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finding "progress rate" and "probablility of development"

Started on 22 December 2012 by darkwing2k6
Latest Reply on 23 December 2012 by darkwing2k6
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Hello, just donated as i think this is a great tool but i have a question- is it possible to search out "progress rate" and "probablility of development" as shown on player screens? i usually manage lower league teams and it would be great if i could filter out the people more likely to acheive their potential and not waste money on promising duds. thanks
I think the progress rate and PD depends on your clubs training facilities, how many matches he plays, in what kinda competition he plays, etc. So even though you get a player from Spain who has a progress rate of 4,5 stars for example it could drop to 3 stars if you play him in a worse environment for example a lesser competition and club with lesser facilities etc.
ah ok, i guess that makes sense :) what are the key attribute to look out for when judging whether a player will develope well (without the facilities etc you mentioned)?

also is there a guide on how it all links in together and maybe "preset search settings" for weeding out potential wonderkids or similar?

many thanks for your help :)
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Determination and professionalism mainly.
Maybe also adaptability if you buy someone from a other country but not sure if that only affects morale or also development, so don't take that for granted.

Oh and ofcourse age.

But I think the most important stat in the game is Consistency. As that means how many matches a player plays at his full potential.

Consistency is often poor for young players, but it can improve over time. If he regularly plays well then it is more likely to improve, so you might want to try featuring him in games against weaker opposition when he is ready, and before that try to loan him out to a team that is doing well at the top of their league.
thanks for the info buddy, will try put it to good use :)

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