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Making A Name For Myself

Started on 6 December 2012 by 2nd Rookie
Latest Reply on 8 December 2012 by The FM Rookie
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Since I am Irish it’s only fair that I start with an Irish team. I love writing stories and I have got a lot of feedback from you Fellow Mangers. I have not played in a few weeks as my Laptop Broke and I only got enough money in the last few days two buy a new one. I hope use will still follow my stories as I like writing it for use to read. Now let’s Begin.

The CV

My Cv
Name: Jason Kavanagh
Age: 31
D.O.B.: 25 March
Address: 15 Tolka Road Dublin
Nationality: Irish

Playing Experience (Club)
1997-2000 Shamrock Rovers Youth Team
Apps: 89

2000-2010 Shamrock Rovers 1st Team
Forced to Retire With Knee Injury.

2011-2012 Coaching Badges

International Experience
Ireland U21

Ireland 1st Team

Thank you for reading over my Cv I hope to her from use soon.

Well that is what I have sent to a few clubs am just waiting to hear back from them. I know I am a young manager but I hope they can see past that I will let’s use Know what happens.


After sending my cv of to 4 clubs who are looking for a manager I got a reply from three clubs within 24 hours.
The First one was from Longford Town and what they said was.
Unfortunately your job application was unsuccessful we feel there are a lot more managers out there with better Cv’s than yours and your age also came into account we feel you are much too young for the position. But what we can do is give you a role as a coach. If you would like to talk more about the matter please Email us at [email protected]. Thank you.
The Second One Cork City.
Thank you for your recent interest in are advertisement for a new manager. But we are looking for a manager a little bit older and more experience. We will keep you on the shortlist for later dates if anything comes up. Thank you.
The Third One Limerick Fc
Thank you for replying to are Job application to become the manager of Limerick Fc. We see that you have played for a good team and even made played for Ireland. But even with that we need someone with experience so we are sorry to say your application is unsuccessful and wise you the best.

Maybe I am not cut out for this I played football but that does not mean I can manage it. I thought with my back round I could maybe get a chance. I know if I was giving a chance I could become a great a manager and win cups with my teams.( Awwww) who am I kidding maybe it’s just a dream that I can keep dreaming about.

The next Moring I wake up and go out on my run seeing all the friendly Faces put a smile on my face. I go into my local shopping centre in tallaght, The Square always something there to do as I go into O’Brian’s to get a sandwich my stomach making noise’s I order a Chicken Lettuce red onion and cheese. As I sit down to eat my phone goes off, I look at it and it’s an email from Shamrock Rovers, I thought another No so I did not open it.

An Interview

When I get back home I sit down and start the fire put my feet up and an ice pack on my Knee, I take out my phone and look at that email. This Is what It said.

Mr Kavanagh so good to hear from one of are legend’s. And in response to your job application we would like you to come in for an interview on the 12 of January at 9.30. if you can’t make it please lets us know asap so we can change it to what suits. Looking forward to seeing you.

Holy shit I can’t believe it a job interview for my Boy hood team my team that I played for this is a dream chance and I am going to do everything in my power to get the job. I have to start getting ready now it’s only 8 days away.

The Interview

The Interview

As I make my way towards the Stadium for the interview I start to get flash backs of my playing days, and I think to myself I hope I can do the same all over again but as a manager. I am nervous and scared at the same time, think what if I mess this up. But I have to go in there and be 100% true with what I say and show them I mean business.


Jonathan Roche
Jason so good that you could make it. Hope you had an easy time getting hear.

Hi Jonathan yes you never forget your home.

Jonathan Roche
That’s good now please take a seat we will start the interview.

Jonathan Roche
Now Jason us hear at Shamrock Rovers are looking for a man to take control of the team and move us forward why should that man be you.

Well I feel I have a lot to offer to the club, I know what football I want to be played, I am respected by the fans and some of the staff here are hear from when I was playing here so I would know them well also. In terms why should that man be me. That’s simple I am shamrock rovers that runs true my blood and I will not take shit from anyone here if I am giving the job I will want 100% backing from everyone so we can push forward.

Jonathan Roche
Ok In terms of players what do you look at is it youth our older players.

I look at both I feel the youth players can learn a lot from the Older players and how to learn this is to play alongside them and watch how they do it.

Jonathan Roche
If you get the job what can we expect of you as a manager.

Well I am not going to lie I am young and this would be my first Management job so there will be mistakes but I can tell you this the team will win cups and I can back my life on that.

Jonathan Roche
Ok Jason that’s all for now. We will let you know in the next 72 Hours what we have decided thanks for coming in.

Ok thank you for the time just one more thing. It was good to be back in the club I love so much it just feels right. And a lot of things have changed here since I left and I hope I can be hear once again to change again for the good. Thanks again.

As I left the room I thought to myself that went well I did all I could do. Now I just have to sit and wait and keep my fingers crossed that I can get the job.
What happened to Port Vale?
2012-12-06 22:16#71233 manchesterblue97 : What happened to Port Vale?
some stupied fucking shit about not beening able to load the game this is only a new labtop so dont no why its doing this all i want to do is a story without a fuck up hope this one works.

