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Nick Johnson (FM Rookie) Appreciation & Congratulations Thread

Started on 29 December 2012 by or.dabool
Latest Reply on 1 January 2013 by Michael
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Nick Johnson, probably one of the most special people I ever ever met is getting married this week, at Monday (December's 31). I wanted to make him a surprise and write up a kick-ass topic as he did for me (the army thingy). Truth is, I'm not very good with words, but I will describe him a bit from my point of view.

I first met Nick after he was to first to comment on my first ever story at FMScout. Not so much time passed since that day, but I feel like I have known Nick for 10 years now. The guy is always helping, always supporting, always appreciating. In some way, he is like a brother to me, and at one point we even did "brother" stories.

Every time I come here, instantly I am being invited to a private chat with Nick. We talk not only about FM, but about everything. The guy have been a true friend for a long time, and what I am trying to say is.. Congratulation Nick. I am very happy for you and Kate as I am sure every other member here on FMScout is. I hope you two will have amazing life together. <3

If anyone want to say a few words for Nick, this is the time. He is going to be here on Monday's morning so he will see your comments. Show some love guys :D
Been reading Nicks stories for a while now and he has never ceased to amaze me! He seems to be a very witty guy on the chat, you just can't hate him!

Good luck Nick<3
When I first found this website. I was looking for good stories to read, and on every single one Nick had commented on. He is always giving great advice and praise! Hopefully his future wife appreciates his care and help for everyone!

All the best!
Nick, you are an awesome person, though I met you days ago! Every day I log on and read your awesome stories and I await that everyday! Congrats on the wedding, but don't stop with the FM stories because I am loving it! Your comments are always good and funny in the chat. Congrats man!
Nice guy - some great stories and comments!
Congratulations and best of luck to you both mate!! :)

I'm only a couple of hours up the road, so I'll nip down and we can get pissed at your evening party!!
Congratulations to you Rookie. I wish you every happiness.
You one of my best friends on this site, and you're always willing to help people (even if that is mostly me), and if anyone deserves to escape the world of FM, it's you. You'd better not become not active or whatever when you get married. I can't imagine this site without you and Or, especially on chat.

Whatever happens, congratulations!
Nick "The FM Rookie" Johnson. What can we say about him. What can't we say? He's a sexual frustrated man, who is gonna be chained. Chained for life, with a woman who (according to nick) thought I was a nice person. Being an in the closet bisexual for 18 years (since he discovered he had a WIFI-antenna down there, and wanted to connect), he didn't know where to go with his feelings, and after finding his wife, and my story he florished completely, and decided to get married to something else than his righthand. After getting drunk on apple martini's and horny on the male strippers, to finally find a tranny in his bed, his bachelor is over, and he can put on the chains.

Good luck Nick :)
Congrats :D
Rookie is one of the best guys on here, always giving advice in stories and question topics. I'm not good with words myself, but all I can say is a huge congratulations to him and Mrs. Johnson ;)

ILY ROOKIE <3 no homo :))
Akash's avatar Group Akash
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Nick, my friend, congratulations! I wish you and Kate all the luck in the world, and remember, if you come to India for your honeymoon, you know you guys can always visit me :)
Your kups story was the first fmscout story I read from beginning to end. It was legendary.

Congrats :)
Congratulations to one of the best guys of the FM community. You're always willing to help people, your stories where always great and don't quit FM because the chat wouldn't be the same without you :)
Well Nick, it's the 31st here, so I can only imagine that you are still sleeping, ready for your big day (and night!)

Speaking from experience, it is nerve racking and exhilarating all at once and I wish you and Kate all the very best for a wonderful and prosperous life together.

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