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"Welkom in de hel van deurne-noord " Antwerp

Started on 26 October 2012 by Dylan
Latest Reply on 31 October 2012 by Dylan
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Antwerp- The Great Old


Royal Antwerp Football club is the oldest belgian football club.
They were founded in 1880.They play in the legendary Bosuil stadium.
The slogan " welkom in de hel van deurne-noord" was born.
The club has a ver hardcore fanbase, it's an old stadium, but the fans, they make it the best stadium in all europe.
The atmosphere in the stadium is awesome, here is a short movie, with the antwerp fans in England.
Watch it, you'll now what i mean :)

Besides the amazing atmosphere antwerp also has a bunch of debt, they were on the edge of going copletely bankrupt
for a couple of times.

Antwerp won the belgian title 4times (1929,31,44,57) and the belgian cup 2 times (1955,92)
Antwerp dropped to the 2nd league in 2004/05 .

i will restore antwerp in their glory.
Good luck, even though they have a link to U*ited ;)

The Policy

As antwerp don't have any money what so ever i'm going to loan a lot of players.
Only the first season, i'll sell the people i consider dead wood.
the staff will stay the same as it's to hard to change it now.


Bébé AMR Man Utd (loan)
Bekoe AML Lierse (loan)
El Araichi DL Francs Borain (loan)
Verbauwhede GK Free

It wasn't a busy transfer window but hey, i don't have any money, i think this squad will push trough to the pro league.

The Squad

normally, i build a squad around the tactic, now i did it the other way around.
I will play basiic, beacuese i don't think I have a squad to do special things.
The tactic:

The 2 DM's are very good players, along with my DL, AML and AMR.

wish me luck

Season #1

As i didn't have money i had 1team, and a couple of shitty back up players.
If i knew my first team was this injury prone, i looked gharder for back up.
Every game at least 2 of my players got injured.
This was the hardest season i EVER played in football manager.
besides this problem, my players didn't understand eachother.
after a couple of games i already noticed this wasn't going to be the season we promoted.
In th 2nd period we started playing better but yhea, then there was the winter break in belgian football.
So i didn't win the first or 2nd period, i would have to win the 3rd to have a chanche for promotion.
Or make a hugeeee comeback and win the title.

the 3rd period started disastrous.. losing 2 games.
But we kept fighting.
didn't matter how much injuries. we kept fighting for promotion.
we failed.
it's safe to say i failed. not the club, me
I would be surprised if they didn't fire me.
we wil be there next season.. stronger, and in 1st place.

Besides not gettin promoted there were good things to.
My GK is a fucking beast, and i'm gonna try to get Bébé again next season.

The lack of discipline was also a problem.
I hope you guys will keep reading after this setback :)
So , where exactly did we end?

knowing that i was in 17th position till november i think we did pretty good.
i got fired.
you're chose, continue? or kill the story?
Continue! Why should a story this great stop because you got fired? Keep it up man!

The new club

I decided to continue, preferably with a job in belgium.
And when the job at antwerp would come free, and i would be a more respected manager,
i will aply.

After a couple of days i got 2 jobs offered
- Espinho in portugal
- Sint-niklaas in belgium (3rd division A)
i accepted the job offer of sint niklaas.


They relegated this season,
I have a transferbudget of 105k
and a wage budget of 7k

let's bring them up


as they just relegated, their squad i waaaay better than most 3rd A clubs.
on then other hand.. they only have 5 players.. :D
so i'll have to make a whole new squad.


Diansangu ST Free
Houtekier DL Free
De Wolf GK Free
De Mol AMC Free
Gevaert DR Free
El Abbadji ST Free
Toko ST Free
Dieu DC Free
Lamlou ST (AMR) Free
Brogno AMR OHL (loan)
Renson DL Free

For some reason some of the transfers i make will take plae on the 1st of july 2014.
don't know why, pretty annoying, cuz then i'll have 10 players suddenly joining the squad.
I only miss an AML, besides that, the squad is complete.

first season update will be up tomorrow

Season #2

Lastminute transfers

Grisez AML La Louvière centre 40k
Vaccaro MC Free
Köse ST Bergen 9k
H'Maidait AML OHL loan
Nahimana ST Free (october)

Squad & tactics

Our Squad is complete, Promotion is the target
I have a pretty decent squad, i think playoffs is reachable.
My 2 wingers ( Grisez,Brogno) will be the main players.
I'm using a very attacking tactic ( as usual)

i also have a backup tactic
wich i will use when players get injured or something like that

Belgian cup

Our first game was in the belgian cup against Diksmuide.
Form the first moment on we dominated them..
grisez got injured for 9-12 days
we won 3-1

The 2nd game in the belgian cup was against Willebroek
again, we dominated..
we won the game 0-3

in the Fifth round i had to play Aginst Antwerp..
AT Den Bosuil..
i immediatly felt obligated to win.. for revenge.
How amazing would that be? beat the team that sacked you in front of their own fans?
But yhea well, today wouldn't be the day..
my team fought brave..
but we lost 3-0

3rd division A

1st period
We started the season good, we lost 3 games out of 8..
many of you think it's alot.. but with a COMPLETELY new squad i think that's good.
beginning october the squad really started to play well. i even tought it was possible to win
the first period.there was 1game i HAD to win if i wanted a chanche to win the 1st period..
the game at Hoogstraten..

Sint-Niklaas VS Hoogstraten

Nahimana's debut
from minute #1 we dominated the game, Brogno and Grisez completely embarrassing the Hoogstraten team.
They didn't even got a chanche to say hi to my goalkeeper..
in the first half we didn't manage to score..In the 2nd hals Hoogstraten got a red card..
Grisez ran down the left flank, crossed the ball, brogno puts it in..
At the end Grisez finished it of..
we won 2-0
we got 3 points.

There was 1 game left in the first period..
and i was 2 points behind from first place.. Olsa brakel had to lose their last game
Turnhout AND waregem had to draw/lose
if i wanted a chanche to win 1st period.

(7th) Wetteren 3-1 Sint-niklaas (5th)
(16th) Geel-Meerhout 2-0 Olsa Brakel (1st)
(9th) Lommel United 3-1 RC waregem (3rd)
(2nd) Turnhout 1-0 RC Mechelen (13th)

As we lost our game we would have lost the 1st period anyway.
I see you are making great progress, and also I like how you try and buy free transfers or bargains, you don't like big spending do you? Do you see yourself spending much in the future?
2012-10-29 20:56#69090 MohamedElleithy : I see you are making great progress, and also I like how you try and buy free transfers or bargains, you don't like big spending do you? Do you see yourself spending much in the future?
i hate big spending, i rather have a lot of good players
then 1 amazing player
my saved game is corrupt :/

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