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FM2013 - will regens get called up to germany ?

Started on 20 December 2012 by Robp
Latest Reply on 21 December 2012 by The FM Rookie
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Due to the restrictions in place in FM2013, current german players cant get called up to the national squad. However i want to know if anyone has played beyond the current years and if they notice if any of the newly generated german players have been called up ?

I know its easy to just delete the file that causes the issue, ive done that but i hear that in order for it to work i have to start a new game. I dont want to do that as im reaklly enjoying my current save game.

All i want to know is if the regens will get called up by germany (obviously when they are good enough).
I doubt it, I would assume it treats them the same way it treats normal plays. I assume that because it's more work to list all of the specific players for which the game needs to generate a replacement than it is to just make it so that the team is populated by clones of the german players in the main game.

It is a really annoying restriction, a few times I've forgotten to remove the file after an update and had to restart a new game because of it. If anyone has a way around it then that'd be awesome!
regens are called up for the national team however, they will be renamed aswell, with some cheesy name.

however there are some files that keep on working, even after the patch or with custom data, that lets you see who is in the current national german team, and then you see the name of your or other regens without a problem
To unlock the German national team, along with other teams, follow the instructions here.
as i said in my original post, im already now well into a really good game so i dont want to start a new game just to fix this.

Would a save game editor help ?

Finally, i was wondering, if i find a really good German player, surely thats a major benefit to have them in the team as they will never then get called up to the natioanl team and never get injured or have to miss games because of international games. So basically, i should be looking to sign German players because of that ?
Yes and no. Yes it would be great to have an amazing German player. No because regens still get called up to the national team.

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