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Broken for me?
Started on 9 December 2012 by Splitpawthanos
Latest Reply on 22 August 2021 by Bagfather
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How do you get points in the leaderboard? I got 80 points after playing my first game and am still on 80 points half way through the season.Do you get more at the end or do other people get points every time they win/draw a game?I added more divisions to the English leagues and am in my first season in the 8th tier of football managing Bamber Bridge lol.
My total squad wage budget is £350 but its fun! Top of the league!
Leaderboards are broken,finished season 1 and still have 80 points.
Still have 80 points and am in my 5th season,leaderboards at least for me are fucked.I am playing the full game,not interested in challenge shit or casual play, no idea if that's anything to do with it.
I have the same problem, I'm playing FM13 since the beta was released and I've managed to reach 2.5 million points, but now I must have way more points and they are blocked since 1-2 weeks I think. I don't understand what's happening. I hope SI will do something with this issue.

Does someone else from the users know what's the issue ?
are any of you using database edit files? if you are, the leaderboards won't record the score for that save game.
Ah I see thank you,I added 2 more tiers to my database so I can play my local non-league team.Kind of sucks because its harder doing what I'm doing.I changed nothing else just added leagues.My stadium capacity is 3000 (1000 seats).Weird it gave me 80 points for something :)
Yep, I had that patch that gave the original official names to all competitions and made China and Germany national teams playable. It's not really a database edit because I've applied it long after I've started the campaign, but it seems that FM13 sees it this way and blocks the leaderboards. The strange thing is that the leaderboards didn't freeze instantly after I've applied this patch, it took like a month or something... Now I'm playing without the patch and everything seems fine :)
I'm not experiencing this problem. Every save I have uses database edits, yet I just checked and I have more than 190,000 points. The only save I had without was my first one on the beta with Newcastle, which only lasted til November 2012 (in game) before my computer broke and I lost it.
I guess this Issue is still relevant? :S Also using a edited names etc.

I am on year 2046 on my save.
Loads of titels including 18 Swedish premier division wins.

I got 4464 All time points?

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