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Genie Scout Question PD%

Started on 24 December 2012 by crofts11
Latest Reply on 22 January 2013 by RandydeB
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Hi Sorry if someone has already posted an answer to this question but if not would someone be able to tell me what the PD% field is all about please, no doubt its obvious but help would be great.

Also a question I have always had when using FM scout should I look at a players CA/PA or their best rating/best pot rating? for example look a trasch his CA/PA are rubbish but his % ratings are always high, would he be better than peruzzi who's PA is higher but % ratings are lower???

many thanks
PD = Player development

How likely the player will reach his full PA.

This value can change on certain factors, how many matches he plays for example, how his professionalism, determination etc is, how good the clubs facilities are.
cool so someone with an 86% rating would be better than someone with a 46% even if their PA is lower?

has anyone got any answers to the 2nd part of my question?

thanks again
Some players might have a quite high % rating, due to their attributes.
Adrien rabiot for example only had 150PA for me but managed to get a 73% Midfielder Rating, which is quite high for a person with 150PA.

But then again if you find a player with 190PA and only 68% rating it means he will never get to his potential, and might only reach 160CA max.
Another player with 190PA and a 84% rating will end up on 190CA, by the time he has reached his full potential, his potential rating might have risen from 84 to 88, cause it can rise, but it won't rise by more then 5%

So a player with 175PA and also a rating of 84% might end up staying at the 84% rating, its just not that easy, to say which of the 2 will end up better.
To add on to crofts11's question, David Santon from Newcastle has a PA of 167 and Gael Clichy from Man City has a PA of 165. But Santon's best potential rating is only around 75% and Clichy's at 78%. So who should I sign in this case?
Where can i see this percentage? Can't seem to locate it in Genie...
the PD% is only available in the G version for the normal version you can only see the stars and every star is 20%
as for betta, i'd go for santon as he is younger and 75 vs 78 is a difference thats hardly noticable so he'll reach his potential. But it might take him a bit longer. and you can compare them in gs ofc to see who has the better stats when at full pa or suits the position/role you're planning to use them for

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