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Promotions from Unselected Leagues

i.e. German B-Teams (II)
Started on 7 December 2012 by dvscampos
Latest Reply on 10 January 2013 by Robp
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I have the top three German Leagues selected and my Hertha II (U23s) starts in the Regionalliga Nord (just below the 3. Liga).

After a few years the team's squad is full of great youngsters who would definitely gain promotion to the 3. Liga, but as there isn't the Regionalliga in the game, what defines which teams get promoted?

Is it pure luck that decides this? Reputation? Does anyone have any clue at all?

I'm asking this because it sucks to not have a real competition for the U23s where they can gain match experience after they get promoted from the U19s.

Thanks in advance ;)

(This problem doesn't occur because it's the German League, it's a problem throughout the whole game. If only the Premiership is selected, who gains promotion from the Championship?)
Same problem here: I'm playing with Gladbach. I sure hope there is a way to help promote my U23's
Anyone? Does no one have any idea what defines which teams are promoted from non-selected leagues.
I think it does a behind-the-scenes league but I'm not so sure.
Thanks, I initially thought that would be the case, but with the squad I have in my U23s they would probably fight for promotion in the 2. Bundesliga let alone the 3. Liga. I tried changing the reputation on FMRTE in FM12 and that didn't seem to help... so I have no idea. Maybe I should post on the SI official forums.

Thanks anyway
If you get an answer there, please report back. Dying to know an answer :)
I did it. I promoted my U23 to the third division (the lowest selectable german league).
Just put together a strong squad in the U23's and leave them there. It did the trick for me. It is possible !

Maybe someone will help us and will work for extended low leagues in German football as well.
Like we have in England. I play in the 8th tier there now.
It should be also be good to have the opportunity to manage a U18 or Reserve squad while somebody else manages the seniors.To start really at the bottom.
Im pretty sure it goes off the quality of the players and the manager, and plays a background league just to determine promotions and relegations. However just because a team has amazing players doesnt mean they will win the league, like in my english premierleague game, chelsea have an AMAZING team, yet they keep finishing 6th, prob due to the tactics picked by the manager (he plays one striker up front).

So i think a combination of player ability, player personality, manager ability, manager tactics (correct formation for the players at his disposal) and manager player management the "best background team" in the league should win the league and get promoted. Also lets not underestimate the important of club finances, after all the richest team in the league should be right up there if they have more funds than the other teams in the league.

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