I Got It

As a day goes by I get an email and when I open it I can’t believe what is says. Mr Kavanagh we are happy to say that we all have agreed to start your management hear with us at Shamrock Rovers Football Club. We feel you are the right man to take the club forward and in your interview you showed that you were in command the whole time and that is what we want hear at the club. We hope to see you on the 24rt January at 7.30 to go over your Contract. See you Then Jason

As I make my way to the club for my 1st day I still think I am dreaming. I enter the main doors and there is Mr Roche to greet me and in his hand is a brown envolpe. Here you go Jason your Contract please look over it and if you are happy please Sign.
Postain: Manager
Wages:550 Euro P/W
Expires: December 2013
Company Car: Audi A4

Jason Kavanagh Jonathan Roche

Jonathan Roche
Well then that’s done you are now the new manager of Shamrock Rovers. I will give you a few hours to get your office sorted and the we will show you two the world.

Ok thank you so much I will settle in and will be straight down.
I can’t believe this is all happening I cant wait to meet the players and get the season under way there are going to be a few changes but changes for the good.

Club History

Shamrock Rovers Football Club (Irish: Cumann Peile Ruagairí na Seamróige) is a professional football club from Dublin, Ireland. The club's team competes in the Premier Division of the League of Ireland and it is the most successful club in the Republic of Ireland. The club has won the League of Ireland title a record 17 times and the FAI Cup a record 24 times. Shamrock Rovers have supplied more players to the Republic of Ireland national football team (62) than any other club. In All-Ireland competitions, such as the Intercity Cup, they hold the record for winning the most titles, having won seven cups overall.

Shamrock Rovers were founded in Ringsend, Dublin. The official date of the club's foundation is 1901. They won the League title at the first attempt in the 1922–23 season and established themselves as Republic of Ireland most successful club by 1949, winning 44 major trophies. During the 1950s, the club won three League titles and two FAI Cups and became the first Irish team to compete in European competition, playing in the European Cup in 1957.

They followed this by winning a record six FAI Cups in succession in the 1960s, when they were also one of the European club teams that spent the summer of 1967 in the United States, founding the United Soccer Association. They won the first of four League titles in a row in 1983–84, after a long decline.

The club played at Glenmalure Park from 1926 to 1987, when the owners controversially sold the stadium to property developers. Shamrock Rovers spent the next 22 years playing home games at various venues around Dublin and on occasions, Ireland. They moved into Tallaght Stadium prior to the start of the 2009 season after years of delays and legal disputes, during which time the club's supporters saved them from extinction.

Shamrock Rovers wore green and white striped jerseys until 1926, when they adopted the green and white hooped strip that they have worn ever since. Their club badge has featured a football and a shamrock throughout their history. The club has a relatively large support base and shares an intense rivalry with Bohemian Football Club. On 26 August 2011 Rovers became the first Irish side to reach the group stages of either of the top two European competitions by beating Partizan Belgrade in the play-off round of the Europa League.

Week One

Broad Meeting
In my first Meeting I was greeted by everyone at the club and was told that I was to win the league with the club and with no transfer budget I still think I can do this with a lot of great players playing here and some not so great.

Team Meeting
When the meeting was over i went to talk to the players, hi lads over the next few weeks some off you will be leaving and some will be staying i have a plan for the team and over the preseason games i will know who fits in and who does not. Now that's all for now take the rest the day of your Trails start tomorrow. And use better Bring you’re a game.

Staff Meeting
Hi thanks for coming in, i have called you all here to say that some if not most of use will be leaving the club over the next couple of weeks. Why you ask is because I want a fresh start new faces to bring the club up.

I cancelled all the friendlily match’s to try and get bigger teams so I can get the extra money and to my surprise I made a cup tournament up called the Irish Cup and I got 3 really Big Teams, Manchester United, Manchester City, And Chelsea. And that will bring me in around 300k to 350k Happy Days.

I am happy with what I have done so far getting us extra money talking to everyone and have really settled down now. What I am doing next is going to look at all the players and see who fits into where in my plans. I would love to keep them all but that won’t be happening some players will be going and so will some of the staff. I am also looking on the free market for new players as still don’t have any funds to spend its going to be a great season I can feel it now let’s begin.
Good luck with this one Jay, hopefully it will be as big a success as the Napoli one! :)

Preseason and Transfers

In what was a quite preseason for me and the club two new players were brought into the club to boast the team a little and two players were sold also. With no transfer budget I had to sell to make money and nobody would buy until last day so the transfers that I got were free transfers I had to pay 350 euro for one player though. The preseason match’s were not about wining to me it was to get the extra money into the club and we did we got a good bit for a small club it will pay the bills for the year. So what we earn now is extra. I managed to get some big teams to come over to Ireland and play and I am very happy with that. Here is a look at the two new players that I brought in.

A striker that is old but will do for a season will be part of my plans this season and will also tutor one of the youth strikers on the team.

A defender who maybe still has 2 years left in him will also play a part this year in the team as a back up.

And now here is a look at the deals of the players brought in and the players sold/loaned
So as i said it was not busy in terms of buying and selling. but come the next window i will off had a better look at my players and will know who fits were.

Here is a look at the friendly match's i played and as i said it was all about making moneny and the players did play well in the games.

with my frist game coming up in 2 weeks i am getting the team ready for the match traning hard so i can find out my starting 11. i will update at the end of every month our if its a rival game i will do a big build up on that.
Some decent signings there, not a good friendly cup but you were against EPL teams so I am not surprised, good luck.
Tough luck - that striker looks like he belongs on the touchline rather than on the pitch and playing, yet he looks like the classiest striker at Shamrock level. Will be interesting to see what he can do for you. Good luck my friend ;)
Best of luck Jason - hope your system stays stable enough for this one to be more Napoli than Port Vale. Some solid signings, I hope they perform for you.
The thing with Irish football is that it is completely unpredictable. What you can do is just stick with your system and brace yourself for a hard season with Sligo attacking the top spot full-force.

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