mr Kavanagh Yeah 12 men 11 players and one ref it was a joke there has to a bigger ref for big games like this not a Sunday school boy league ref in such a big game that is all bye.

After my remarks at the end of the Lazio game I got a fine and had to make an apology witch I did not want to make so I was also hand a one match ban. Its about time we started to speak are minds and not get punished for something we no is right.
And just to add to Rookies comments, the best way I have found to keep people hooked and viewing the thread is to master the art of telling the story in such a way that you yourself (not your manager character) don't find it a chore to keep updating.

That way you can commit to regular updates and you build yourself an audience that way.

The only thing I can really add is that if you do get sacked, just load different leagues and pick up another managerial post within the same career.

It happened to me when I was in the Championship in England, and I went on to greater things in Spain. So don't let Napoli define your managerial career, let it be a start.

2012-10-29 03:01#68946 The FM Rookie :
2012-10-29 02:56#68943 2nd Rookie :
2012-10-29 02:54#68941 The FM Rookie : Well done man! The effort you have put in to this story is really showing! And congrats on 1000 views too! :P
thank you i tough when i started it was all about the resluts but after reading your story and Or's i see i can do alot more with this and i plan on doing that now
The most important thing is that you make your story unique in its own way. or.dabool puts a lot of effort in to displaying his passion in his story, while I display (or try to anyway) my determination and boldness. Use the trait which defines you the most! I'm a Whelan, or is a Maldini. What are you? What do you want to be? That's what we want to know.
Like it so far, keep your head down, the results will improve! :D

And I know I'm a bit nitpicky, but I'd love it if you put some more time in fixing the grammar and spelling because it will make it much easier to read and understand!

Men From The Boys

Pre Match Team Talk

Ok lads we have Roma now I want use to go out there and play some great football. I know I have only been here a few months but I want to be here here a few years also and only use can make that happen for me by winning games. Lads think about this Champions League next season. Go out there and play for it. Look I know I am not the best manager in the world no were near it but giving the chance I can be and use could become the Best team in the world now go out there and show me what use can do Everyone one ready.

Team- Yes Boss, come on lads
That’s what I wanted to here.

Half time time talk

Lads that is a great match to watch use are playing the best use have played all season I am so proud of all of use 2-0 up already and we could have scored a lot more lads I want the same again in the 2nd half go out there and don’t give them one minute peace on that ball. If use do that the game is yours for the taken. Just one thing tho lads use have to start playing the ball around faster we are holding on to it way to long. So in the 2nd half pass and move into space.

Things were getting rough and we got a penalty in the 39 minute witch cavani scored.

Cavani scored the 3rd of the game and his 2 the game was over by then.

Full Time
Lads that was great I mean what a game. Use played some great football and the passing and moving in the 2nd half was great. A win like that will show everyone in the league that we mean business well done lads a great game its games like that make me so happy to manage use.

Napoli Fans celebrate a big win

Sky Sports
Jason a great win for you side were has that come from

The team is starting to show belife in themselfs now i knew once they found that they would play some great football.

Sky Sports
And Cavani had a great match today has he found his form, will we be seeing more of him like this scoreing gosls again.

Yes i hope so he is a great player. but it was also a team effort today we played Roma of the park.

Sky Sports
Yes use did a good win well done on a good 3-0 win

Thank you
Great result there. Things are on the up.

The Double

We are going into this game hoping the do the double over Inter Milan. Lads do use want to be able to say that you did the double, we need to win this game this is a must win for us to stay on target. Lads I want use to go out there and show everyone that we can win we can play we are one team, we are Napoli. Lads this is one of the biggest games of the year and we are playing in front of are home fans. In ten minutes lads you go out there as players after 90 Minutes use could come back as heroes now come on lads lets win this one.

Are use ready for this lads

Yes come on lads

His goal separates the teams at half time.

Half Time Team Talk

look lads heads up things have not gone are way but we still have 45 minutes to do something about that. we can turn this game right around. lads all use have to do is believe in yourself and things will happen for use. i remember when i was 16 we were in a Cup Final we were losing 2-0 at half time. things were not going are way and to make things even worse we were playing are rivals which had won the league also. It was up to use to stop them i am going give you the half time team talk that i got that day. WE TRY,TRY,AND TRY AGAIN ONLY THEN WILL WE SUCCEED, Now get out there and show me what use can fucking do.

Hamsik scores in the 63 Minute what a goal 27 yards out no keeper would save that.

in the 89 Minute Cavani with a header what a goal the come back was complete

Full Time Team Talk

Lads that was great what a come back. well done use all deserve that win a great 2nd half that showed that we mean business. if use keep going it will happen lads and use showed that out there tonight i am proud to be around such a great team well done again.

Napoli 2 Inter Milan 1

Near The Finish Line

Ok lads a quick update I am going to start writing my stories a lot better in my 2nd season with a lot more detail as the amount of views I have got in 3 days is class and now I know people are reading my story so thank you. Ok so I have gone on to play seven more league games and I am going to put them all up in this post that will leave me with 8 left in the league.

The last seven games lads were up and down some great wins for us and some really bad loses but as long as we keep are head held high we will get true this. We have being playing really well and to be one spot of champions league shows that just keep you heads up and we will make it.

Vs Torino (Away) 2-1 Win
Vs Palermo (Away) 1-0 Win
Vs Juventus (Home) 4-3 Lose
Vs Ac Milan (Away) 3-2 Lose
Vs Bologna (Away) 2-1 Win
VS Catania (Home) 1-0 lose
Vs Parma (Home) 1-0 Win

So as I said them games were up and down

League Table

Best Player
He just cant stop scoring for me and I hope he keeps it up.

