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Paris FC 2000 gets a Cajun Invasion

Started on 27 December 2012 by QuestionMark
Latest Reply on 24 February 2014 by oscaralaniz
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The Aftermath

Well I have good news and bad news for ya'll. The good news is I didn't get fired, the bad news is we still lost the game. I feel like that the inevitable day is just around the corner, and I would almost rather that they fired me after that lose than keep the tension up. I feel my upcoming fixture against FC Rouen could actually be the last game. It is a home game and they are in 16th place, this seems like the ideal spot to decide my fate as manager of this club.

Unlucky dude- whats your media prediction?
7th :(
QuestionMark's avatar Group QuestionMark
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The Craziest Few Weeks In All Of My Soccer Years

I have no idea how but I am still the manager at Paris FC. It has been a crazy few weeks but I bring you this random update on my progress because I believe it is the team’s turning point. I have not won a single league match since my last update, but I have been able to win two cup matches and the second one is what I want to share with you below, and I think it may secure my job for an extra few weeks.

Frederic Fouret signed a contract with me 9 days before this match, and what an impact he made by scoring 4 of our 10 goals, which is a new Paris FC record for goals in a single match. This match also sets the record for Paris FC's biggest win and most total goals scored in a match.

The last match has given me mixed feelings and I am not sure exactly what to think of this team anymore, I know they are capable of doing great things as they have shown in the last match but are they willing to make the effort to become great.
nice victory!
Great game !!! I hope Frederic Fouret can do the same perfomance against Carquefou and Colmar ;)
Nice Winn!
December Update

As we head into January my feelings are still mixed on this team. We managed to pull out a great win in the Coupe de France, where we managed to win on penalty kicks. The next game we play at home to the first place team in the league and we managed to pick up a draw, but then we head to play the 19th place team and we lose and pretty badly might I add. The friendly against PSG’s reserves was nothing really, we had a long break and there were friendlies already set, so I changed one to play PSG’s reserves to make some money. At this point if I am not going to get fired we might as well start winning, but that seems to be too difficult for these overly whiney SEMI-professionals. Results are below.

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January Update

January has come and gone and the feeling for the team is we may be able to get out of relegation zone. We beat the 5th place team Vannes OC and then we drew are next game against 2nd place Orleans. This shows me the team has fight and maybe enough skill to steer clear of relegation. I was able to get rid of one of the player that made me angry earlier on this season. He didn’t show up for practice and I fined him for the incident, he thought it was unfair; we argued and then agreed it would be best if he left the team. I am still nowhere near safety with my job and I am still a bit mad at my players but things are looking up.

A Sad Ending

Its official I am no longer the manager of Paris FC 2000. A few months ago this wouldn’t have been as saddening to me as it is right now. As you can see below we were starting to win and move up the table. I got rid of the players that were giving me trouble, and the players I kept were motivated and started to believe in themselves. Fouret was starting to turn into a great signing, and Ayivi was playing out of this world.Unfortunatley the Paris FC 2000 board has decided that I am not fit to manage this club anymore. I thank the fans and the club for having me as their manager and I apologize for not exceding their expectations as I thought I could. I have taken a picture of my final fixtures and last transfers. There are two players I would like to thank for putting up with me and playing their hearts out every single game.

Hugues Ayivi: While with me he scored 19 goals and had 9 assists with 6PoM and a 7.50 match rating he was a beast. He never got mad at me in the beginning even though I didn’t play him, and he took hold of the chance I gave him. You were easily one of my favorite players to work/play with and I Thank You for that.

Cherif Faty: He never went against me even when times were bad and there was turmoil in the locker room. He was a rock in that CB position and led that always changing back line. He scored amazing goals from set pieces when I needed them and you were simply put amazing. At the end of my managerial position at the club he had 4 goals 3PoMs and had a 7.48 match rating. Thank You for staying with me and being a rock.

Finally these are my last fixtures and transfers


You should've bought Heskey and you know it.

Now go manage Man City, bring them bad results, get them relegated.

Then go manage York City and have successful career with them.

Your life is sorted... ;D
How was I supposed to buy Heskey?
Sorry to hear that, try to pick up teams in lower leagues (England)
Sorry to see it turn out like this for you. The results were turning so am surprised by the board. Best of luck with your new story!
Hello! I am also with Paris FC. I just wanted to say that Cherif Faty is a very good player. I've had him all the way up from National to Ligue 1.

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