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Sale Value

Started on 21 December 2012 by cragswfc
Latest Reply on 22 December 2012 by Stam
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Any idea when this will be put in it?
Ey up Whiston lad!!

As I understand it, the sale value is now calculated dynamically by the game engine rather than stored in a memory array. As such, without the algorithm used by SI, it's not possible to calculate the exact value that a club will accept.
I've repeatedly explained the sale value issue.

Genie Scout 13 works real-time by reading data from memory instead of save game files. The reason for that is because Sports Interactive made it impossible to read these files in FM13. So Eugene had to turn to reading from memory (which is something he had never done before).

It would take a special algorithm to calculate sale value, because otherwise there's no way to read it from memory as it seems to be calculated on the fly.

I trust Eugene to come up with that in a later version eventually, but we can't really make a promise about when that will happen.

There's no point in continuing this topic, so I'm locking it down. And please refrain from starting new ones about it.

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