Thanks for reading and sorry this update is not the best. i just want to start my 2nd season so i can put allot more into the story have some great ideas that i think you readers will enjoy.
Well done on finishing your first season, long may your managerial reign at Napoli continue.

End Of Season

With the 1st season over I can’t believe I am going to say this Napoli finished 2nd there best finish in 22 years. And with that the dream of champions league. I also got a new Contract on till 2016 on 32,000 Per Week. The team played so well over the season and I am so proud of them to come true a hard season like that is great.

In other new Manchester City have won The premiership and the champions league and were so close to the Famous treble until Manchester united beat them 3-1 in the final.

Cavani has taken the Seria a top Scorer with 23 Goals.

Here is the league table and my best player thanks for reading

Best Player

My 2nd season I will put a lot more into my story thanks for reading.
Great season you have had, and turning your fortunes, similar to what I did with Liverpool in one of my stories where I was 10th around the early season, and by the end of the season I finished 4th :P

Again, well done, and I will be following. Good luck for your 2nd season mate.

A New Year, New Start To The Top

As I sit down and go over the last season. I look at my team sheet and I know what needs to be improved the defence needs a lot of improvement. So that’s what I plan today. It’s going to be a hard day today as there is also a few players that need a contract and I won’t be giving that out to them.

Broad Meeting

Hi everyone thanks for coming into today. The reasons I have called this meeting a week before players come back from holiday. Is that I want to go over what we need for the new season and what we don’t need.

That’s no problem Jason after a great season with the club were are really interested in what you have to say.

Well thank you. We need to improve the Defence a lot. If we had a stronger defence last season we would have won the league and got out of the group stages of the Europa League. We can score a lot of goals but we also let a lot in. so in terms of transfer Budget I will need about 20 Million to improve this.

Ok we can all see were you are coming from with what you demand. And we completely agree with you that is why we will give you 27 Million. But we want champion’s league football again Next season.

With that 27 Million I can do a lot with the team and really push for the league this season. We also want to get out the group stages of the champions league.

That would be a big finance Boast to the club if you can do that. And we wish you all the best in the new season.

Thank you all for your time.

O and Jason before you go we have a new contract for you.

Thanks very much.

OK we have decided to offer you A 3 year deal on 32,000 per week please take your time to look over it.

There is no need I accept it my love and passion for this club I will accept it thank you.

Well that is great news thank you.


Staff Meeting

Hope use all had a good holiday but now it’s time for it all again scouts I am looking for defenders I have 2 in mind. I want use to go and look at their pre-season and report back to me about them.

Would you like me to get started on the pre-season matches Boss?

No I will handle it I have a task for you. I want you to go over to Boca there is a player there I was looking at. I want him so do whatever you can to hammer out a deal.

Ok sure thing Boss.

Ok that is all for now lads thanks for coming in.

All Over Aagin

So with preseason over and I won all four games so it was a really good pre-season and my scouts after coming back the season is around the corner. So I have signed 5 new players for the team and released 6 and sold 3. The players that I have brought in will add the extra something to the team.

What I want to do this season is simple its win the league. I want that 22 year wait to be over a team like Napoli should not be without a league title anymore. And with the new players it is looking like it might happen this season. I have spent 25 million on players and with the players I have sold 3 for 13 million. So I still have a little spar cash encase I need it.

At the end of the day Napoli are a big team and it is about time that we started to play with the big boys. Aurelio de Laurentis bought this club so that we could win titles.

The players that I have got are

Jorge Correa

A young winger that could break into the 1st time this young lad has Bags of Quality.
Price: Free.

Davide Astori

A strong centre back that will fit straight into the team and at 26 is a great player to have in the squad.
Price: 7.5 Million

Fernando Gomez

Another great young player will play a few games this season and I hope we will break into the team in a season our two.
Price: 5 Million

Matias Silvestre

Another cb and he will fit straight into the team and bring that little bit extra to the back four.
Price: 10 Million

Players Out
Camailo Zuniga 3.1 Million
Walter Gargano 2.2 Million
Luca Cigarni 6.2 Million

Well they are the deals that have been done and there will be known more players brought in. I am looking at a young 15 year old if I like what I see I will pick him up in January. The league starts in 5 days I want the team to be ready for this and show what we can do.

It Starts

So with the season starting my players are fresh and ready to go. I want them to play some great football this season pass and move. with the new players in, i hope we can push for the league tittle. i want are 22 year wait to be over and i want to be the man to do it.

So in my 1st game i went up against Sepezia a team that has been promoted and are looking really well. And i will all so be playing away. i have told the team i want a win we are lot better than this team and we need a good start in the league so go out there and play some great football.

Team Talk

Lads what do use want this season. what do you want to achieve.

We want to challenge for the league boss. we want to show we can do it.

Thats what i wanted to here lads i want use to go out there and show them you mean business now come on.


Sky Sports
Jason with ten minuites till kick off. what are you hopeing to get out of the season.

Thats simple i want to win the league. i want to win everything.

Sky Sports
To win everything thats a big task. what about the players you have got this season.

yes to win everything and the players i brought in will help me do that and they will be starting todays game that is all thank you.


Cavani 33 49
Hamsik 67

Napoli 2 Sepezia 0


A great start to the league from us and i just hope it can continue all the way till the end. the team showed that they can play some great football and hope they keep it up.

The players went on after the game to Model the New Home Jersey.
Great brace by Cavani. Good luck!

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