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Tutti quanti: A Napoli Story

A Napoli FM13 Story
Started on 27 November 2012 by adonis_p
Latest Reply on 1 December 2012 by adonis_p
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Tutti quanti: A Napoli Story

Busted! Walter Mazzarri's underage girls.

July 1st, 2012 – Naples

In a shocking story still vague on details, Sky Sports has learned that Napoli manager Walter Mazzarri has been arrested and charged in what appears to be a complex underage prostitution ring. Sources out of Napoli tell us that Mazzarri was included in a book of regular clients seized just two days ago. Police say that underage Bulgarian girls were brought in to Naples and Rome and that as many as 45 “clients” are either under arrest or sought for questioning.

In a statement released by Napoli, Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis has terminated Mazzarri’s contract immediately and will begin a search for his replacement. “It saddens me deeply to learn of Walter’s involvement with such horrible things. We must begin to heal and move on from the black spot in Napoli history,” said De Laurentiis.

De Laurentiis to use Lottery for new hire!

July 3rd, 2012 – Naples

As more details of Mazzarri’s trysts continue to emerge, Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis has sought to pull focus from the situation in an unusual way. De Laurentiis has announced that a lottery will be held for the position of football manager at S.C.C. Napoli. In short, participants will need to submit a CV and applicants will be awarded “chances” based on their submissions. In theory, the more qualified applicant would have more chances than the lesser. Still, the Chairman has received harsh criticism over the idea, as many have claimed it to make a spectacle of the club.

The deadline for submissions for the lottery will be July 8thth, with a winner to be announced on July 12th at a press conference. “For me, this is the way to heal,’ said De Laurentiis, “A new unproven fresh face to help us move on.”

Lottery winner announced today!

July 12th, 2012 – Naples

Napoli have scheduled a press conference for 2pm this afternoon, when it is expected that they will announce the winner of the lottery to become the next football manager at S.S.C. Napoli.

And the winner is…

July 12th, 2012 – Naples

Adonis Pimp, a 25 yr old from Naples, has won the chance to lead Napoli. As the media scoffed and club officials snickered, Adonis marched up and shook De Laurentiis hand.

“Are you kidding me," shouted a reporter, “Hell I could do better than this kid”

After the jeers subsided, De Laurentiis introduced his new manager. Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke briefly and emphasized that Mazzarri’s name is done and that a fresh new, ambitious face was to now lead.

“He couldn’t even dress himself for a presser”, shouted a reporter alluding to the uncombed hair and boyish looking clothing the young lad wore.

De Laurentiis would drop one reassuring bombshell; not only will over a dozen coaches, physios and staff in general be let go, Pantaleo Corvino would replace Riccardo Bigon as the Director of Football and assist Adonis.

The boy then took the microphone and spoke. Not a hint of nervousness could be found as he almost seemed oddly medicated for the big day.

The questions would come fast and furious:

“Do you know anything about the club?”

“Have you ever played before?”

even… “Do you have a curfew?” and “Did you ask your parents first?”

Calmy the boy would answer each one and he assured everyone that as a lifetime supporter of Napoli, he felt as if this was his destiny. Adonis mentioned meeting with Corvino, and that he felt they would work well together.

Still unable to keep a straight face, many in the press corps would continue the jeers. As the presser would finish, De Laurentiis would rise and reassure everyone that this was his wish for the club and after meeting with Adonis and Corvino, he felt assured over the future of the club.
cool start mate. good luck :)
2012-11-29 09:19#69931 afhp89 : cool start mate. good luck :)

Thanks mate! Loving your Leece story!

2012 Preseason and Transfers

August 22nd, 2012 – Naples

Nearly a month after the demise of Mazzarri and De Laurentiis’ incredible gamble on lottery winner Adonis Pimp, jokes have disappeared for the most part. Napoli supporters have seemed to have written off the club during this whim of their chairman and appear to be waiting for more serious times.

The chairman was said to have given the young manager a goal of finishing in the first half of the table. It’s widely expected they will at least reach the knockout stages of the Europa League as well.

The summer would see a complete upheaval in the backroom. Adonis and Corvino would bring in an impressive coaching and training staff most would rate at 3.5 stars or better (out of 5) at each of their respective categories. 9 scouts were brought in that many feel is now one of the best in Europe. It has been clear that De Laurentiis will open his wallet and provide all the support Adonis will need to succeed.

Summer Transfers


20 young players, most who aren’t highly rated, were sent out on loans across Italy.

AMR/ST Goran Pandev - Juventus 9.5m
CM Blerim Dzmaili - Palermo 4m
DC/R Hugo Campagnaro - AFC Fiorentina 2m
DC Miguel Britos - Palermo 1m


The club has spent around 5m in the summer transfer window after slight wage bill adjustments and the balance of sales from outgoing players.


A mixed bag during the preseason friendlies didn’t reassure the fans. While only a 0-1 loss in an exciting Super Cup match vs. Juventus, the club would draw 3 matches including their final two against Serie C sides Aversa Normanna and Benevento.

In some defense of the young manager, tactical awareness, fitness and getting all newcomers adjusted was seen as a priority.

The Adonis Pimp’s 4-5-1 (4-3-3).

The Formation

The Instructions

In the limited time, Adonis has favored only one style: a pressing shorter quick attack. At certain times during the friendlies and Juventus match, slight adjustments were made to individual instructions. Many in the media and supporters groups have found this style to be very troubling for a young manager in a new club, seemingly over his head. Many have voiced concerns at the need for variety for certain situations. Adonis has firmly disagreed.
i love Napoli, if i ever start a side save in Italy they wil be my team ;D was saddened to the see the deadly trio split but im Cavani and your team and new signings will be enough ;D good luck Adonis
2012-12-01 11:10#70391 MarkKolatowicz12 : i love Napoli, if i ever start a side save in Italy they wil be my team ;D was saddened to the see the deadly trio split but im Cavani and your team and new signings will be enough ;D good luck Adonis

Thanks! Insigne is an absolute beast if you play him the right way in FM13. Some crazy attributes! I tweak his instructions a bit and he is better than Lavezzi in many ways IMO. Vargas is no slouch! I think Napoli is a better play in FM13 than FM12 even and hopefully I can mirror what they are doing in real life right now in Serie A. Thanks for the follow. Cheers!

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